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  1. Anyone mount their power supply outside the case for more room and keep the case from getting as hot? Did you notice a noise increase or any problems?
  2. NO WAY! NO FAN!?!? OK, I want a review to test this thing out if it works sign me up! I have enough air flow through the case I think that might work for me but I'm not toasting my XP1700 to try it out. I'm am going to order a 92mm vantec stealth fan now though! Thanks, Jeremiah
  3. OK, this computer is in the bedroom. Its a 1700XP (getting ready for the 2000xp upgrade), a couple case fans and currently a 7000RPM dragon orb 3.... WOW thats loud. I'm looking at the OCZ Dominator 2 HSF and I'm going to replace the 60mm fan with a Vantec 80mm stealth fan. I'm guessing the added air movement will help in cooling and the vantec fan will be quite (the OCZ D2 says for 2000xp CPU's). No big overclocking here, just looking to keep it cool and quite at the same time! Future plans - 120mm case fan blowhole, plexy panel and LED fan to cool the dual head video card (these in addition to the two stealth rear fans and kind of noisey HD cooler with 3-40mm fans?). Pics at My Webpage Let me know what you think abou the Dominator2 with the 80mm fan or tell me about your cooling ideas and remember - keep it quite.
  4. They do make computer eq's, I have seen them at the local computer store, takes line in from cd with the 2/3 wire cables or the 4 pin digital cables then outs to the sound card. they are like $100. If you are interested email me and I will hook you up with the store. Jeremiah
  5. I have a packard bell remote, only bad thing is I can't get XP to use the old drivers for the remote! ??? not my pic but same thing. Ebay about $15 Nice remote, just wont turn on the pc without some mods (powered recieving unit perhaps hooked to a Wake on Lan).
  6. Which do you get better cooling from forced air (front mounted) or vaccumed air (rear mount)? I mounted two 80mm fans in the rear and a slot fan in the bottom slot. Should also do a front fan or let it vaccum from the seams and front? (I unplugged my HD bay fans, they where TOO LOUD!) I will post pics ASAP on my site under new computer. http://www.jjlaughner.com/computer/new.html ,, thanks, Jeremiah
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