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  1. Got my APU! =D Can't wait to install it. Thanks again OCC and AMD!
  2. Correct. You should start seeing stuff in about a month, but potentially less since there's no CES to deal with. Why we held the contest now, after all. It all depends on how quick stuff gets sent out, but I would imagine sometime in April or early May. Bosco can probably provide a better idea as to when. Also, keep things civil. Sweet! Sorry if i came off as uncivil :/ that's the last thing I want! Will do! I can't wait =D
  3. Out of curiosity, anyone know if stuff shipped yet? Wow. Never "expect" a win from any sort of contest. Doing that makes anything you end up getting less awesome and you get upset for no reason.
  4. Holy crap I won an APU o_o; Thanks so much guys, and congrats to everyone else!!
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