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  1. People would sell thiers if they get a Razer Diamondback. Plu, it is worth a try, never know, someone might want to sell.
  2. Looking for a mint one of these babies. These things go under 35 shipped, so any deals, lemme know.
  3. Think it is worth 15 more than MX510?
  4. Ah, ok, thanks, it was between that or a refurbed 5300 . EDIT: Figured I would just get the 640, not worth getting something for twice the price that isn't twice the quality.
  5. My head is about to implode. Which would you recommend, the 640, 620, or 530? I have about 75 bucks for one, so I am in a bind. I am not a audio guru by anymeans, I just want good quality, not insane bass or highs, just clarity and quality. Which do you propose? Thanks.
  6. I read alot of good things about the BenQ on CDfreak, and alot of good things about NEC at various websites. Which would you get if you could? I have no real prefrence on media type + or -. It would be convient to have one that can do both pretty well. Which would you pick up if you had the cash to do so?
  7. Sure, I will do it. Works 100% right? EDIT: My sound card is going to hell, so if the two above pass, I will definetly do it. Let me know what's up.
  8. Appreciate the feedback. I picked up a BFG 6800gt from ebay. Don
  9. Thanks fellas, I got a g.skill from newegg. Don
  10. Hey OK, the last thing on my list. I am torn between the g.skill pc 4400, the pqi turbo pc3200, or the ocz el platinum rev2. I plan on OC'ing alot, and gaming. I hear OCZ and g.kill are top dogs right now. What would you reccomend?
  11. I am just about ready to order this system. I am looking at the 6800's right now. Which is better for overclocking? Is there a real performance boost? I know the BFG is stock oc'ed, but whats the topend, and does it run hot? Different benchmarks show different things. Thanks for any help. Don
  12. Hey, My name is Donald and I just wanted to introduce myself. So far, this has been the most helpful, informative, and friendly places I have found online. I hope to be around alot now that I have settled in. I am pretty new to technology as it is now (built last PC 3 years ago), so the more I learn the better. What better place than here? It is good to be in a place to call home. Cheers! Don
  13. Ralob

    Eq2 Or Wow

    Well, WoW is more fun than EQ, personally. It is more friendly in terms of leveling and so forth. EQ2 has a deeper crafting system and magical system, however, the level grind is insane, and you basically need groups. In short, WoW is more friendly to newer plaers, and it has alot of game content for when you max out at level 60. EQ focus's alot on guilds and grouping, and it takes a long time to max out..... a loooong time. Hope this helps. if you have any more questions, let me know. Don
  14. Yeah, I am on a pretty tight budget. I hear good things about both. As of now I am leaning towards the 3000+ because with the extra 70 dollars I can gety better ram/fans. But I have an open mind. Thanks for your input though. I just want good results for gaming (D3/HL2), and stability. As long as I top the 3500, I am happy. Don
  15. Hey, Well, I just started getting into the whole overclocking idea when I started building my new system. I am at a loss for a processor to pick from however, there are so many opinions on so many websites that my mind feels like it will blow up. I started with the 3500 winchester (now they cost 350, lol), then I hear the 3000's rock. Now I have no clue. Which, in your opnion, would be best for gaming, and O/C'ed via air cooled. I am looking at a 480w Thermaltake PSU, and mabey a Scorpio or equivilent case. I appreciate any help. My top is probably around $200 or so, depending. Oh, and my system specs, as of this second will probably be Processor MSI K8n neo2 platinum (or any mobo that runs the processor I get) evga geforce 6800gt ocz el platinum rev2 thermaltake 480wpcu or equivilent scorpio case or equivilent plus various fans and so forth Thanks again for any help. I am sorry this post turned out so long, haha. I appreciate any words of wisdom. Don
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