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  1. Pc specs at bottom. So had a weird problem today and not sure if its the HD or something else on computer. As is normal I have my computer hibernate after an hour when not in use. When I went to use it I turned on my screen but the screen didn't detect anything. So the monitor went to sleep. Even my mouse and keyboard didn't light up. I checked my cable, replugged them back in. Had to hold the power button to shut it down. When it restarted it keyboard lit up, mouse was on.... but the screen went to sleep again. So I manually restarted it again. This time I seen the dos-like start up screen as normal. Normally it shows the screen popping up HD1, then HD2...etc. But instead after a few seconds screen went to sleep again. After about 10 seconds the screen went back on and the desktop popped up. I'm not sure whats going on. No viruses, malware...etc. Maybe it was just a bug? I did check the memory a few months ago and it seemed fine. The video card is a few years old as are the HD's. The motherboard is from at least 7+ years ago. I didn't do a scandisk or defrag yet since I wanted to make this topic first. I did do a SMART test on the HD's and theres a screenshot of one of them. Its Fitness and Performance is at 91% each. Probably nothing to major I assume. I do think the performance was like 97% a few months ago when I checked. Some of the other data on their I'm not sure how to read. Such as "Value, Worst, Warn". I take it Worst means the number if things are very bad. For example on Reallocated Sector Count it says 200, 200 and 140. Which is my actual number for where its at? 140? Is that good or bad? Lastly the drive shown is my D drive, a secondary. At the time I bought it for 1TB, but now I do not need so much space. I'm only using about 110 gigs. So what do you think of everything? Was the bug earlier HD related or elsewhere? What about that one D drive? Thanks and sorry if my post is confusing. Have a brain injury so I'm not great at typing. -Quad Core AMD Phenom X4 9750 -ATI RADEON HD 4850 1GB DDR3 PCI Express Graphics Card -1200 Watt Antec Power Supply (yes I need a smaller one I know lol) -Pegatron M22N7B-LA Motherboard -8Gb DDR2 Ram (x4 2Gb sticks in 4 slots) -2x 1TB HD (WD's) -Heatsink/CPU cooler (temp at 32c) -CD/DVD-DL Lightsribe writer -Win 7 64 Home Premium -Fatality Sound Card (Sound Blaster)
  2. I have Win 7. So during the day under the "Power Options" I have it set to the "Power Saver" mode (after 1 hour it hibernates/sleeps). Trying to save some power usage. But at night I set it to the default "Balanced" so it always stays on. This is because at night after I sleep a housemate can stream stuff to the tv to watch from the computer. And obviously of course your computer needs to be on to stream stuff from it. So my question is, is there anyway to setup a task so it lets say set it to "power saver" mode after 11pm, but at 10 am sets it back to "balanced". And then does it every day like that? I've never really used the task thing before on a computer. Assuming you can even still do that with Win 7. If not is there a way to setup such a thing? Thanks
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