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  1. Swapped out the corsair SP120 fans (2 quiet edition for intake and 2 performance edition with quiet adapter for exhaust) that were not compatible with my motherboard (wouldn't read RPM, so PWM didn't work) and replaced them with 4 Corsair ML120 fans. Two with red leds for the front and 2 regular for exhaust. I had 3 PWM headers on the motherboard for case fans. The two exhaust (rear and top) both have their own header but I had to use a PWM splitter for the front two fans. Originally got the SP120 fans for radiator duty but since I've swapped over to air cooling I was using them as case fans. The ML120s are working great so far and I'm happy with the fan curves I've dialed in using the ASUS software. Chassis temps and CPU temps have gone down a bit and more importantly are staying down which I like. I'm glad these things are PWM though, they are horribly loud and full speed. They move quite a bit of air though even at slower speeds so I'm happy with them. I think this is as far as I'll take this system and will just ride it as long as I can.
  2. I took out the Antec Kuhler H20 620 and replaced it with a Coolermaster Hyper 612 Ver.2 a little while ago and it seems to be running cooler. I haven't had a chance to stress test it but its definitely much quieter. I'm now running open hardware monitor pretty much all the time and when I check its max temps I have noticeably dropped during standard PC use. I'm pretty sure that I will get a few more years of 1080p gaming out of this system which is all I want. :-)
  3. Quick question, what temperatures should I expect this CPU to run at with no over clock and with a 4.5ghz over clock. Current speed is 4.1ghz with an Antec Kuhler 620 h20. I was having stability issues with the system so I moved to a very well ventelated case and added some Corsair SP120 fans in a push pull setup on the radiator. I'm currently getting idle temps between 35C and 40C and a very breif gaming session saw max temps reach 59.5C using open hardware monitor. Is my cooler not cutting it anymore? Its about 4 or 5 years old. Ambient is about 23-25C. As an experiment I ordered a Cooler Master Hyper 612 v2 to try out for comparison, should get it this weekend. I just wanted to know what temps I should be seeing and if mine are normal. I suspect that my current AIO cooler might be on its way out. Let me know if anyone needs more info to help. Thanks!
  4. So I was running open hardware monitor last night while playing Starwars Battlefront. I saw max cpu core temps got to 59.4. Does this mean my cooler is working as its supposed to or should I be worried that my cooler might be on its last legs. I've had this cooler for about 4 or 5 years now... so not sure how long its life span is. I keep coming across 60C as the max OK temp for this CPU.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation, I took a look at it over the weekend and will give it a more in depth try when i get a chance. Same here, little upgrades over the years. I've been very happy with the platform so far. I've been rocking the sabertooth motherboard since probably 2012, i had to get it because when I bought my first HD 6950 card it covered all the sata ports on my old motherboard. I probably had the PII X4 965 from 2010 and swapped it out in 2014 for the FX chip. I honestly didn't really see as much as a performance boost in the FX chip as I was hoping for, but if I can make it last for another 2+ years I'll be happy. If i can get it up to 4.5 and stable on the Antec Kuhler I'll be thrilled. Supposedly my N400 case can fit a 240mm radiator on the side, but half of the radiator would be right against the hard drive cage, so it would have restricted airflow. But its defiantly an option in the future. Good to hear. I agree with you the limiter now seems to be more GPU than CPU. Hopefully the 390X can hack it... and if needed in two years I can re-evaluate and either pick up a second card cheap for cross fire or see what the latest and greatest tech is.
  6. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm hoping I can get by with another two years... sounds like it should be doable and 1080p. I don't have room for a monitor bigger than the 24" screen I have now, so that's where we will cap it. Sorry for the late replies also, restricted to 1 post a day until i make it to 10 approved posts it looks like. I'm fine with anything above 30fps with the graphics cranked to 11. That's what I consider playable. I knew that the AMD chips tend to run hot but didn't quite realize it was that bad. My main reason for upgrading from the Crossfire HD 6950 setup was partially driven by how much heat the damn things put off. I had the CPU auto overclocked to about 4.4 using the auto function in the bios and was having a lot of stability issues. Dropped it down to the stock clock speed and the CPU heat dropped, but the graphics cards were still cooking and I was still having stability issues. Changed the case, updated the fans, and got the R9 390X. Part of the reason for the new GPU was to hopefully bring down the over all case temps. Upgraded fans in hope to do this as well. I was hoping to start learning how to over clock the FX manually instead of the auto option... but not sure what that will do for temps. Those are great questions... - Here is a link to the product page for the cooler... http://www.antec.com/product.php?id=2768&pid=17&lan=usit's pretty old, probably one of the first few AIO water coolers, but i've been using it for years and have seen no reason to change it out thus far. - So far I am still pretty new at over clocking and haven't got everything figured out as far as temp monitoring. Is there a good program that can data log temperatures? So far I've only been peeking at the Asus AI Suite II which tells me the temps at various points on the MOBO as we as the CPU. But not sure what its doing when I'm gaming.
  7. Hi Everyone. New member here! 1st post! I was recently forced to downsize my PC as I lost my desk and office space thanks the the arrival of our first child. Love the kid to pieces, but hate my new little desk in the corner of the dining room. My old case was too big to fit into the desk (Original Antec Performance One) so I needed to down size. Had a mis-step where I transferred my PC guts into a Thermaltake Urban S31 which fit in the desk.... but didn't allow adequate ventilation because it juts barely fit. Transfered the guts again to a new much smaller case, Cooler Master N400. Was able to transfer everything except the my 5.25" fan controller... did a few upgrades at the same time. New fans and a new GPU. How do you think I can get by with my current system gaming at 1080p? I forgot how much I loved building PCs and moving the guts around to new cases kinda gave me the itch for a new build. I'm trying to talk my self out of it though until I need it. Current System: CPU: AMD FX-8350 @ 4Ghz CPU Cooler: Antec Kuhler H20 620 w/ 2 Corsair SP120 Performance PWM fans in Push/Pull Config mounted in case as exhaust Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990FX (rev 1) Ram: 16GB ( 4x4gb) Corsair Vengance DDR3 1600 Video: XFX R9 390X (previously had 2x Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 in crossfire) Sound: Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D THX PCIE Fatal1ty Champion Power Supply: Corsair HX750 SSD: Samsung 850 Evo - 500gb HDs: WD Black 4TB, WD Black 2TB, WD Black 1TB Optical: LG Bluray Burner Case: Cooler Master N400 Case Fans: Front Intake - 1 SP120 Performance and 1 SP120 Quiet. Top Exhaust - 1 SP120 Performance
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