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  1. Anybody? Or what I am looking for really as rare as hens teeth?
  2. Hey Guys, I need a solution to have IPMI capability for my 'server' PC. I am fed up with being stuck when it goes down and nobody is home. Its the server system in my signature. I need some form of remote power control & KVM. IPMI seems to be the best option. As looking at external IP-KVMs + Network Power control seems be massively expensive. I am however struggling a bit to find a motherboard that fulfils these requirements: 1.) IPMI support 2.) LGA1150 - i5 3.) HDMI Out I have found the SuperMicro C7z97-mf, but this does not seem to be sold in the UK. All the ones I can find in the US are crazy prices even just with shipping. Never mind taxes/import. Happy if anybody can think of other creative ways for remote management. Such as add-in PCI cards (seems there is only the ATEN8000 for silly money) or external KVMs that are not stupid money while providing barely medicore features. Appreciate any comments / suggestions. Cheers
  3. My thoughts exactly. I dont want 4K gaming. The costs associated with it are just too high. Instead I went for a 27" 1440p monitor, which my 970GTX runs perfectly well. And hearing that even top-dollar cards run @ like 30~fps at that resolution is just crazy to me. If I am dropping that kind of cash I want far more performance. However, would love to hear from some of the big spenders who have invested fully in 4K gaming. Is it worth the cost? Can you really tell the difference between 1440p or 1080p?
  4. It is. I do like the LAPDOG though. Just a bit too "permanent". Would have to dedicate my K70 to this thing, and dosent look like it could be laid flat on a table. (
  5. Can you tell if you dont have the frame rate counter up? I use to always chase FPS numbers and ended up getting distracted from the actual show. IE. Playing the game. And soon you realise the chase never ends. Stopped using FPS counters and now just let nVidia tool setup settings. Much better. Games look stunning and run great. Sounds like you have planted the seed that these new cards would make things better and will now chance any evidence to support that. Positive bias as it where. Either give in and spend the money. (And realise Doom is probably no more or less fun @ 10 FPS more) Or just stop looking. Enjoy the game. Spend the $500+ on something else.
  6. I have a work-provided Surface Pro 3 i5 256GB. I love it as my travel computer. I did try run it with 3 external monitors and as my main 'in-office' computer and that did not go well. (At first used the Display port on the dock and daisy chained 3x Dell U2414H, this was temperamental. Then tried with an EVGA USB3 external graphics dongle. That went better, but still badly.) Now I run a seperate in-office computer to run the 3 monitors, and have the surface as a 2nd PC. (Mouse without borders rocks for this kind of setup) Through work have played with Surface 4 Pro and Surface Book, and I love the Surface 4 Pro too. Cant say the same about Surface book. Dont like it at all. And esp. not at the price point its at. For the Surface 3 Pro I would recommend the Surface 4 Pro Fingerprint keyboard. Has a much nicer track pad than the Surface 3Pro keyboard, and also nicer keys for typing. (+ the Fingerprint login is nice) The Surface Arc mouse is very nice too. Thats kinda the only 'problem' with the surface stuff. You gota buy the Keyboard for another
  7. I am always baffled by post like these. First question should be: Are you able to play the games you like at the resolution you want and a frame rate that lets you enjoy the game? If the answer is yes, who cares what new cards come out? A new component is always just around the corner. Buying a card and selling within 3 months just when a new card is out is bound to see you loose a fair chunk of change. Id keep the money and enjoy your 980Ti SLI.
  8. Well...just got collected today. After briefly toying with silly ideas like spending
  9. Well....this was short lived. Found a stuck RED pixel on my monitor today. Contacted Amazon who said the only option is a refund as it was bought via a seller. So its going back tomorrow.... Do I just re-buy the same one again?
  10. Does this thing work streaming from a PC? I note the stream option in my nVidia control panel. If so...might be a good buy for me to game on the couch without bothering with a full PC there.
  11. I have the Corsair K70 w/ MX Brown keys. LOVE it. Really great to type & game on. Would highly recommend. Had a Logitech G15 for 9 years before that. Was also very happy with that. Sure the G510 successor would be equally stellar.
  12. I think the whole ghosting is totally overstated. I remember back when LCD displays first came out, 16ms was the mark to get smooth play in FPS. Thats now dropped to what? 1-2ms? Please. I gamed FPS just fine with no visible ghosting to my eye back in 2003 on my 17" LG 16ms TFT. You are far more likely to be annoyed by the crappy colours of TN than you are by any supposeded ghosting of IPS. The benifit of TN is that they are cheap. Period. In my book. The whole ghosting and "input lag" just dosent ring true for me. IT seems as our displays have got better and better we have had to find ever more metrics to compare them. So far such they are completely removed from actually playing the games. I see so many LCD reviews now spending 90% of the time on colour graphs, input lag , backlight bleed etc etc. And while some of that definately is a concern, the thing they are NOT doing enough of is just using the dam thing. How well does it work when you are playing an FPS / RTS or browsing the web? /rant To end all that, I would recommend an IPS display to you. I have just bought a Dell U2715H and love it! Prior to that I had 3x Dell 2007FP and before that a BenQ 24" (model escapes me). All where IPS. All where/are fantastic monitors.
  13. Thanks Guys! Going to stick to regular SATA III. Ease of using it in another system, and the fact I can save a fair chunk of change. Even looking at a 1TB SSD now !
  14. Good to know. Anybody know if my MSI Z97M Gaming supports the 950 Pro? From my searches it would seem so?
  15. Hey Guys, I am running low on drive space in my main rig, and would like to add a 512GB SSD. My motherboard has an M2 slot, so my thought was to grab a 512GB M2 SSD: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01639694M/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pd_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=3SMX4S343L488&coliid=I14YG2W576QLFU&psc=1 Question is, is it worth the extra over a SATA 512GB SSD like this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-512GB-Solid-State-Drive/dp/B00LF10KTO/ref=sr_1_2?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1456320447&sr=1-2&keywords=512gb+ssd The upside of M2 seems to be massive read/write, like 1GB/s +. The downside would be I can only ever attach this disk to my main rig. Even for troubleshooting / data recovery I cant hook it up to my other systems. Just wonder if anybody has gone the M2 route and if they can recommend it or not? Cheers!
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