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  1. Hi, I'm new to these forums but I have been using the site for reviews for many years now. I am going for a new gaming build next month and want some opinions on my current selection of hardware. Here is my pcpartpicker link. Please let me know any changes I can make. I am going for a mid range non-oc build. I was waiting for the new AMD cards to come out but seeing as they are just rebrands with a few tweeks I decided I'd rather go for a 280x. I also thought of going for a 290 but it's a bit more expensive and I am only going to play at 1080 so I think it wouldn't be worth it. Also, I want to sell my current pc, but I am not sure how much I could ask for it. It's an older build, about 5 years old. the specs are: Intel core I5 1st gen 750 @ 2.67 gigabyte P55-UD3R mobo 4gb of ram Cooler Master GX 650w PSU AMD radeon 6850 gpu 1 tb WD blue HDD Rosewill Conqueror Case Any help and input will be appreciated!
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