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  1. Thanks guys, I fixed the problem! I didn't put the memory into the slot correctly, such a small mistake had such a dramatic consequence, thankfully it was just that. Thanks for your time.
  2. Hey guys, here's the build I tried putting together today: i5 2500k CPU Cool Master hyper 212+ heatsink. 8GB Corsair RAM 1600 Asus P8Z68-V MOBO HIS Radeon 6950 2 GB GPU Corsair GS800 800W PSU. SATA300 1.5TB IntelliPower WESTERN Caviar Green. I built it correctly but when I turn it on nothing happens, it powers up for like 4-5 seconds before turning off for a few seconds, then it turns back on automatically but still a black screen. The computer just feels dead and I get no BIOS reaction and the USB ports don't work. I tried disconnected the RAM and GPU but it's still the same problem. Any helps guys?
  3. bodybuilder here and bb.com miscer.
  4. Could anybody hook me up with a private tracker ? I use demonoid but I don't really like it.
  5. Nope the balance isnt dragged over to the right , The sound connector looks clean and I don't have a extra sound card , will I have to buy one ? Thanks for your help ! Alex
  6. Hello, My problem is that my left speaker doesn't work but the right works fine, (only a little static noise is coming out). It is NOT the speakers which are broken because when I tried with headphones it did the same thing , left part doesn't work. I've been thinking it could be a software problem or could it be that my motherboard is damaged ? (I tried reinstalling and updating sound drivers but it didn't change anything ; I also checked all the settings for the sound settings but everything was fine) My motherboard is the Asus P5GD1 Pro and I have a Intel pentium 4 ,3.4 GHZ ; 2 Gig ram. Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Alex
  7. cant be bothered to send it back to antec to get it repaired , I will buy the 500W NORTHQ Ultra Silent [NQ-4775-500] ATX 2.0 I hope its a good one because its 100 $
  8. well at first I though a fly flew into the psu fan behind it and started burning because the PSU was working as normal with that smell.
  9. Hello, I'm having a big problem and I need your help ASAP ! This week-end my PSU started smelling like something is burnt but no smoke coming out ,it just the smell of a burnt something inside the psu , I checked the PC and everything seemed ok and my computer kept running fine. Yesthurday everything worked fine until I stepped by mistake on the extension cord which powers my computer , screen and sound speakers and the fuse blew in that section of the apartement. Now each time I try to click in switch behind my computer (the o/i switch) the fuse blows in the apartement. I tried connecting the computer to another section of my room and diffrent power cord but still same problem. I need some help please ! Alex Tanner P.S : I live in europe , so I use 220 v , I bought my PSU , Antect Smartpower 550w here in Switzerland but there is no red power switch to choose so I guess its automatically on 220v. It has I think 1 or 2 year guarantee and I bought it about 1 and a half months ago.
  10. The shop gave me a new mobo and IT WORKS ! I would like to thank everybody who helped me in this forum ! Thanks you very very much !
  11. One of my friends bought a weaker laptop 6 months ago for 2500$ So that's an excellent buy for 900$. It should play most games on a decent setting. If it heats up too much you could always buy a Laptop cooling pad on newegg.com for a good price.
  12. Ok , I have 1 SATA drive and I power it with a 4-pin molex from the PSU but there are 2 extra 4-pin molex on the cable for extra sata drives normally , can I plug in my fans into there or will it cause a problem ? It will help reduce the amount of cables inside my case if I can. Thanks for you time P.S : I just found this on a local website, a Y cable 3-pin splitter for 2 fans to go into one 3-pin connector on the Mobo , is this safe or no good ?
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