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  1. well i dont rat on people either but in this case it's not called ratting because you were wrongfully accused.i have been in this situation before in junior high school about a hundred years ago when a boy pulled a chair out from under a teacher and the teacher thought i did it.Needless to say,i wasn't going to take the heat for his stupid actions and i DID tell who did this because a law suit was a possibility as well.Just go on with your studies and if it did happen again i WOULD take action with someone above this persons head.
  2. So,I should go back in ctl panel and under sound/ hardware/properties on this list would be that long list i was refering to(this would be the drivers?) I would suspect it wouldn't REMOVE my sound completly..maybe i should remove them one by one till the sound is right again eh? thanks for the info,i'll try this method
  3. yea, do that,post them and who dont know r lee ermey i love the movie full metal jacket too.
  4. Ok i am sure there is a cure here someone knows of.Here is how this came to be:quiet a while back i was playing some mp3's from my dvdr player and found a program that could change the sounds to do things like echo, reverb,and what have you.Stupid me changed this and now i dont know what program i used and now i cant even play games online/offline, music,even the news online has an echo in the sound.It's not just the dvd player but EVERYTHING now does this(annoying)****sigh***I've looked in control panel to sounds&audio devices/hardware/properties then i get this long list of manufacturers 11 total... like win media,sipro lab telecom audio codec,indeo audio software and so on and on.So will it fix this problem if i delete some of these or is there a better way of dealing with this? thanks ahead
  5. HEHEHE,Thats the ticket!!!Dont forget to vote!! B)
  6. I saw Meet The Parents and it was hilarious and this one was very funny as well,I think another would be ok as well unless the plot thins out.It seems sequals get worse on #3. HO.... RAH
  7. Ok thanks guys and yea, this was very helpful from all....later
  8. HEHE, i've got some ocean front property in Arizona i'll sell him (real cheap too)
  9. Yea, they were,personally i liked the old Marvin cartoons, Spy vs. SPY, Roadrunner,Foghorn leghorn and so on.You got that right.The toons i see now days are not even close to being as entertaining as those were then.
  10. If this question was in here.... sorry,i didn't see it and i looked everywhere. When i click on sitemap i get this: NOT FOUND The requested URL /mysitemap.php was not found on this server. Is this just me or did i miss the subject somewhere in the forum somehow.
  11. a Amd guy like me as well and a great looking case( Well was meant for Bosco but ThunderChicken is an amd guy with a 64 cpu so same goes here) havent seen the case but it's all good!(also i've got more to add about what i've been reading about the case gallery) I've seen others put down their own cases as well as others.HERE IT IS: It's not how good your case looks or how bad it looks, how much or little money you have in it or what system you have. It's how much heart you put into it.So you are still part of us all in the pc world.
  12. OH NOOO!! I guess i'm getting bad at spelling in my older years believe it or not... (you probably wont), but i use to be good at spelling thanks for the info now i gotta correct it here and on another forum. yea a spell checker would be just the thing.Instead of upgrading the pc when the time comes maybe i should go back to school.
  13. OK,I think i got it now so thanks for all the good info from all.Since this is the first time of doing a format for a sata drive i was a little worried something might go wrong but since i've got the other pc i will still be able to access this forum if something does..later..
  14. (Ok i got it,thanks much!! )
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