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  1. Well guess I have narrowed my search down to the following two cases and I am sorda at a stand still...


    Lian Li PC-65B

    COOLER MASTER Wave Master TAC-T01-EK Black


    Both cases both have their pro's and con's and I wanted to get the feedback of otheres pertaining to any information that shoulda sway me one way or another. The lian li would be about $50 cheaper as I would be getting the side panel for the wavemaster as well.

  2. Alright well everyone I currently have a tusnami case and i love it for numerous reasons, the style yet simple, side panel, the blue leds, and the the usb/firewire/audio/mic ports on top. However I am getting sick and tired of its poor craftmanship in certain areas. One of which is the case material is like of a soda can, in relationship to how flimsy it is. Secondly it rattles like no other. And lastly accessability is a real issue. The number of times I wish I had a removable motherboard try or maybe more space to work due to the crampedness of the case.


    So I am here today to consult the fellow members of the overclockersclub forums and ask for recomendations on a good soild case. I am looking for a black mid or full tower case with a clear side panel and front or top accessiable ports. I am looking to spend around $150 give or take some. Thanks again in advance and please let me know if you require any other information.

  3. Ok so bare with me, no matter how hard I try I cant seem to compute what the numerous overclocking guides keep telling me to do. All the instructions seem to run together as I am new to this field and dont know the difference between fsb and vcore lol.


    Lucky with the help of chris aka cchalogamer however I have gotten this far and I am curious where I go from here.

  4. Didn't come with any that I recall and there is no mention of that anywhere on the website. Could this be the casuse? If so could you be so kind as to inform me as to which driver I would be in need of?


    Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Pro Service Package 2

  5. I ran defragment last nite so I will see how it takes me to restart after I run error check.


    Also my harddrive is a 74gb raptor



    Ok here are my latest speeds after doing all the above

    1.45minutes on reboot

    1.30minutes on boot

  6. Well I can't figure out why my computer takes such an obserd amount of time to boot / reboot. On average it takes me about 3 minutes to reboot my system. I think it is something to do with my OS but I am not sure hince why I am here.



    OS-MS XP Pro SP2

    CPU-3700+ Sandy

    Mobo-MSI Neo Platnium 4


    What has me perplex is I only have 5 things running on start up according to msconfig.


    Let me know if you have any ideas or if there may be another factor playing a part in this problem. Also let me know if you require any further info.

  7. Well I switched to the darkside after living the life of intel since I was born and well I sorda miss the old guy preformace wise but I sure as hell don't miss the heat! Right now I am kicking it at 31*C idle and 36*C load running an AMD Athlon 3700+ San Diego Core. Finally a normal temperature after running 60*C Idle on a 3.4 presshott! Oh well now all I need now is a water cooling unit and new case and then I will start the folding process...Back to the drawing board

  8. Well world of advice to those who didn't find this out the hard way...


    Left town for one week to move my butt into college came back home to take care of some unfinished busneiss and well the first thing I noticed missing was my parts pile...


    Thats right ladies and getlemen the first thing my parents did when they got me off to college was clean house. First stop austin's room!


    So I am sorry again for getting the rest of yall's hopes up. Specailly yours IUMaestro as I would have been more than happy to load this stuff into your car as that takes less effort than shipping lol.


    But if I come across any other excess parts I will be sure to let you all know about them...hopefully my parents won't spring clean my dorm room too lol...



    *Thread Closed*

  9. Sorry it took me so long to reply, been busy with college stuff...


    Anyways, the PCI Video cards are 4mb and 16mb I belive


    Free plus shipping well if I had some incentive to pack all stuff up and ship it, it could happen lol


    As for the PII and motherboard well one of the processors and the motherboard came from a computer that stopped working all of a sudden so I don't know if it was the psu or what. I do however have another PII that should be in working condition that I purchased from another OCC member but never got around to testing it.

  10. Trust me google was the first place I looked, cause I too am one of the ones who hates ignaramouses who don't look there first. And well I came across two programs and I have had 0 success with them. Although I am a newb and me failing is just part of the everyday routine.

  11. Well guys I was wondering if anyone here was a wizz at sort of thing. I know a person with knowledge of the "black arts" is usally frowned upon in some forums but that sorta skills sure could come in handy here. If anyone thinks they are up to a challege or have an idea I am open to anything.


    Background- Well my friend encrypted some pretty important files of his to keep safe and well he forgot the password and now is unable to decrypt them. The files themselves hold no value other than sentimental but its enough to make my friend go to ANY means necessary...So once again if anyone is up for a try let me know.


    Approximate file sizes- 20MB & 465MB

    Password believed to contain- upper & lowercase letters, characters, aswell as numbers (Example_101)


    (Also I didnt see anywhere this was violated any forum rules asking for help uncracking original authors files, but if it is I apoligize up front)

  12. Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone know what may be causing my mouse to sort of "jump" across the screen as if it were lagging. I mean if it were something minor it wouldnt really bother me but it is getting to the point were I am having trouble clicking yes and slecting objects. I have treid changing the settings under contorl panel and I have the lastest video card drivers...anyother ideas?

  13. Hey everyone well after six months of not having a computer I finally have one up and running...sorda. I am still in bios but I am not that far from the finish line. But before I proceded I wanted to run my current cpu temperature by you guys and get your opinon as I have always had problems with the cpu temperature on my last build which fried itself lol. I am running a,


    3700+ AMD Athlon San Diego Core

    XP-90 Heatsink with Artic Silver 5

    92mm 48 CFM Fan


    My current temperature in bios is sitting at 33*Celcius and I was wondering whether or not this was good as I am new to the dark side of AMD and am not familar with the temperatures as I know they vary from Intel greatly.

    (sorry I don't have load temps I don't have an OS yet...)


    So should I stick with this current temperature of 32*C or remove everything undo my wiremanagment and try reseating the heatsink?

  14. Update: I almost forgot, I also have a Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 USB Joystick for sale aswell. If your interested in this or any other products reply to this post or send me a private message with an offer that seems fair to you.

  15. Ok well, first off sorry about that. As you can see it was 6am when I posted this and I hadn't gone to bed yet so I wasnt all there lol. As for the video card I am going to have to pass on it for now b/c I am currently stuck with an x700 and dont have any cash.

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