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  1. Just bought myself a new harddrive bringing me to a total of 3 drives of the same make and model. I was hopping on running raid 5 however me being the dumbass that I am overlooked the fact that my board doesn't support it in SATAII mode. So my question for the public is it possible to run raid 5 via software at the full bandwidth of a SATAII drive even though my motherboard doesn't support it?



    Computer Specs:

    Processor: AMD 4400+ Dual Core

    Motherboard: DFI Lanparty UT SLI-DR

    Memory: GSkill 2GB PC3200

    Hard Drives: 3x320GB Western Digital SATA2 16mb

  2. First off thank you for yall's helpfull replies and personal opinons, and especially to cchalogamer and Kash for making note of good vs bad board not to mention all my newb question that I always have.


    Now since looks are a factor,(glad I'm not the only one LoArmistead lol) my main question is it is really that hard to work with the DFI boards? Are their default setting or is intial setup required?


    Lastly I need something that is stable, reliable and don't need a degree from M.I.T. to use. If you guys have any suggestions I love to hear them. Was looking into the DFI boards but the only purty (yea looks kinda matter lol) ones are the lanparty series and a fellow member advised me that those maybe outta my league as they require intiatl setup.


    Anyone have any remarks, comments, opinions on this matter? Any help is greatly appeciated!




    (P.S. I know the basic in and outs of a computer and I know how to read a manaul but if it doesn't explain it in their and expects you know what the defferent memory timeings are then I'm kinda up the creek.)

  3. I am currently in the market for a new AMD Socket 939 Motherboard that will support a Dual Core Processor. Price isn't really an issue somewhere in the range of $75-$145 give or take. Not planning on overclocking but would like to keep that option open if possible. Also I plan on running two nvida video cards so the board must support SLI. Lastly I need something that is stable, reliable and don't need a degree from M.I.T. to use. If you guys have any suggestions I love to hear them. Was looking into the DFI boards but the only purty (yea looks kinda matter lol) ones are the lanparty series and a fellow member advised me that those maybe outta my league as they require intiatl setup. ASUS also caught my eye, any positive regarding them with nvida based chipsets as all I have heard is that they are "steaming piles of poo". Any comments on this or the prior statement?



    Couple of boards that caught my eye.

    DFI LP UT nF4 SLI-D Socket 939

    DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Socket 939

    Gigabyte GA-K8N PRO-SLI nForce4 SLI (kinda ugly)


    Thanks in advance

    (cchalogamer thanks again for all your input)

  4. Is the MSI board still functional? Does it boot and everything? Also, does it come with the drives, manuels and such? Also, how long has it been in use for? Is there any damage to the board?


    Yes the motherboard is in full and working order as it is fresh from being RMA'd.

    The following items are included with the motherboard:


    4xSata Cables

    2xSata Molex-Sata Power Cables

    1xIDE Wraped Cable

    1xFloppy Cable

    1xUSB PCI Slot

    2xFloppy Discs With The Raid Drivers

    1xCD With System Drivers


    1xQuick Start Guide

    1xTest Report

    1xOrignal Box

  5. Well no real explanition needed other than I have some spare parts left over after my last system overhaul that I'm looking to sell.

    (Prices below are just ballpark figures)


    Processor: AMD 3700+ 939 San Diego (~$75)SOLD to bigred

    Motherboard: MSI Neo Platnium 4 Socket 939 (~$70)

    Memory: Corsair 2x512mb DDR400 Model: TWINX1024-3200XLPT (~$145)

    VideoCard: ATI x700 PCI Express (~$65)

    Soundcard: SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS (~$50)


    Post a reply, hit me up on aim, or pm me with any questions/price estimates

  6. Yes I am truly sorry guys about that I checked my inbox when I got back home on my computer tonight and after being gone for 5hrs and I got a message saying inbox full.


    I apoligize again for the extra effort on yalls (thats right I'm Texan)but if anyone attempted to message me and either it did not go through or have not heard back from be between hrs of 2-8pm CST 3-9pm EST I did not recieve any notification.


    (Last one recieve was at 2:07pm)

    (Last one sent was at 2:59pm)


    Sorry again


  7. Thread has been updated...And thankyou all who have contacted me with interest about the items above. If anyone has any questions/concerns please do not hesitate to ask.


    FYI BoyBandsMustDie: I don't know if your pm didnt go through like a lot of mine dont sometimes but just letting you know I never recieved a pm and if still interested give me a hollar.



  8. Alright guys we all know how much everyone now day's can't seem to live without a computer, especially for "computer junkies" as ourselfs. Well unfortuantly it appears I am about to experience that as I have some money issues that I have been unable to reslove. But before I have to say goodbye to my entire sytem I wanted to make one last ditch effort to raise enough cash to make the minium payments for what I owe. So take a list and let me know if your interested in any of these products either with a reply or a PM with an offer that you think is fair. I will be accepting paypal payments, and shipping the items mostlikey via fed-ex ground.


    ***First person(s) to send in there offers of a resonable price on products get priorty, as time is something crucial to me***


    So without further adue the list of items... :(

    (*OEM Used)

    (** Used- Missing box, but have the all the orignial contents)

    (***Used- Everything included in the regular retail version)



    Fans: 11(OEM)

    **---5: 80mm Logisys Blue UV

    **---2: 120mm Thermaltake Blue LED Smart Fan (hav sensor/pci slot/3-4pin adapter)

    *---2: 80mm Black

    *---1: 92mm Vantec Tornado

    *---1: 92mm Black Panaflo


    CCFLS: 6

    *---4: 12in UV

    *---2: 4in Purple


    Computer Hardware:13

    **---Thermaltake Tsunami VA3000BWA Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Case

    (SALE PENDING)---Thermaltake HardCano 12 HDD Cooler and LCD Heat Monitor

    **---Thermalright XP-90 Heatsink

    ***---Audigy 2 ZS SoundBlaster Sound Card

    ***---ATI X700pro Video Card

    **---ARCTIC COOLING AVC-AT1 Rev. 2

    *---2Wire Wireless Card for Laptop

    *---2Wire Modem (DSL-with wireless and hpna capibilites)

    *---SpeedSteam Modem (DSL)

    ***---Linkysys PCI Wireless Card

    *---Old PCI Cards/Optical & Floppy Drives

    ***Maybe coming soon***---MSI K8N Neo Platnium4 Motherboard

    ***Maybe coming soon***---AMD 3700+ San Diego


    Entertainment: 2

    ***---Brand New PS2 Slim Version (lost reciept and store credit doesnt help me)

    ***---True Crime: New York City PS2 Game



    Remember getting in touch with me first with an offer fair to you is the way to getting the item your interested in!


    Thank you for your time and have a Happy New Years!




    Email: [email protected]

    AIM: ZippoBlade

    (Updated 01/05/06)

  9. Currently my system is running

    AMD 3700+


    1x74gb Raptor

    1x160gb external


    Its gotten to that point that I am sure we have all reached once before and our lives and that being I have run out of disk space to put my abundence of crap lol. I have come to the conclusion that I am going to be getting rid of my external hard drive for sure and maybe even my raptor to pave the way for a new SATA II hard drive or maybe 2 if I have the $. If I end up getting rid of my raptor as well I will being running raid. If not the raptor will serve as an external sata drive. Anyways,

    I have come before the members of OCC to ask for their help/opinon in choosing the best possible sata II hard drive(s). I have my mind set on either a seagate or a western digital. However different factors in their specs have me at a total confusion.


    I could get the WD2500KS This drive seems perfect for me however the only thing missing is NCQ




    I could get the ST3160812AS Although this drive has NCQ it lacks the 16mb buffer, and is smaller than I would like.


    There is also a 300gb hard drive by seagate with a 16mb buffer and ncq however I have been unsucessful in my search for it so I am clueless as to where to get one, the price of such an item. It does however have a rather high seek time.


    So in closing I ask would it be wiser to have a hd with a larger buffer and no ncq or a smaller buffer with ncq???


    Please let me know as soon as possible as I am stuck between a rock and a hard place!

  10. Ok thanks again...I am not sure what I did or what was wrong but I got it working somehow, most logical explanation, its a dell and were talking about me here lol. I ended up unpluging all the cables, reconnecting them, reseting the CMOS, updating the bios and sure enough it worked. I guess you just have to be patient with these old computers lol.

  11. Alright guys well my home computer for the family is to put it bluntly shot to .. I mean multiple programs on add remove list no longer exist/some programs there are duplicates/some programs dont have a add remove icon when they should. Multiple everyday programs dont think they are installed and instaillize asking for disk everytime they open. And worst of all we can no longer restart the computer b/c when you do all the setting are changed and windows thinks that it was just installed. So to say the least its pretty messed up and needs a reformat. This sort of thing I can handle and have done many of times however, this time I have encoutered a serious error....I can not get the computer to boot to a cd. I have tried mulitple copies of legit xp (pro and home) as well as a drive washer cd. Nothing works. I changed the order in bios yet it still boots to xp. I went as far as disabling the harddrive but then it just freezes and gives me an error.


    Any thoughts on how to get the computer to boot to xp or install a fresh copy of xp? Pleasebe haste on reply I need to fix this computer before I leave town for colelge again tomorrow afternoon. I appeciate anyhelp I can get.



    P.S. Yes the Optical drives work....or atleast they are able to read the cd's in windows.




    Dell 8100

    Pentium 4 1.8ghz

    768mb ram

    cd-rom drive

    cdrw drive

    floppy drive

    usb 1.1 ports

    xp home additon

  12. Yea I too have been in need of thermal tape for my temperature probes but have found that they supply a one sq in pad with they type of fans I usually buy so that is how I go about getting it.

    (120mm Thermaltake Blue Led Extreme/Performance Series)

  13. Well it took me almost a month after posting this thread and god knows how long prior to that to get this problem resloved but I did it finally thanks to everyones help here at OCC and the internet.


    In short I just went through my entire device manager updating the drivers untill I came across one called PCI Input Deivice I belive under the "other" category. And that did it.


    (word of advice however...I wanted to be sure that I was really using 2.0 and not my computer just being stupid and not giving me an error message so I downloaded a speed test program....WARNING ALWAYS READ FINE PRINT!!! I didn't however and didn't realize it utill it was to late. The program installed a driver for Intel systems only. I have an AMD. In short this little bugger canceled out all my usb ports which was a pain sice my keyboard is usb so I got that great message at boot saying keyboard failure press anykey etc.) All is fine and up to speed thanks again...learn from your mistakes lol

  14. Well I am no good on the cutting bit other than you can use a blank cd as a guide for the hole. Only thing I comment on would the direction of the air flow. The fan on top I suggest be blowing air out of the case. The fan behind the cpu should also be an exhaust. And I don't think you will need more than one but if you want 2 fans on the side should be the intake. Do you have any front intake fans?

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