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  1. yea i was planning on getting the dfi lanparty ultra D
  2. it has been a long time coming but i am getting close to being able to make a new rig. i am not sure on power supply / ram. this is going to be air cooled. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103535 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814150108 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811112040
  3. o yea, we killed hakkar i think 2 days after the patch we got zin'rokh too !
  4. hi, i rarely check these forums but..im farming air essences and im minimizing when i autoattack =O. right now i am 3/8 earthfury and i have helm of the lifegiver and aurastone hammer(with 22int =O) anyways, my guild has ragnaros on farm status and we have killed up to firemaw in BWL. what about you guys? also, we are approaching creating a thunderfury and we have made 1 sulfuras so far. AND i have 6600base mana and like +200 of heal gear =) im a shaman btw.
  5. im thinking about selling my account eventually...i am going to stop playing WoW in about 6 months and i bet i could get quite a bit for my account. i have good gear (60shaman). also, maybe i could build a new comp with the profits
  6. any of you in big raiding guilds? i have been in one for about a month and we raid onyxia and mc constantly. its quite fun
  7. trace

    Wtb: Xbox Gear

    i can sell a few games and the dvd controller...i will post list when i get home(if i can remember )
  8. trace

    Is Dod Dying?

    have you DoD players tryed CS? i think cs is much more fun and strategic(though you wouldnt think so), but for it to gget to that level, you need to be good. lol.
  9. trace

    Just Bought Farcry

    go play half-life 2
  10. may be microsoft firewall or norton internet, i tried to turn of windows and it doesnt work somehow? i run cable and use eDonkey, although rarely. please disavow this thread because i fixed it somehow and i am doing a reinstall soon.
  11. how much did u pay per stack? sounds like alot!
  12. okay, this stuff really needs to be dealt with, so i thank you for your help. first of all, whenever i try to go into my gmail account, it says that a connection was refused when trying to connect. also, when i try to go to my world of warcraft account, i get a connection refusal. any ideas? is it ports i need to open or a virus?
  13. trace


    man those pics are a bit zoomed in
  14. gonna hit 50 today, only 10 levels more!
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