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  1. I have been using this mouse for about a week. It's the best mouse I have ever used, and I have used MANY mice. 1600 dpi resolution! 7 programmable buttons! Kinda pricy, but worth every cent, IMHO. Check it out here. Looks sexy, too! B)
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    Hello, all. I'm new to overclocking, however I am not new to computers. I have built several over the years and all of my hair has grown back. In the past, I never had a box worth the time or trouble to OC, but all that has changed now. I have almost finished my masterpiece and discover I have the OC bug. So I embark on a new chapter of my cyber-life. I look forward to it. A bit about myself... I'm no stranger to forums, so I'll not clutter up the forum with spam. I could be considered an "old fart". I am a hard-core gamer. I was gaming on Atari 800's and Intellivisions. When they were new. (See above! ) If anyone here enjoys Freelancer, I am on the development team and an administrator of Ioncross:Total War, a complete re-working of the game. Far more than a mere "mod". We are currently in open Beta, and soon to go gold. If you think you are up to the challenge, go to this page and look around. Thanks for your time reading this.
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