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  1. wow Some can say he didn't expect ... the unexpected Dun dun dun
  2. this made me so happy, I'm working and studying same time and this really helps. Thank you
  3. his profile picture makes it even better
  4. I'm confused, how could anyone be upset about this? You either use it, and it's awesome, or you don't, and it doesn't affect you at all... thanks to claymeow it makes more sense, no I wasn't excually talking about the windows store (I didn't even read the whole article sorry admin ^^), I was talking about Microsoft making the game exclusive for windows 10 users, I hope they skip that, I don't want to change my OS to play one simple game.
  5. I used to make some like linus did, where he made a desk pc and I made it on a wooden plank, it wasn't professional, just put in some bolts without even the one you need for a motherboard I suppose it was really dumb, but I want to make something similar, like how do you screw all the parts on a desk for example and have a window surrounding it with air holes and filtering,
  6. How should I start? and I think it's starting by making your own pc case I suppose, but how do you paint it, and make windows and ... how do you make a case excually???
  7. LOL HE LIVES IN CANADA sad but I dunno if hes gonna want to sent parts to Europe
  8. guys everytime I post something serious don't always make fun of it, I AM NOT TROLLING, let's not reverse it you know
  9. WOW UK prices are lowered alot, they used to have the most expensive products since I last visited them, perhaps after some time they changed the prices? If it's cheaper then the DE website, I'll be damn glad to not use that broken Google translation anymore.
  10. I'm new how do you participate in this giveaway?
  11. I don't think you need more then 500W if you don't go with dual graphic cards, personally I think Corsair's powersupplies are a bit overpriced, I recommend trying the Sharkoon Silentstorm SFX Gold 500W
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