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  1. well hp compaq etc want the cheapest parts so they are probly manufactor defualts kinda like the ati cards 9800 se 9600 se etc thos cards have broken pipe lines they just put se on them and sell them as slower cards. so the chips are probly just refurbs and messed up chips. they underclocked them to get them to run and make hp happy on prices
  2. i knew u had a 2.4c but what stepping etc is it do d1 mo etc
  3. i wouldnt try it , which chip do u have . leave the voltage alone on the agp and lock it to 33.66 do u have the latest bios ?
  4. well there are alot of things that could be holding u back now sence u have the 2 main things out of the way. now its time to start tweaking your bios to get that high oc your at about 800 mhz oc about normal for intel chips before u need to fine tune the bios. which chip do u have btw . i still think u could hit 3.5 pretty easy. did u turn up the voltage to the ram ? say 2.8 or higher or have u left it at stock voltage also some echancing things of the mobo might be limiting u like turbo mode for ram etc try turning thos things off then when u get it where u can oc alot higher then u can start turning it back on until u find what was holding u back etc
  5. turn down your vcore ( 1.58 ) and turn the ram voltage up im not sure what the highest is on the ic7 but turn it up to around 2.8 to start and run at the 240 fsb or even go 245 250. try updating to the latest bios if u havent if the 1.58 dont work go little higher u shouldnt need to hit 1.7
  6. ppl have been seeing some good overclocks with this ram. i havent personaly tried it but , i have seen good ocs with it so its up to you http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproductdesc....-220-031&DEPA=1 i dunno if u have a second computer etc u can use the pc3200 in but just through the old ram up on ebay or something u could probly get just about what u paid for it gl keep us up to date
  7. nuclear he has a intel not a amd a 5:4 ratio he will see a differance in performace vs 1:1. amd u really dont tell all that much but on the intels u do and 3:2 with intels well thats just not worth mentioning lol with his watercooling he could see 3.5 range pretty easy and when his ram is in the 5:4 with that much of a overclock u start to see a huge differance and the reason his chip hasent died yet is b/c his psu was never giving the chip the 1.75 it was only giving it around 1.65-68 if he cranks it up with the vcore set to 1.75 with the psu and this board will actually give it to the cpu then im sure he ll wind up melting the cpu and board togeather. with that chip he shouldnt need more then around 1.68-7 to reach its max. keep us up todate when u get your new stuff in hazz
  8. that forton is a pretty decent psu. it should do what your wanting it to do. also before u install it u should turn your vcore down to around 1.66 or even 1.62. cause that power supply will put out what u tell it to put out. now the only thing holding u back will be your ram hehe dont expect to get to much higher with the new psu just b/c of the pc3200 to get higher u ll need to sell that and get some higher ram also when u install the psu make sure its turned off and then plug it into the wall then turn it on just for safety gl
  9. radiator but the exos is fine did u use ac5. could very well be the psu is holding u back. in mm5 is the 12v rail droping below 12 volts. if so then its time for a upgrade. also is it hot inside the case even tho u got watercooling dosent mean u can get rid of all the fans. the waterblocks still get hot and produce heat so u still need to have some air flow. dose the exos run off of the psu or dose it have its own wall outlet to power it. if its on the psu then u want to find a 500 + watt psu with 30+ amps on the 12 v rail if not one in the 450+ 30 + amps should do fine Antec, Coolmax, Enermax, I-Star, Fortron Source, PC Power & Cooling, OCZ, Sparkle Power, Tagan, TTGI (Super-Flower), VANTEC, Ultra X-Connect 500W only, ZALMAN and ZIPPY/EMACS just make sure thats its 24+ amps. but your looking more in the range of 30 sence your going to oc alot higher also try setting your ram to run at pc2100 speeds and see if it dosent stable out more at a lower vcore. or try lossing the timings like 3 4 4 4 8 or 3 3 3 3 8 to see if it dosent stable out as well. i wouldnt go over 1.65 vcore the 1.7 + range is for amds unless u have some really good vapochill. btw u will see much better improvement when u run a 1:1 ratio ram and cpu runing the same fsb no bottlenecking . i would back it off for now and run the 1:1 and get a new psu then save up or whatever u have to do and get some pc4000-4400 even tho your at 3.2 ghz if u run the 1:1 u ll see it seems faster then the 5:4 ratio thats why u get the higher ram to keep that 1:1
  10. u shouldnt need that much vcore to get that oc and yea any higher voltages going to the cpu will shorten its life or could just run for ever prime95 needs to run for atleast 24 hrs to see if its stable. dose your psu have more then 30 amps on the 12v rail ? if your on watercooling seems like thos temps are little high. do u have a good rad
  11. http://home.comcast.net/~bassboy2000/specpage.html had it up to 3.71 as well if i had better ram i could go higher im sure
  12. the crash free bios is just where if u oc and it wont work u turn off the power and turn it back on and it will boot to the stock speeds. and if u really wanted the diagnostics tool u can find it on the internet and burn it to cd
  13. my corsair value select will do 240 fsb stable all day long. heres cpuz http://home.comcast.net/~bassboy2000/specpage.html thats with 2.8v. sounds like u just need to crank up the voltage to it.
  14. if u was to upgrade your 2.0 celeron to a 2.4c u would see a big differance in performace with your g card. now going from a 2.4c to a 2.8c u wont notice a huge differance but still some. i had a 2.4 celeron that i ran overclocked to 3.3 constant now i got a 2.8c and the change was dramatic where i was getting lag before in games there isnt now. u cant really tell a differance in a couple 100 mhz jump but when it comes to say 400-2 ghz jump. say like a 2.4c and a 3.0c u ll tell a differance. a cpu can bottleneck your g card just as well as your g card bottleneck your cpu ( as far as gaming )
  15. google coolbits 2 thats what i have it has a auto detect in it i forget if the regular coolbits has it. but it ll test the highest settings for you
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