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  1. Alright guys I wanted to find out before I buy this puppy if there was room to put this heatsink on there, ZALMAN CNPS7700-CU 120mm 2 Ball Cooling Fan. Does anyone have this board know if it does or has heard anything pertaining to it? Also I read somewhere that the fan on the motherboard was rather loud and replacing it with something better would be out of the question since it is located just below the video card. Anyone know of a good NB coolers that should fit that outpreform most stock NB coolers?



    Heatsink: ZALMAN CNPS7700-CU 120mm 2 Ball Cooling Fan

    Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard

  2. First off grrr...I am have already posted this once, but obviously my computer/internet or the forums crapped out on me and didn't register the post. So here I go once again lol.


    Thanks again everyone, in response to lilkev715, no I don't need PFC in my opinon, according to the way you described it. At full operation our household would be running, 3 desktops, and and two laptops plugged into the wall that is. Currently we only have, desktop (p2 died, and mine fried) and one laptop(other is on R&R in the closet) So is this enough computers to make this a concern? I will also be going to college next year hopefully and will be staying the dorm the first year so would it be wise to have it there?


    Also I am opinon to your opinons if you have a suggestion specially if it is cheaper. Just a heads up though I am extremly picky so if your up to the challenge go for it. That seems to be a flaw I have. I go for looks first and quality second and then add the two together and look for the best deal...



    In response to Raven65, check your facts again please b/c when I went to xoxide.com, the 520watt is $119.99 and I can't even seem to find it on Jab-Tech.com which leads me to belive they do not carry it. Also I have had problems with modular psu's in the past in the sense they are a pain when it comes to wire managment...but woowee are they ever pretty lol

  3. Well thats a tought call, I am probably not going to be doing any volt moding so I am not to sure if I will need it or not. I have used those "watt calculators" but they don't seem to give me an accurate feed back since I was uncertain about some of the options/selections I made. If I gave a baisc list would someone here mind give their opinon on whether more is needed or not?

  4. Now, I was thinking about getting a set of these for my new system and wanted your all's opinon. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820145523 What do you all think? I really wanted to get the G Skill but that was about $80 outside my price range of $200. If you guys know of something better at stock timings/mhz please do let me know!


    Edit: Any of the admins know why my explaniation of the topic shows up as "1" when I typed "What do you think?" Nuttin serious just curious thats all.

  5. GRRR....Tight budget and still no powersupply is never a good combination. I was hopping on getting the XCLIO 450watt when it became available in the US again on newegg but that doesnt seem to be happening soon specially since newegg took it off their list of psu suppliers.


    So calling all PSU knowledgeable people. I am in need of a good realiable powersupply that won't crap out on be or burn a hole in my pocket at the same time. I am still debating on the type of motherboard I will be getting but more than likey it will require a 24pin. Also I would prefer something with atleast 450watts and dual 12volt rails. I have had bad experience with modular psu's in the past so I am weary of them. Now comes the hard part, price range around $85



    Done some searching on my own and well came up with a few that interested me, please let me know what you think, which would be the best, and did I miss one that you would highly suggest instead. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductCompa...N82E16817153022

  6. Alright I have sorda narrowed my search done to three possibles...still havent looked at the dfi board yet though so who knows. Anywho I was wanted to know what you all thought of these and which would be your first choice.






    GIGABYTE GA-K8N Ultra-9 Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail


    MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail


    ASUS A8V-E Deluxe Socket 939 VIA K8T890 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail


    The all have their positives and negatives unfortunatly so not one individual rains supreme. If you can find a better board than these three please do let me know! These are just the top 3 that stuck my attention out of a list of 26


  7. Alright well here are some basic memory questions that I had, and just wanted to reafirm my instinct on them.


    If a motherboard says ddr standard, ddr400. Is that the only can of memory I can put in there, or can I also use something like ddr625.


    When looking at the Cas Latency is it better to be high or low

    Example: 2 or 3


    When looking at the Timings how do you determine which is best one, is it by looking for the one with the lowest numbers?

    Example: 2.5-4-4-8 2T or 2-2-2-5


    When looking at the Voltage is it better to be high or low

    2.65V or 2.7-2.9V


    Any suggestions for memory, should I get something higher than DDR400?

  8. Alright, you all have gone and done it now....I am soon to be an offical AMD user after all these years of working with Intel. But I have run into a bit of a snag, I can't seem to decided on a good motherboard to get for a system that I am building to replace the one I fried. I have everything picked out/left over from my first build minus the four key parts, memory processor, powersupply and lastly motherboard. So if you all don't mind writing back with some suggestions or remarks to keep in mind when purchasing a motherboard.



    *Processor-AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego Socket 939

    *Memory-To be determined, but mostlikly will be a gigabyte of ddr400

    *Motherboard-Need your help!

    *PowerSupply-Hoping to get my hands on a 450watt Xclio

    VideoCard-ATI Radeon X700Pro

    Hard Drive: WD Raptor sata


    ---Motherboard Requirements---

    Socket: 939

    Form Factor: ATX

    Memory: DDR 400 or Higher

    Memory Capacity: 4GB

    Number of DDR Slots: 4

    PCI Express 16: 1

    Onboard USB: 2 or more

    Onboard Firewire: 2 or more

    Raid: Yes


    I am looking to spend around $150 on the motherboard give or take. The price range isn't set in stone I just have $750 to spend on four items (ones with *'s) And the more I spend on the motherboard, the more I will have to cut from somewhere else, mostlikly the memory.



  9. Graphics card I belive is seated properly, it is screwed down so I don't think it is going anywere nor have I had a problem with that before.


    As for this capabule of posting that is a possiblility but I have never heard of that nor think that I have ever experienced that with this computer before... Could I have fried the switch on the mobo and cuz that to do the same thing?


    The monitor cable is fine, ran that monitor on laptop and it worked flawlessly. As for the bios I can't check it becuase I can't view the screen.


    Oh sorry forgot to give computer specs, its is an old pentium 2 computer running off I belive is an intel motherboard. The video card card is a PCI slot card with a vga port.

  10. Alright well I am sending my parts for my broken computer in and if everything goes well, I will be getting a check for $750 in 2weeks. In the meantime I wanted to get suggestions on a new setup to build for that price. I have always been an intel boy never tried amd and I slowing considering it so I can swing both ways. My video card is a radeonx700pro so its pcie but not sli, yet I want to get an sli mobo just incase i upgrade in the future. I have a raptor harddrive so onboard sata raid is a must. Last requirement for the mobo is that it needs to have onboard firewire so I can plug in my case ports.


    What I need,


    PSU-looking at xclio 450watts (will that be enough) had a 500ultra x

    cpu- p4 or athlon64



  11. Alright well this is the first time I have ever encountered this so it had me stumped. The monitor wont reconize the computer. I ruled out broken monitor by pluging it into my laptop. When I pluged my monitor into the computer in question, I get the usual error message on the screen of check cable yada yada yada. Wieredest thing about this hole situation is my computer wont turn off. Well thats the wrong term but I have to hold in the powerbutton for what seems like forever before it will turn off. But get this I turn it off by the switch unplug the power cable from the computer, then plug the power cable back in and the computer turns on I didnt flip the switch or anything...


    I figured somthing got fried somewhere along the lines so I am going to run it barebone and try to determine the problem if you have any suggestions letme know.

  12. Alright what the _____ am I doing wrong with this stupid heatsink, no matter how hard I try I cant my heatsink to cool properly... I hit like 60C WTF I have made sure it is seated right, I have applied/removed/appiled as5 as well as other types of thermal compound and still nuttin. What am I doing wrong? Is it possible that a hs/f can be broken? Could it be because I am using an adapter 478-775 that it isnt getting good contact?

  13. When spreading the AS5 if that is what you end up buying, remember to only use a grain or two sized amount of it. The rule of more is better in this case does not apply!

    That is what happens when you put on too much AS5, so remember a small amount goes a long way. I still laugh from time to time at my own stupidity and the responses I got to it when I informed some of the OCC members about it lol!


    do u get the funny feeling you put way too much on


    Whoa, that's enough AS5 to fill a Twinkie.


  14. 95C is ungoddly hot and you would probably destroy your CPU before getting there

    Is your computer able to turn on and register in bios without a working processor? If not then you CAN reach that temperature on the Presscott core CPU



    You need to do something about getting those temps lower ASAP.

    And it is funny you should say that, cuz that is exactly what I did...CO2

  15. whats better? the xp-90 or the xp-90c? the copper version costs more, if its better ill buy that and a tornado for it.


    The copper version is better, I read somewhere that it cools about 1 degree cooler than the XP-120. Either way both are great buys, and it is really up to you. Do you need that extra bit of edge and plan on on serious OCing? If so then get the XP-90C and put a tornado on it. Otherwise the XP-90 should be fine!

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