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  1. I recently purchased a projector ( http://www.projectorcentral.com/Vivitek-D418VS.htm ) so i can watch my movies from my pc, it was working fine for 2weeks or so, now that i have placed my projector on a safe place (ceiling mounted) it wont preoject anymore, the werid thing nothing has changed, according to the catalyst software its still connected, ive had set up as an extension of my desktop so i can put movies to play there while i surf the net on my monitor, now the weird thing is that wen i restart my pc both my monitor and projector go blank after the bios boot screen, ive tried uninstallin my video drivers, once i do that, both monitor and projector work fine but look nasty because of the lack of drivers, once the drivers (7.2 catalyst) get installed the problems start up again, ive tried m many configurations, where the projector is main screen and monitor secondary, i tried the projector alone (none work), anyone have any ideas of wat could be causing this problem?
  2. u wouldnt happend to know to figure a draw distance do u?? like how many could a projector project within a certain length? like wat could i get from a distance of 12 feet or so?
  3. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...mp;Sku=M24-4071 Im shopping for a budget (but good) projector for my little private home theatre, the room is 12x10 (or14x10 i forgot lol) so is this thing powerful enough for my needs? i dont know much about the lumens i may need, the room is very dark wen lights off, so will these LEDS b good enough? if anyone knows about projectors n can reccomned something good i would appreciate it, n is there a big difference in HDMI n other projectors? my 1st choice tho . . . http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...=2&NoMapp=0
  4. alright ill look in to that, thnx
  5. as weird of a topic as this is, here goes . . . i have a friend who loves karaoke and she loves recording herself, shes not bad <_< , but her recordings sound really cruddy w/ static n butloads of background noise, now shes fine w/ it but if im gonna b forced to hear her singing i dont wanna end up getting bloody ears, so im tryin to get her a nice karaoke style mic one that cancels out a lot of the background noise, mayb smthn for under $100 if its possible, the static i found was being made by her soundcard, she currently uses a stand up logitech 3.5mm mic, so would USB b better?
  6. i decided to get the http://www.cowonamerica.com/products/cowon/a2/index.html , ive had for a week or so n no regrets lol great clear screen my movies w/ subs look good n the battery last about 8hrs not the 10hrs they say but its more than enough, thanks all of u for ur feedbacks.
  7. yea im plannin on sittin about 10feet away, n i feel like just purchasing a manufactured one im too lazy to build my own lol, but is there any recommendations like 800x600 for a 10foot display?? or 1024??
  8. is investing in a projector a good idea? i love watching movies n i have just moved in to a nice big house n i was thinkin of mayb gettin a projector n hookin up my pc to it to watch movies n some games, i dont play big graphic games alot, just sometimes i do. but i dont know wat to look for if i were to buy one, i was thinkin of mayb spending $500-1000 w/ taxes comin soon it would a nice gift lol. i got a wall in my pc room about 10feet wide by 7 feet high, the room itself is medium size no longer than 15feet mayb 20 not really sure, dont know if that makes a difference in anything i should consider?
  9. just looked at iaudio n its cowona2 looks very nice n nice 10hr battery life http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16855603834 i looked at the creative http://www.creative.com/products/product.a...p;product=15752 visionW but only 5hrs of life, the 10hrs will win this one unless i find something i dont like about it, it also supports divx n mpgs great so far
  10. im in the market for a mobile media player, mostly for my videos, i was thinkin of an ipod w/ video but then i remember they dont have removeable batteries so wen they start to fail i dont want to go thru the hassle of sending it in, then i saw my freinds psp, nice big screen, n i can play games for a + lol, but i was wonderin wat codecs do these players support?, which will b able to play extensions like avi, mkv, ram (real media) n mpeg's which wat most of my movies r. any one have a suggestion of wat i should look in to? if i get a built in hd (ipod, or some other player) i want it w/ at least 20gb's as for the psp or anythin w/ a removable card i can just buy a nice 4gb or 8 n replace the contents after im done right?? i travel a lot so i need 1 w/ a good battery life of 6hr's or so, n ill buy a spare battery to replace it wen it dies, thats another reason ipod is being thought over. im thinkin of spendin about 200-300 the psp i can get for cheap from a freind but i know the sd card cost about 150+..... wow i just found this . . . http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16855613001 any1 know about it???
  11. im tryin to help my freind connect to his internet but his pc wont connect, it keeps tryin to get an IP, he has comcast cable, we tried my laptop on his modem n it worked well, so i thought it was probably his ethernet port n tried using the USB n same problem, just keeps tryin to get an ip, i did all the IPCONFIGs that i could thru cmd, release renew n dumped the dns cache also, hes ethernet port is built on. i was wwonderin if a pci network card may solve this? were goin later to buy one in case, or is it something more serious?
  12. can u guys xplain a bit more?? i dont understand it right, does the angle actually effect the chip? cant b overheating in those 5secs of power can it? or should i try using another heatsink? cus i have switched cpu fans thinkin the the motherboard wasnt gettina readin of from the fan but that didnt work. ooohh n cokeman i tried wat u said n i dont get close to the post screen.
  13. i was given this system w/ 2 chips socket A AMD XPs' 2600 n 2700 i believe, but it wont boot all i get from it is some power for about 5secs with no beeps or anything. so i swapped the ram, power supply, HD, even the mother board but it all seems to come down to the chips themselves, i took a good look at the chips n 1 seems really messed up, i believe its previous owner was careles installin the heatsink n may have damaged the chip in the process the other chip he said was new but he couldnt get it to work so it was given to me im includin a pic, take a look at the left side of the chips, the green one seems like it may have been damaged but the other one isnt that that bad, no circuit was cut. or is there something im over looking?
  14. yea ive tried with n with out battery same response every time mayb the the mb is dead?
  15. hey i was lookin at that, but i didnt recognize that brand so i decided on MSI since i use them for motherboards all the time. hopefully all goes well
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