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    Gigabyte 8knxp Ultra

    right now my agp is at 80 mhz of 66 mhz my pci are at 40 mhz of 33 mhz my dram is at 398 mhz of a pc 2700 at 333 mhz and the cpu is at 3607.74 mhz and this is a 3.0 ghz cpu volts at 1.500 memory volts at 2.800 and agp is at 1.600 system bus 240mhz x 15 is this any good I know that when I change a few things like memory to pc 3200 and the video card to a gforce 6800 ultra dual dvi that it will be faster
  2. la trampa

    Gigabyte 8knxp Ultra

    there is a program called easytune 4 is for gigabite motherboard it allows you to overclock using windows you dont have to used the bios you can overclosk the memory the videocard and the cpu all independen from the other right now I have it at 3.5 ghz the cpu and the temperature is low at 109 and I know about the memory but have to change to pc3200 has anybody have easytune 4 settings
  3. la trampa

    Gigabyte 8knxp Ultra

    what do you recomend, also this is a build in progres still have to buy g force 6800 ultra overclock out the box and maibe change the memory to ddr2 this memory came out of an older computer I had
  4. la trampa

    Gigabyte 8knxp Ultra

    what will be the best setting for a gigabyte motherboard 8KNXP ULTRA P4 3.0 WINDOWS XP HOME SERV PACK 2 G FORCE 5700 ULTRA VIDEO CARD PC 2700 KINGSTOM 512 X 4 I am running easytune 4 for overclocking