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  1. Hey Mr.Owen great work as usual!!! I am about to get started on my mastercase project and I am going to do a psu cover like you did here but was wondering what drill bits to use for acrylic paneling? I need to have a way to inbed the magnets. Thank you once again for all the help!
  2. Hey Bill very nice build, loving the theme! I had a quick question about the PSU shroud. As you know this case doesn't come with a full cover for the bottom of the PSU shroud. are you planning on doing a custom one or leave it stock with it open to see the PSU. I plan on making one when my case arrives just not sure of the material to use and how to go about making one. CM makes them as accessories, but they are 40$ not shipped. I feel like I could make one for cheaper and would look better. Thanks man and keep up the amazing work!