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  1. Fresh install with newest drivers from AMD.
  2. Ive checked everything in the bios and every power saving thing i can think of is disabled. not sure what else to try
  3. as far as i know mixing them will just slow the faster one down
  4. 64k, 128k and 256k is all that it had
  5. yeah I have it set to 128k strip size and its still performing slower than my old setup did, comparison
  6. i think i have all that stuff off but ill double check. i know im using the high performance power profile and i believe i turned off the stuff in the bios. Can you think of any specific settings that I need to look for that I maybe overlooking?
  7. im begining to think its the chip set or driver changed the strip size to 128 and still not close to what it was before the mother board change................http://3dmark.com/compare/pcm7/275898/pcm7/241462 Edited to add link.
  8. ok cool I'm making a back up now, so 128kb is going to be best?
  9. Does that means I'll have to start from scratch? Meaning re-install windows and everything?
  10. i left it at default of 16kb I think, here is a score comparison IDK what else to try
  11. The only option I have that refers to cache is write cache and its enabled as well as NCQ
  12. I have raidexpert installed and where would I enable ram cache?
  13. Ok I went with what I thought was going to be an upgrade going from the Asus M3N78 Pro to an Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 and my raid performance took a big hit. I noticed it in PC Mark the first time I ran it. I lost close to 800 points even tho most of the test showed better results till I reached the hard disk part of the suite. Anyone have any idea what I can do or maybe give me some suggestion on ways to get some of the drive performance back? Im using the on-board SB950 chip for raid rebuilt my raid from scratch and changed one of the write settings and its working back up to par :-)
  14. Its easier with the 965 BE, I dont have the luxury of an unlocked multi to play with lol
  15. I knew the basics I was just unsure of most of the voltages and what they went to, I've had this chip up to 3.8 from stock of 2.8 for close to a year, but the old board died. I do have the option for NB Frequency and have it dropped to just under 2000mhz atm edited to add cpuz validation
  16. its just an X4 I wish it was a BE. That looks like a great article going to check it out now. Thanks Edited to add photos
  17. Ok once upon a time I had a M3N78 Pro and had this thing clocked to 3.8, but that board died Now I'm lost with all the settings on this board its a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3. Anyone have experience with this board? I can get the chip to 4.something but its not stable and there are lots of voltages I've been afraid to touch, I can post some screen shots up in a bit if that will help. I also have 8Gb of Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9. With the ram should I go for more speed or tighter timings?(wtf are all the extra timing stuff anyways lol)
  18. i found this with a quick google search PS3 and PC shared connection
  19. wormy

    PCMARK 7 Scores

    its not booting because its still not stable at 4, you need to tweak some more settings to get it stable.
  20. wormy

    HB Bosco

    Happy Birthday Dave!!
  21. wormy

    PCMARK 7 Scores

    I think you need to drop the memory speed due to the memory controller being stressed. try running it at 1066 or 800 and see if you can get more from the cpu.
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