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  1. FINALLY I'M FREE OF THE 1 POST A DAY LIMIT!!! Hope everyones X-mas was great!
  2. Claimed Eufloria HD. Hope everyone is ready for X-Mas!
  3. claimed oddworld strangers wraith HD! thanks alot!
  4. some of these hints are so hard...i'm still trying to figure out multiplayer game....there is so many.


    FLDC is up to 300.


    super bitcoin sounds promising. its on equihash algo, with lightning network. i'm keeping a eye on it.


    May I ask why you choose the Lyra2v2 algo?
  8. IDK, I'm not a mod but I assume they could somehow. Question: Does the Op need the whole shazbang or just looking for the core parts? ok, so heres my 1 post of the day....i haven't made up my mind on a tower yet. i would like something with tempered glass and led, but i may settle for something with just a plastic window, until later down the road. the ram, and processor, and psu i'm rather convinced on what i'm going to buy, which isn't far off from what you linked me before, just higher ranked. example. the psu i'm going with is modular. its the evga g3 650. now as for the motherboard i want to go with either a msi or asus board, but i'm not set in stone on that. So what i really need some help with is this: Tower preferable tempered glass. (pretty sure its gonna be outta my budget range) GPU Motherboard SDD My budget is pretty bad. probably under 1K, but i'm not buying everything at once. Probably gonna buy it piece by piece as my budget allows, but i am open to other suggestions on the whole shazbang. I don't need a mouse, keyboard, headset, or monitor. All my accessories are Razor chroma's. and i would like to kinda build a computer scheme that will match them or something similar to it.
  9. I want to build a new pc using the Ryzen 5 1600x 6 core processor with the motherboard (not yet determined) with the ability to have 4 ram slots. I want this pc to be able to play most high end games and be able to stream, but i'm on a tight budget. Can anyone help with a build thats not gonna cost me a arm and a leg?
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