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  1. congrats to the winners and thanks again OCC for the great contest.
  2. Congrats to all the winners, and thanks again OCC for the contest.
  3. Try pressing the delete key when you restart or turn your computer on, thats how i access mine.
  4. Congrats, Good luck on the marriage
  5. I could only wish my upload was as nice as my download speeds.
  6. Ive been using the free version of team viewer on mine.
  7. here is mine, Thanks OCC and AMD
  8. sweet a new processor, now to figure out if im going to build a new system or try and upgrade to use it.
  9. CPU: Phenom ii X4 925 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengeance @1066 Timings of 9-9-9-24-1T GPU: Sapphire 5850 Toxic Storage: 2x Kingston ssdnow 64gb in raid Case: Cooler Master CM690 Cooling: Silenx EFZ-120HA4 Extreme Universal Heat sink PSU: Corsair TX750 Display: Samsung Sync Master 2232BW plus Audio: onboard Keyboard: Dell USB Mouse: Razer Death Adder Country: USA
  10. I remember reading about a guy using a ATI 2600 Pro that way, I think he made it a 8x card by cutting it down
  11. most of the stuff looks to be at least 5 years old.
  12. I think these threads are going to be your best bet. Link to rooting, dosent sound to hard just make sure you follow the directions, also here is a custom rom that should do everything you want and then some. if you need any help shoot me a pm im working on some stuff for my phone as I type this lol
  13. I you could throw $50 more at it I would go with This 7870 new egg has it for $369.99
  14. cant you just go to options and sync it that way and then uninstall and re-install and re sync?
  15. not much on flight sims but its free(trial?) i think so downloading now to give it a go
  16. in the process of downloading, already made an image of my setup so I'll post back later with my thoughts
  17. I approve this post, I love my ssd raid setup
  18. when I first set it up i left the Write Cache Status set at "Write Through" after I decided to image and re setup the raid I changed it to "Write Back", and it worked.. I do have one more question about the cache settings in raidxpert, for the read cache setting should I set it for read cache or read ahead? Edit for spelling
  19. ok I figured it out but im not sure if this is right i ran atto and had an older test saved and i have them side by side. Does this look right?
  20. wormy

    PCMARK 7 Scores

    updated, come on guys lets add more scores
  21. you missed my last one........3807
  22. I doubt we will see them vanish for a few more years, I have to many cds and dvds to go with out one my self. My growing blue ray collection is played by my computer even tho i have a ps3(playback is better from pc)
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