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  1. Make a windows repair disc or try to repair the mbr from safe mode
  2. Nevermind. I see a USB 3.0 header which looks to have 20 pins on it.
  3. I don't think my motherboard has a 20 pin header on it ????
  4. I bought two led light strip bars. I'm installing them inside the case. They came with USB male ends on them. Should I get a molex to female USB end adapters? I was thinking something similar to this...
  5. I saw someone have a bay on the front of their pc where they could just slide in a full size hdd and pop it back out. What is this called?
  6. When I install my plextor ssd in my 760t case it shows upside down from the front view of the case. When I say upside down I mean the lettering on the label. Little things like this annoy me. Anyone else had this with a build?
  7. That's exactly where I ordered from. Better then paying $25 for 3-4 smaller sticks of it lol
  8. I did a test piece when I got home. Got it hotter and let it air cool. Turned out nice. I know where alot of these venders get their petg in bulk now and about to make an order. About to order 20 ft of it for $20 [emoji5] Before After
  9. I'll just send you my mock up pieces to use as a template for my finished pieces lol. I'll keep at it. I'm thinking I had it a shy bit cold and quenching it under water didn't help. I think I should be good to go now. Now I just have to wait for more tubing to cone in.....sigh
  10. I'll get some more tubing and heat it longer and fan cool it. Do you use low or high settings on hear gun? And about how long do you heat yours before making a bend? Thanks for the help everyone.
  11. It is a bit stiff when I'm bending it. And I am also running it under the sink to cool it. I'm just afraid to get it too hot. I hold it above the heat gun for a good little while until it starts to sag down on its own. Should I keep heating it for awhile after this point? I'm not wearing any gloves to do this. I'm thinking it may be from me cooling it too quick. I see guys on the l net cooling theirs in ice water after with it being just fine. I just used the kitchen sink.
  12. I'm free handing the bends as I've seen many do without issue. I am using the insert core though. I keep the tubing a good distance while spinning it the whole time.
  13. I'm laying out my watercooling loop using some petg clear tubing. I'm making good bends but all my bends are a hazy milky white color after. Why is this? I'm sure once the coolant is in you won't see it but I've been trying to correct this issue. Thanks in advance.
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