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  1. Hey if your brother in law still needs or may need a powersupply that won't blow up, then I have just the thing! Its an Antec 500W ATX12V v2.0 Powersupply. Best of all its modular in case he is a stickler for wiremangement like myself. Its brandnew and has never been used if your interested let me know. Linky: Antec Case w/ PSU & Seagate Hard Drive
  2. Prices Slashed... Now $40 Cheaper Than Newegg.com FYI: The case and powersupply are both BRAND NEW and have NEVER BEEN USED!
  3. I will look diffinitly look into the Evercool VC-RE. As for the Thermalright HR-05-SLI looks absolutely sexy however space is kinda scarce in my case. My video card overhangs my stock hsf as it is with less than 2mm of space in between them. Not to mention the PCI-Express power cable backs up into my hard drives. So I guess you can say size of the hsf is a "factor" in this equation. Any other suggestions?
  4. Well like all motherboards they are great when you first get them but eventually either something breaks or begins to not work to your expectations as it once did. Sure enough its happened again. The chipset fan on my motherboard aside from aside from not doing a efficient job of cooling, 49*C in Bios, it souds like someone is driving a moped inside my case. So my question to everyone here on OCC is what chipset cooler would you recommend? I would like one that I can simply just slap on some thermal grease and mount, without having to worry about modding or doing some serious re-arranging. Direct links are much appeciated, thanks again in advance! Austin Case: Lian-Li PC-65B Motherboad: DFI Lan-Party UT SLI-DR Video Card: XFX 6800GS
  5. Side Note: This new product aside what IYO is the best thermal compound to use. I ask because I have been using AS5 for some time but was wondering about branching out and trying something new like ZM-STG1 or maybe Ciramique.
  6. The last time I was adding a new hard drive to my Lian-Li PC-65 I did a little wire management. In the process I managed to snap 1 of the 4 clips that the front panel connects to. After doing some intense searching I came across the item I was looking for unfortunatly for a $2 part it was cost my $8 to have it shipped to me. Anyone know of any website that carries Lian-Li replacement parts for sale other www.sliverpscs.com? (I also checked frozencpu, performance-pcs but couldn't find the item). I am looking for this part in particular Lian Li Front Face Plate Connecting Plastic Clips. Any help or direction would be much appeciated Thanks in advance Austin
  7. Got 2 Items up for sale this time, they were going to be used on my next system build this time for my dad's office but at the last minute he decided against a desktop and went with a panasonic toughbook (FYI extremely lightweight). Anyhow majority of the items I was able to return minus a restocking fee, other than the two that I am selling here today. One is a Black Antec Mid-Tower Case with a 500 watt PSU that has never been used and is still in the box. The other is a Seagate 500GB SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive that I hooked up only to verify that it wasn't DOA before I put it back in its OEM packaging. I am asking for about $105 Shipped for the Antec Case w/ PSU and $95 Shipped for Seagate SATA II Hard Drive. Orders will processed through PayPal and shipped via Fed-Ex Ground or UPS Ground once payment is recieved. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact me via AIM, PM, Email etc. Hesitant about buying? Need some references first? Just ask some of your fellow OCC members... UkJenT - Sold him 2x MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Motherboards bigred - Sold him a AMD 3700+ Processor Misuta Yancha - Sold him a 17in KDS monitor bigr5026 - Purchased PII Processor LoArmistead - Knows what type of person I am lol Item 1: $105 USD Shipped Antec PERFORMANCE TX TX1050B ATX Mid Tower Case 500W ATX12V v2.0 PSU Item 2: $95 Shipped Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 ST3500641AS 500GB 16MB Cache SATA II Hard Drive SOLD
  8. Orders will processed through PayPal and shipped via Fed-Ex Ground once payment is recieved. Currently UkJenT is in line infront of you, however if he backs out your next. Replied to PM
  9. Smart man personally I like saying "assumption is the mother of alll F--- Ups"
  10. That is correct, both motherboards are fully working and in good condition. Both have been sitting in motherboard boxes inside anti-static bags since I removed the one from my computer and the other from the RMA. UkJenT I will contact you via pm
  11. Its time once again to do a little spring cleaning...I have two motherboards that have been laying around my room for a while and its about time I parted with them. Both of which are MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Socket 939. One of the motherboards I sent off to be RMA'ed due to a bad PCI slot, and the other I took out of my main rig when I upgraded to a DFI motherboard. Both are good stable boards wether it be for the everyday user or one looking to overclock. I asking around $60 shipped for each board, however I am willing to negotiate (especially if you buy both of them lol). Orders will processed through PayPal and shipped via Fed-Ex Ground once payment is recieved. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact me via AIM, PM, Email etc. Hesitant about buying? Need some references first? Just ask some of your fellow OCC members... bigred - Sold him a 3700+ Processor Misuta Yancha - Sold him a 17in KDS monitor bigr5026 - Purchased PII Processor LoArmistead - Knows what type of person I am lol Board 1: MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Motherboard ($60 Shipped) Board 2: MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Motherboard ($60 Shipped) Both Boards Have Been Sold... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motherboard Specs: Manufacturer Link [*]Supports 64-bit AMD Athlon
  12. Does anyone happen to know what the socket type for the new K10 processor from AMD will be? Also has there been any recent word on its release date & how it stands up to Intel?
  13. On my flight back from Phoniex over the Easter Holidays, I happen to sit next to a employee from Intel (w00t w00t). And If I remember correctly LGA775 will be around until around January of 2009. However there will be a new socket coming out in early 2008 for the Xeon processors.
  14. My current graphics card is XFX 6800GS 256MB. I didn't really consider upgrading my videocard as my next one I would be purchasing would have direct x10 capibilities However the only cards with direct x10 (looking at 8800 series) are still rather expensive. Buying a videocard without those cabilities would be sorda a waste, wouldn't? Would I see a much improvement in performance over my current card running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit? Computer Hardware: Windows Ultimate x64 quality settings on full AMD Athlon64x2 4400+ DFI LanParty UT DR GSkill DDR400 2GB XFX 6800GS 256MB 3xWD 320GB SATAII Raid 0 Computer Usage: Huge multitasker Not a big gamer as college and parties I don't do any videoeditin (exception convert dvd - divx & vise versa) Ocassionally I mess around in Photoshop although not heavily enough to be the determining factor Just curious but has anyone heard any buzz floating about regarding what the rival processor companies have in store for the near future?
  15. While I have been out of the game for a while and have been toying with the idea of upgrading my computers processor. Should I stay with my current setup and play the waiting game, upgrade a single component, or upgrade to one of the new fancy processors ( ) OS: Vista 64 Ultimate Processor: AMD Athlon64x2 4400+ Motherboard: DFI LanParty UT DR Memory: GSkill DDR400 2GB (Intelligent Responses Onlye...Please Don't Make This an AMD vs. Intel . Contest) Who's leading the game and will continue to hold the lead in the race for the best processor? Are the socket 775/AM2 processors going to the new standard for more than a year or is something new on the way? Finally Best Bang For A Buck Thanks Again... Edit: Rather not OC (me + overclocking = fire extinguisher) Don't plan on doing anything till my birthday which is April 10... In case anything big is happening around that time.
  16. Well after almost having a heartattack when I looked at the box and saw "128mb", To my own stupidity I had grabed my old old graphics card a ATI 9200 lol. So to answer your question this is an ATI Radeon x700Pro 256mb PCI-Express Your gonna get the same sort of deal as last time bigred, that is if your interested in it. (Retail as you called it) What you will recive: Box Radeon Manual Catalyst Software x700Pro 256mb PCI-Express Card Aftermarkert HSF - ATI Silencer by Arctic Cooling (modified) Original HSF
  17. I 2xMSI Neo Platnium 4 skt 939 motherboards if your still looking.
  18. Title pretty much explains it all, I have two video cards that I am looking to get rid of. One is an ATI Manufactured X700Pro PCIExpress-16 and the other an Nvidia based XFX 6800GS Xtreme Edition. Kinda had my hopes set on selling both as the reason for the sale is to purchase a GeForce 8 series graphics card. ATI X700Pro Avg Price: $100 Retail Asking anywhere in the ballpark of $50 (Working Condition / Has an aftermarket hsf that I had to mod) XFX 6800GS Xtreme Edition Avg Price: $210 Retail Asking anywhere in the ballpark of $165 (Great Condition / Is my current videocard and obtained a 5.9 & 5.4 Experience Rating in Vista) Payment to be made via paypal and will be shipped via Fed-Ex Ground. If you guys are hesitant to buy and need a reference just ask some of your fellow OCC members. bigred - Sold him a 3700+ Processor Misuta Yancha - Sold him a 17in KDS monitor bigr5026 - Purchased PII Processor LoArmistead - Knows what type of person I am & can be trusted lol
  19. Hey guys after some extreme efforts, I was finally able to gety raid 0 setup via the bios and have windows vista reconignize and install onto it horray! Below is a copy of my results via HD Tach. Setup 3x320GB Western Digital SATAII HDs in Raid-0
  20. Does anyone know how these new AMD chips stand up to Intel's current ones?
  21. Tehee I have a AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ and I love it. I am kinda curious as to why they stopped selling them personally. Not being all that confident in my OCings skills I have yet to toy with it, which is dumb on my part since I have a LanParty UT SLI-DR. But there out there somewhere you just have to look hard enough you find one eventually. With Chistmas coming up and new cpu's to be had I may part with mine, PM if still have had no luck in finding one. (Sry moderators for the above statment as it belongs elsewhere, I just figured to through that in to help him out, especially since I am uncertain if I will do so).
  22. Hey guys about a month ago everything was fine and dandy with my computer setup which was running Windows XP Professional SP2 over my three hards (320GB WD SATAII 16mb). My world got even better when the computer technican at my father's office was too swamped with work to test out the copy of vista they recived to determine whether it would benefit the company, the job was passed on to me. My problem is in the past I had my harddrives setup in raid 0 via the bios using the nvida contoller built on to my motherboard. However during the Vista install process it recognized the drives seperatly. Tried using the drivers that came with the motherboard, tried using the beta drivers off nvida's site. I haved tried almost every trick in the book I could think of with 0 success. So does anyone know who to make this possible? (Run raid 0 in bios and install vista) In the meantime I setup raid 0 in windows via the computer managment tool however I could only have 2 of my drives stripped cuz the 3rd had the OS on it and gave me an error message saying can't do it. If no one knows of a solution to my first question does anyone know of a software based program that will allow me somehow to run raid 0 with my 3 drives. I don't mind reinstalling or anything like that as long as I get it fix. Any suggestions is much appeciated and thanks in advanced CrackHead (also please no comments about the danger of data loss/drive failure, I am aware of this and all critical material is constantly backed up to an external/dvds)
  23. MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Motherboard Socket 939 (Non-SLI) And unfortunatly BigRed has already purchased the processor. I do apoligize however for not updating the thread. But I do still have the motherboard for sale and if your still interested I am sure we can work something out. Just hit me up on AIM or via PM. Austin AIM: ZippoBlade
  24. Alright thanks bigred... Would it be smarter to run raid 5 at 1.5 to have that extra layer of protection if a drive fails. I am shooting for perforance but also want reliablity if something goes wrong. Would it be better to use this array or just stick to raid 0 and use my external which would be like 1/3 the size of my primary harddrive? Also does Raid 0+1 need four hard drives lol?
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