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  1. Aloha Been a while for posting but doing it now. Got another : The System I got again is another same : MSI 970 MoBo with a New ..... AMD FX-8350 , 125 WATT (8 Core ) G,SKILL RIPP JAWS X DDR3 1600 GL9-9-9-925 PC3-12800 4x4GB ASUS Dual Series , GeForce GTX 1050 , OC Edition , 2 GB GDDR5 (unplugged power MoBo ) Direct X 12 Working great now and running ......... Windows 10 new Disc. It is running great with no flaws at all. Aloha and thanks for looking into this posting. Louis / LongBike Honolulu, Hawaii
  2. Aloha , OK will check on it and see what it is about. Maybe some thing comes around and be useful. Will post results back again when done. Aloha and thanks , LongBike
  3. Aloha , Well I just completed the installation into the case with what I have here. Now to look for just what I will need for a good CPU for the MoBo. If the FX is old I think I should fine a little faster and better CPU now. In my other P.C. there was a .... Black FX 6300 when I got the Board and it was a little slow when using it. I would like it going little faster also. This MoBo had one in it also so that is why I was inquiring. NOTE: OK what would a better CPU be for maybe both Mobo's here ....? If I pull the .....FX Black 6300 out, then what could I go with. I have also my Main Rig that is a Thermatake GT 10 Case I have here also with this ...... Better MSI 970 with ........ 16 GB Rip Jaws in it. One that still be economical also. Aloha and thanks for the relies back, LongBike
  4. Aloha Nimrod, Thanks for the reply back. I figured since the Mobo is almost brand new why waste it. i have every thing here except the ...CPU that is why I posted about it. He also gave me a .....ASUS 1050 Card, 2 GB ..... for use. This would be just for a spare P.C. for my wife to have and use. I scored another complete Full Rig for Free , a ....... HAF 932 Case yesterday from another guy. He just got a new ..... Alienware Desk Top and a real beauty too. He called me to come over and said hey you want to take this home for use and it also has every thing in it. It is running a...... MSI 970 in it and Two Large ASUS GPU's in it. The P.C. is in full working order so it will be mine for use in my room here. I also use a Philips ...... 48 - 50 Inch T.V. for a Monitor so it comes in handy. I'll check the CPU when I clean it up soon. Aloha and thanks for the reply back it is appreciated a lot. Extra Information NOTE: So do I look for this as a ..... AMD Piledriver FX 6300 CPU.....??? OR AMD 6300 Piledriver .....? and not a FX model ........ Which FX or not....???? LongBike / Louis
  5. Aloha , Well I was given a couple Motherboards from my friend here so I was thinking of putting it into a case I have here , well I have several case's here to use. One of them is a ...... MSI 970A-G43 , AMD, with 2 x 8 GB Snipers. I also have the Coolermaster EVO 212 CPU Coolers. I have a empty Coolermaster Nvidia Edition Case ( Possibly a CM 960 ll ) with a 850 Power Unit and Windows 10 CD. This case seems a little small but might add bigger fans for better cooling. What recommended AMD CPU can be used for extra good working P.C., and there was a AMD Phenom ll X4 965 3.40 in it when I got it. Or Would a AMD Black FX 6300 be better to use. Replies are very much welcomed to this posting also. Aloha LongBike / Louis
  6. Aloha Nimrod Well thanks for the reply back about these Modules. Yes I got him .... 2 - Fifth's of his Favorite Whiskey and they were both 10 year old in age. He was glad and opened one and he had a few shots while we were talking about the Build I have here. Well we will see how this Build works out when soon done. Aloha and thanks for the replies to all this and it is very much appreciated also. Note : I just scored today a ...... Nivida Edition Coolermaster 690 cased P.C. from the same guy again which he has now upgraded to a huge new home made case that he has and bigger MoBo that is all brand new. So I will be transferring all this into a .. .... Coolermaster HAF Full Tower that I have here for more cooling. The MoBo inside the Nivida Edition 690 is a ....... MSI X58A-GD650 MS-7522 / Ver. 4.3 Six Slot for the Modules and V8 CPU Cooler with a ..... Seasonic 1200 Watt Power Unit Aloha LongBike
  7. Aloha , Hey guys I got these also now from the same friend and ... FREE Also. What do you think about these for use. I have another ....P C that is the same ....MSI 970 MoBo in it. G.SKILL RIP JAWS X F3-1200cL9Q-16GBXL DDR3 1600 CL9-9-9-924 PC3-12800 4Gx4
  8. Aloha , Hey guys I got these also now from the same Friend and ... FREE Also. What do you think about these for use. They work also from his P C for only 1 months of use. G.SKILL RIP JAWS X F3-1200cL9Q-16GBXL DDR3 1600 CL9-9-9-924 PC3-12800 4Gx4 Aloha LongBike
  9. Aloha I Am A Cow, Thanks for the reply back. I'll try to get them sync and see how it goes and will post later when it is up and going. Longbike
  10. Aloha , Thanks for the reply Nimrod and it is very much appriciated. I got them Free so just wanted to make sure about them . I also thought about this while looking at them but as always finding out about things is how it it is done. The Modules will be found it if does not work altogether. Aloha LongBike
  11. Aloha , I am trying to find out if it is possible for me to install .... 4GB - x4 of the same Sniper Modules into a MSI 970 Mobo with ... AMD 6300 CPU and 850 Corsair Power Source. I have ...... Sniper 1600 ....... 4 of the same Sticks with each one.... 4 GB Memory Stick for use. Can this be possible for use and still be safe to run the MoBo. Or should I just go with ........ 4GB x 2 in Dual Channel instead ,,,, ?? Just try to find out to be safe for use. Thank for a reply back LongBike
  12. LongBike

    New Build

    Aloha , Nice Rig there and hope he has a great time with it. Thanks for helping him with it also and that is what is all about right ??
  13. Aloha from Hawaii , Been away for a while but posting again. I built a new Rig again because I had extra parts laying around: I got another ...Thermaltake GT-10 case for free. I ordered a .... MSI 970 MoBo and another AMD FX CPU Only had some ...PNY 1333 Memory but is at ..... 16 GB ....to use but they worked ok. A new .... 850 Watt PU and it is going great. The new on look just like the other one and built similar also. This case also has a broken front panel so I am ordering a new one I also tried a older .....Nvidia Video card but it wont post so I will be getting a higher grade one soon. Aloha Louis / LongBike
  14. Aloha From Hawaii , No big deal but I did these my first time out with Computer modding a little. That is a good looking build you are doing. I have both case's in a box here not being used for a while. I got these years ago and still have all the internals and pieces. I did the original Blue Alienware one and used it for a while with a ...ASUS M2N32n-SLI in it till the MoBo went. I modded the right case cover with a cut out of a Alien Head design and Plexi cover. Yours looks like it is coming along good and a lot of potential also. I did all that you are doing and it was quite easy being a Mechanic and Welder by trade. The tin was easy to do so I just kept on going till it was finished and useful. The way you are going is what I did for the fans to be better and more useful also. I also have a original Dragon case I did modd also and it is stored too with the Alien. They are form the earlier years and in top shape also. I got the Dragon for ...$10.00 Bucks from a old store here and I did it in a Very nice Burgundy color because it was all scratched up from use. I hyave everything that it came with in storage and might use them in the future. I have a ...MSI 970 Gaming MoBo that I might use in the Black case the Alienware. These are the cases I have stored away now: Keep going till done and they will be great to use Aloha and thanks for your posting of a great project coming about soon. LongBike from Honolulu, Hawaii
  15. Aloha , Well this one is going great and just running fine now. Everything is updated and syncronized. Thank you for all the support, Advice and Time spent to get it going. I tried one of the other ... GTX 285's ... in this rig and it worked good also but going to use the .... GTX 760 in it instead. Well I got ....(3) Three free GTX 285 's brand new in-opened , so can use them also later if needed. Aloha LongBike
  16. Aloha , Just a little Up-Date on this new build. It is running good now and all it needed was to program and set up the ..... GTX 285 ...from the site and its now just fine. It is running quite cool now. Thanks for all the ...Help , Advice , and Support to get this one going. Aloha LongBike
  17. Thanks It is going great so far until the new GTX card in and the new replacement front panel for it from Thermaltake Parts. I'll keep in touch as it goes along. I have another ....( MSI 970A-46 I just installed into the HAF Tower so have to finish it up and get it going soon. ( Just a back up Rig ) Aloha and God Bless LongBike
  18. Aloha , Got a new build done now and running great. Thermaltake LEVEL GT10 Case MSI 970 PNY 8 GB Geforce GTX 285 Video Card ( For now till the other arrives. ) Corsair TX850 Power Unit For now till new parts arrive. It is running ok and all programed too. Aloha LongBike
  19. Aloha , Well thanks for that and I thought they would being Phenom's. I will try them and see how they work out, and I got .... 2 X - EVGA 760's free so I will try them also. They should be just fine and I'll post later results also. Aloha and thanks so much for all the help and advice to all of this. Longbike
  20. Aloha Loctus, Thanks for the reply back it is appreciated also. By any chance would you think any of these .... 2 - might work in the .... MSI 970A-G46 Friend gave me these Two last night to try and see if they fit. I have a : AMD Phenom 2 ... ( Six Core )... working CPU. HDZ555WFK2D0M CACDC AC 1110 BPM 9P81884C10664 2008 This one was working and pulled from a : ESC ... A585GM-A2 Hybrid Cross Fire v1.1 _______________________________________ Also : AMD Phenom 2 ( Working CPU ) HBZ965FBK4DGM CACDE AC 1206PGT 9A08674D20604 2008 I'll also check that site to see which one I have here also hopefully one might work. Aloha Sir LongBike
  21. Aloha , Well I decided to do another case and Mobo installation to the spare case I have here. The case is a .... Coolermaster ...HAF , and the Mobo is a ...... MSI 970A-G46. Got the MoBo free and it is working from another guy here but no CPU in it. Using a Corsair ...TX750 Power Unit and have .... 1333 Memory on hand. Need to know what CPU's will be OK with this one if possible please. Would a .... AMD Phenom CPU fit this MoBo and would it work OK , and also which one would do it or another AMD ? Aloha LongBike
  22. Aloha , OK thanks for the added advice. Just needed to confirm what I have here. So I will look for a .....GTX760 .... for the setup and see if it goes better for use. I have to ask to make sure I do things right but I can build them but need advice for here and there things also. It is decided that she does not want to spend for a big price card so I have to find the best common GTX card for her. She says the GTX760 will be to expensive for her just daily uses so I have to find out which is economical to suit her. Women and their decision making. Aloha LongBike
  23. Aloha , I have tried this also in my other Rig. It has a ASUS M2n32N-SLI in it and I put one of the ....GTX 285 cards in it. I am using a .... Phlips ...HDMI srs Trusurround H D , Dolby Digital Plus, HD >>>> T.V. for a monitor all this time. OKAY : When I turned the .... P C on with the GTX285 , the video Card turned the Screen .... all Green. Question : Does this card not agree with the T.V. for use as a Monitor ?? It works with any other card I tried..... but not this .... GTX 285 Card. I did not use the adapter plug harness, just a ...... direct plug in from the ....Power Unit Cables. Any help on this please ? Just to diagnose just what is going on and if the card is defective. The card that was in the ASUS was a very small ...... ( EVGA 610 ) , .... my wife was using all this time. I took the GTX out and put the .... 610 back in and it works good with it again. ___________________________________________________________________________________ I do have a GTX 760 in the closet here would this work in the ...... ASUS M2N32-SLI MoBo ?? Would the GTX 760 also work in a ... MSI 970 like I posted above, because I have a extra .... MoBo also here. Just to know about it to be sure. Aloha LongBike
  24. Aloha , Well I have been gone couple days and back now. Thanks for the reply back and it will go for her evryday use for now. Just trollong the internet thats all. I have added case fans also before in it so it should run quite cool. The least best card I meant was just so she could use the ... P C daily for general use's. Thanks and Aloha , LongBike
  25. Aloha , Ok thanks for the replies back folks. The reason I asked is I have this Rig sitting and I scored ... ( 3 free brand new cards for free ). I just thought that they might work for just everyday use's . Friend here has a part time repair shop and he gave me them to use if I wanted to use them. These have a full covering on them and the fan at the end of it. What would be the least best card for just everyday upgrade use ? The wife does not game so I figured she could use the P C. The case has multiple big case Fans in it because I put them in before. It had a ... ASUS M2N32-SLI MoBo , but died a while back so its been sitting in the corner. Also have ... 4 - Coolermaster HAF Cases here also with ... Corsair TX750 and TX850 Power Units in them. Me I like a lot of extra cooling so I'll find another .....Video Card to use for my other one. One has a .... MSI 970 Gamer / 6300 Black CPU ....MoBo // Coolermaster .. EVO Dual Fan CPU Cooler and big extra in case Fans in it that works great. Aloha LongBike
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