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  1. Hrmm not a bad combo but like I said I am probably going with an intel processor and since the most common core out there is a prescott I am worried it is going to overheat I haven't heard any ideas on how to prevent this...Opinons on products and what their purpose is would be most appeciated. Remember I am a newb so rule out water cooling too many things can go wrong trust me!!!

  2. What is the difference between pdp and ocz ram?


    upgrade from stock cooling during the build not later


    What would you receommend?


    if you are gaming, ditch the X700Pro and go 6600GT


    How much are those going for right now and what company do you recemomned for nvidia video cards

  3. Cchalogamer is right on the whole over clocking issue. At this time I don't want to go that far with my computer but I want to be able to have that option later down the road.


    As for over heating that is one of my main concerns because I have heard horror stories what happens when computer's overheat.


    My goal is to build one sweet . machine that will last me a couple of year (with little or no upgrades as tech improves) What I am looking for most in this machine is its ability to run cool quite and fast



    P.S. any suggestions on a good monitor I prefer lcd do to I will be in college dorm next year and space is an issue

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