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  1. Thanks Fight Game. I was thinking it would be something like that, but just wanted to double check I wasn't missing something And here in the UK the 1600's are slightly cheaper as well anyway. Cheers for the reply Braegnok. I can't tell you how frustrating it has been not knowing that answer for sure and no ones replied saying otherwise to you either so fantastic I'm just finalizing my build with the help of PC Part Picker, can't wait to buy everything and get cracking. Thanks again to the both of you for your help, -Adam
  2. Hey Everyone, As the title suggests..... I'm just about to invest in my first PC build, I've been researching like a trooper for this and am almost close to buying what I need. But I'm still left with a couple of questions that I hope everyone can help me with. So like I said I'm going for a budget build. I will be using the machine to emulate old gaming systems and do 1080 gaming of newer PC titles. My CPU is of course going to be the G3258, for it's amazing price and overclockability With that and budget in mind my choice for motherboard was the H81 like - MSI H81M-P33 Micro ATX LGA1150 at
  3. Good day all, Thought I would say Hi real quick and let you know my plans, I'm pretty sure I'm going to need your advice on a few things I love to emulate old systems and currently do it all on my Alienware 14 laptop. But have now decided to to build my first desktop so I can start p[laying on the big screen and eventually build an arcade cabinet also. I'm going to start with a nice budget system and have been doing plenty of research on the best options for my needs, but have a few questions before I dive in. Thanks for reading, I look forward to speaking with some of you soon. Adam
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