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    Motherboard Monitor?

    thanks ill look in to that
  2. im getting different readings from proggys on my oc was wondering if anyone knew why
  3. ok here is my delima i have a MSI 915P combo (MS7058) and was wanting an app to monitor the sensors on the board. ive checked in to mbm but it dosent support the board. dont know what outhers will do the job im currently using the crap they give you on the disk but I dont like it at all. :thumbs-down: if anyone knows of one that will work with it please tell me.
  4. well right now i have it 425gpu and 612mem. Is that a good oc for a video card?the factory clock is 400/600 also i tried to slow the timings down on the ram a little to see if i could get more and it didnt like that at all, a bunch of white lines:(
  5. ok i just purchased a Power Color X600 Pro (from a crackhead ) and i was wondering if anyoine had any experiences with them and what you were able to get out of it. Ive never oced my video card just my cpu. i have the latest drivers from ati 5.5 i think and i also have the ATI ToolTray.
  6. Has anyone experienced any probs with this game. i can play for about 10 to 20 minutes and it just freezes. I can play HL2 all day no problem but not this any ideas?
  7. Thanks for the info but I just bought a MSI 915P Combo-F with a Intel Pentium 4 540J, same ram and psu with a Powercolor X600. I got a great deal a crack head was selling it for $120. So i couldnt pass that up.
  8. not sure what brand the ram is its some cheap stuff but the power suppy is a raidmax one that came with the case its a 420 watt
  9. Well i have 2 sticks of 512 and 2 sticks of 256 on the board now.i was thinking of taking the 256 sticks out to see if it would go faster i have it at 3.51 right nowmuch more than that and it blue screens i hope i can get more out of it when i go to water cooling. and was thinking of getting a different board ive read that its not a good ocing board. dont know what i will go to thou ill have to look at some reviews and see what ppl say.
  10. OK I have a 3.2E with a ASUS P4P800-E, HSF is a CoolerMaster Vortex Dream (ACC-U72). with 1.5 gig Kingston value ram. Also i have an MSI TI4200 128 meg card. What do u think would be a good OC? when i get home from work i can tell u the stepping and anything else u need.
  11. weve even tried anouther mb and it still does it didnt know if anyone else had these problemes or not but oh well we will figure it out one day i hope
  12. weve done that already with no luckwe are still confused as to why its doing this
  13. ok here are somethings i thought you might want to know my vcore is at 1.65 my ram timings are as follows (not sure what ones to tell you so i wrote them all down cas lat 3 prechg to act 4T act to cmd 4T act to prechg 9T ref to act/ref to ref15T act(0) to act(1) 3T dram cmd rate 2T agp freq 66.6 nb vol 1.62 sb vol 2.5 what can i change or better yet what do u recommend also dont forget im a newbe thanks for the help oh yeah its also a 533mhz fsb cpu and mbm says that my cpu temp at idle is 35 and my mb says its at 40 in the bios which one do i go by?
  14. ok i have a P4 (Non HT) 2.53 on a MSI PT880 NEO-FSR with 512mb of kbyte ram it seems to be stable running at 3.01ghz at around 35C i was wondering if this is good? And also if there was a way to get more from it? Just wondering. Oh yeah im also verry new to occing use lamons terms with ur explinations please.
  15. ok here is the specs a friend has a A64 3000, MSI KMM, 1 gig kbyte ram(512x2) 450 watt raidmax power supply. And this is the probleme his machine will run stable at 2.4ghz,but the only way it will boot is if u press the power switch and then a few seconds later press the reset switch!!!!! We were wanting to know what could cause that. If anyone knows. any ideas???????
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