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  1. Hello everyone, I've been looking over some budget interfaces for a simple DAW and I'm interested in your opinion. I've yet to decide between a Steinberg CI1, PreSonus AudioBox, Focusrite Scarlett Solo, but the thing is I don't need any mic or MIDI inputs as I record with a usb keyboard and a Behringer C1-U (usb) mic. Most of the music recorded is just samples, but nevertheless I plan to buy an audio interface with at least one mic input for possible guitar recording. I have ATH-M50x headphones for monitoring (I'm looking to invest in some monitoring speakers later on as well).Here's my question: would I hear a difference in quality of sound between those audio interfaces at all? Also, since I record with a usb mic straight into the computer, can that kind of quality of recording match the quality of a mic going through the audio interface (through a regular XLR input)? In other words, can the built in audio interface inside the usb mic produce a decent quality, suitable for music standards these days? Or would the best choice be to buy a XLR mic and a decent audio interface altogether? If so, which audio interface (and possible mic) should I get? I'm looking to spend up to $200 on the audio interface alone. Once again, I'm very new to the topic, so please feel free to include some sources where I could read up on the subject (if you can). Thanks in advance!
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