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  1. First of all, thank you for reading this and taking the time. I have been around the computer world, building, selling, and fixing computers since I played Doom in middle school on my Packard-Bell. So, I am not unfamiliar with hardware and it's limitations. I always wanted to get into overclocking but was always scared the reward was out weighed by the risks. I've since realized that there is a way to do it without ruining hundreds of dollars worth of components. I also realized that with some of the parts I bought recently, I might be able to actually do it without hurting my equipment as well as keeping everything cool enough. I was on New Egg or Tiger direct and found this bare bone Cybertron PC that has 4 case fans, a really nice layout, a AMD 4130 and a lot of potential for Overclocking. As I researched the purchase I found a EVGA Nvidia GTX 750 Ti (SC) within my budget. I know it's already overclocked a bit but would love to maximize my potential. I am currently light on ram, having only a single 8 gig stick. That is going to be my next purchase, slowly maxing out the 4 slots to be 32 gigs. As finances allow. I'm only running 1 monitor, which I also plan to do the 3 monitor surround vision that Nvidia offers at some point. Though, right now, all I want is to increase performance the best I can. I am getting a 1324 on Valley Benchmark on ultra settings with max anti-aliasing turned on. I don't have money at the moment to spend on upgrading things as I work for a school and I am in the last month of not getting a paycheck, as we get all our summer checks in June that last us until September. My goal right now is to run all the games I own, which are not bleeding edge releases, with max settings and no noticeable tearing or stuttering. Now, if you're still reading all this, and have graciously taken the time to answer me, thank you. Any information or advice would be supremely appreciated. I don't even know where to begin. I downloaded Precision X and ATI catalyst to manipulate the settings on my hardware but am afraid of overdoing it. How should I begin? What should I do to edge my specs closer to max without over doing it?
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