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  1. why is thare a price tag in the corner, if you look it says 1 thousand 3hundred somwething
  2. kb, dont send them in a case, part them, he knows how to pout them together
  3. if a mod sees this, would it be a possible sticky that was a neighbor emailing me this from another computer forum, please even the slightest thing send over thare for our guys
  4. yeah, it is, and chris, thanks for the sale
  5. i gotta sell this stuff so i can fly down to texas for a funeral for my ganddadad broken cannon camcorder 15 alpha heatsync 10 tt volcano 11 12 farcry 12 bf:vietnam 12 karajan audio module for lanparty nf4 boards 25 chevy caprice emblems 15 for all barton 2500+ 57 sempron 2400+ with warranty 50 msi k7n2 delta 2 50 asus a7n8x 50 nokia 3100 90 nokia 3300 80
  6. witch one, i have the option between the two, i can get the mx1000 for 50 dollars at bestbuy (look thare) and 120 for a 1 gig mem stick at microcenter
  7. thanks guys, i appriciate your support, now comes in the bills from the accident, and hospitial, boy is it horrible
  8. Mt. Aubourn Funeral home in stickney/berwyn illinois. Wake is tuesday from 2 till 8 wensday is the funeral and burial this is for herman stazak, Bigr5026es grandpa/father
  9. afkid, im from nbk too, and im ryuan, anyway, i know the psu chris is selling ou, its good enough, trust me, and a x800xl is overkill, you could use a 6600 get for bf2, at most, that is good
  10. really, i mean, pick up a somewhat branded psu thats halfwaynice for 20 dollars and get two of them, and you have a nice dual psu setup. In my opinion, isint a dual psu setup better, having one psu for the cpu and ect, and another for the vga and hhds and other stuff like hdds.
  11. bigr5026

    Ftp Help

    you can always go ahead and just setup apache and save time
  12. sad and you own a hosting company
  13. when do you learn bittorrent always you noobs
  14. actually, ln2 compressed is colder, or propane cold, i know of ways, or better yet, a sample of absolute zero enviroments
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