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  1. US buyers only please. Still for sale...
  2. I'm selling my Corsair P128 ssd. It's in mint condition and runs great. Asking $150 shipped and buyer must live in the US.
  3. edit: A friend convinced me to keep it, mods can close thread. thanks
  4. I finally got some NZXT sleeved extensions. (black)
  5. Great job, the K701's looked good before and now they look awesome.
  6. I'm selling my EVGA GTX 480. It's barely been used and I'm asking $290 shipped. It comes in the original box with all the accessories. Buyer must live in the USA and I only accept paypal. edit: sold
  7. Good luck and Merry Christmas to everyone.
  8. Sold, mods can close thread.
  9. I'm selling an XFX 7800gt. It's 256mb and pci-express. It works great, I just don't have a need for it. It comes with the original driver cd and accessories (in the 2nd green box). Asking $15 shipped. Buyer must live in the US and I only accept paypal. thanks
  10. I'd highly recommend either Audio Technica A700s or M50s.
  11. No longer for sale, mods can close thread, thanks
  12. I'm selling my PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW SR power supply. It's in excellent condition and works great. Here's the product's website: http://www.pcpower.com/power-supply/turbo-cool-1kw-sr.html I'm just asking $130 shipped. Buyer must live in the USA and I only accept paypal. thanks
  13. I've noticed that overclockermail has been down for a while. Is it gone permanently or just temporarily down?
  14. Updated my post so that my new scores can get added http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...t&p=1639884 (post 1472)
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