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    Pro Ftpd

    ok thanks i dident know
  2. seeker

    Pro Ftpd

    Hello I am trying to set up a ftp server using pro ftpd i found a guide on the net and i followed it and got pro ftpd installed but the only problem is it dident show you haw to creat user accounts because my ftp server is going to have about 30-50 user accounts on it and i need to know what file i need to edit to set them up thanks for the help. Also were does it set up as the home directory for the ftp and how can i change it
  3. seeker

    Ftp Server

    does anyone know a good ftp server for linux that lets you set up over 50 accounts and gives you a gui so you can moniter who connects real good? Also how do you install cpanel because if bad comes to worse ill use the ftp server built into cpanel thanks
  4. can some one help me with my grafics driver for my ati 9200se im trying to get my screen res above 800x600 i have tryed different drivers off the disk and only the defult one work the others give me a blank screen i was going to download the ones of the ati web site but i dont know witch ones to get please help this is my first time using linux as my main os because i gave up on windows. I using 64 bit fedora core 3 thanks i know this has been posted before but i looked over the other topics and found nothing that help thanks
  5. Im having the same problem with suse 9.1 iy wont even let me access my router how do i fix it so it can work thanks this is my first try on linux
  6. hello, I just installed FC3 on my comp and would like to know what all programs i need to ge safe and to set up a server do i need any fire wall? thanks
  7. Can you guys please help i am hooking up a router to route the cable connection betwen here dell pc and my custom built one. we bought a linksys cable router but there is one big problem it says run the cd with a direct internet connection first so i ran it on here dell and it is telling me that it cant detect internet when the internet is working fine. i have try lots of things but cant seem to get it to work. can you please tell me what to do because i realy need internet on my computer thanks
  8. im using a usb key board and yes i burned the cds right the drivers for the keyboard are installed but i might try to reinstall them
  9. Can you guys plz help me with this... I am trying to install linux by formatting windows off of the computer i am using redhat linux 9 and got all three disk but when i set it to boot of that disk it gives me an error saying to insert the operating system cd and press enter (thats when i force it to boot only from the cd drive) can you plz help me. oh yea when i get that error my keyboard isent reconized so i cant type anything
  10. ok i just tryed booting up with out pressing f6 and it told me it can locate a mass storage device. is my hard drive bad?
  11. Thanks, i had allreay looked for it in the search area and i couldent find what i need so i made a post no mater what i do f6 wont boot the sata driver floppy disk
  12. Im trying to get windows xp home to install on my sata hard drive. The problem is when i press F6 to load my drivers for sata nothing comes up and it tells me it cant load mass storage device. the specs for my motherboard and drive are: mobo abit av8 sata drive westren digital WD2000JD 200gb sata hard drive thanks for the help this is my first time using a sata hard drive
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