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  1. Even though my board doesn't have AGP/PCI locks, do you think this will help me to OC my proc? specs in sig. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-141-103&depa=1
  2. Celcius

    Super Pi

    1M in 41 sec with my A64 3000+ NewCastle at 2.18 GHz.
  3. Sounds good. So at my Resolution of 1600x1200, my best bet would be an x800 XT... that's what I've been thinking. Anyone else?
  4. Is HTT the same as the multiplier? I'm a little unsure what everyone means by this, and would ditching my current RAM in favor of DDR500 help?
  5. My current video card is ok, but I need more power. Which do you think would perform better for the next year or so in the latest games at 1600x1200, an ATI Radeon x800 Pro flashed and OCed to XT Platinum Edition, or a BFG nVidia 6800 GT flashed and OCed to Ultra (with Shader Model 3.0 support). Both only need one molex connector, 300W, are avaliable in AGP, and are $400. I don't care about the brand, only performance. Also, what kind of increase in Aquamark scores could I expect? double? triple?
  6. No, I don't think its has AGP/PCI locks. I got a 41 second 1M super pi benchmark(at 2.18GHz) but I don't think it was stable(prime95 failed in about 5 seconds).
  7. My Kingston HyperX uses Samsung chips, so it should be fine. I'll try it.
  8. Another question: what does locking the AGP/PCI at 66/33 do for you when OCing?
  9. but I don't have a 9800 pro...
  10. If your trying to overclock your processor and your ram isn't stable (for example if you raised it from 200 to 220) could raising its voltage make it stable? I'm trying to OC an A64 3000+ NewCastle but my RAM doesn't seem to like it. If I increase the voltage, could it help? Thanks. specs in sig
  11. I have a NewCastle and I am pleased with it.
  12. I noticed that when I ran benchmarks, I scored lower than other people with similar comps, so then I started looking at the videocards. I know my card's only a GeForce FX 5700le but shouldn't I score higher than 24,631 in Aquamark 3 with it overclocked as much as it is? It runs Doom 3 fine with max details, high quality, no AA or AF and at 1280x1024. Specs in sig.
  13. I was just curious...do lower multipliers let you have a higher fsb and run your ram faster?
  14. Nice! My A64 3000+ is a NewCastle and my motherboard is a MSI K8T Neo-FSR. Do you know how I could lock the AGP/PCI and adjust my multi? I'd like to get to at least 2.2 GHz. If not, my comp is fine. (My RAM is Kingston HyperX PC3200 with Samsung chips.) Also, does a lower multi let you run your memory faster?
  15. I'm using Arctic Silver 5. Actually, it was the RAM after all; I did get the system to run at 2.2GHz(unstable). I just has to loosen the timings from Cas Latency 2 to Cas Latency 2.5. I'll try to increase to RAM voltage by .5.
  16. Hello everyone, this is my first post on these forums. I've got an overclocking question. I want to overclock my Althon 64 3000+ (Socket 754 Newcastle) to run at least 200MHz faster. It currently runs at 2GHz (10x200). However, I tried to raise the fsb from 200 to 220 to get 2.2GHz and my screen just turned blank(no picture, I guess it locked up?). A 200MHz overclock on air cooling isn't such a big deal (especially since I have 7 fans in my case), so I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what I could be doing wrong (does it need more vcore?). Also, does anyone know what these cpus can get up to on air, and are the MSI CoreCenter temps accurate? My specs are in my signature and my proc specs are below. Thanks. proc (everything at stock): type: socket 754 NewCastle Athlon 64 3000+ speed: 200MHz x 10 =2000 MHz vcore: 1.488 v idle cpu temp: 45 C idle case temp: 27 C
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