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  1. The combo only knocks $75 off which'd still make it like $40 more expensive than the Corsair kit and you're not going to see any performance increase warranting that expense I guarantee. Memory speed/timings within the same generation makes such little *real world* difference that it's not worth paying more for "faster" memory trust me. So in your honest opinion you think the cheaper G Skill RAM will do just fine? so Timing by 2 points isn't a big difference? I mean if I save money on RAM I might just switch out my SSD for an Intel 750 PCIe SSD
  2. So you guys think the 13-14-14 timing with kingston isn't that great of an improvement? I mean it's a combo with the CPU i picked out so It's like the same price as getting the other 16 GB Quad Channel G Skill RAM, Either way i'm sticking with 16 GB because I don't do video editing just audio editing so I doubt I would ever need more than 16 GB. However I just want the best RAM that will prevent my DAW Software from Crashing and having problems with performance. Because the software I use allows me to load audio samples into RAM which is amazing! Thanks again for all the replies.
  3. Optimized for x99 just means Quad Channel (aka 4 sticks). It was the same for X79 when I got my 64GB kit. I personally love Gskill and wouldn't switch to anything else unless the price was right. Kingston makes very reliable products but the HyperX line has always been a bit more expensive for my tastes. Now that $75 off promo combo will bring it to nearly the same price. As for timmings, it seems for DDR4 . CAS 15 seems nearly the lowest they go right now so the sweet spot is 2666 @ 15 based on a few benchmarks I was looking at awhile ago. Now it looks like kingston has just made a break through with the HyperX. I would personally go with that since it's a good brand and tight timmings. Also keep in mind anything over 2133 is overclocking and @ 3000 your CPU will have a pretty beefy overclock from what i've read. Most people tend to clock it down to 2800 or 2666 anyways so it seems pointless to go for faster unless..once again the price is right or plan to overclock a lot. That's a great answer!!! Thank you! Alright I will probably go with the Kingston RAM if that offer stays up for when I'm ready to buy everything!! Thank you so much, that was everything I needed to hear!
  4. Ok so these actually first got my attention when I was shopping, However then I saw a sell for HyperX RAM 4x4 2666 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820104526&cm_re=hyperx-_-20-104-526-_-Product Now the timing on those is pretty awesome, but Also The GSkill RipJaws say they are designed and optimized for the X99 chipset, now is that a marketing scheme or do you think that GSkill delivers a more reliable product? I'm stuck between these two HyperX for the discount with my Processor, or Gskill, they are cheaper, but the timing isn't as good? Let me know what you think about these two different Models of RAM.
  5. New Member here! I am building a new computer, I have everything picked out except for the RAM modules. With this build understand that it will be used for high end gaming and audio production DAW Software ie (Ableton Live 9) CPU: Core i-7 5820k MB: MSI X99S Gaming 9 ACK LGA 2011-v3 RAM: ??? GPU: EVGA GTX 980 HDD 1: SAMSUNG 850 PRO 1TB PSU: EVGA SUPERNOVA 850W CASE: HAF X CPU Cooler: H80i GT What I would like to know is if I should go with DDR4 RAM Modules or if I should go with the highest frequency DDR3 Modules I can afford for 16 or 32 GB, once again I will be using my computer for high end gaming and DAW software that can be pretty CPU intensive, in the past I have had problems with my DAW software crashing on me, which lead me to buy a Mac for a while. However now I really want to try Windows 10 when it releases and have a gaming computer as well. Let me know what your thoughts would be when it comes to RAM for my needs? Low timing, OC Speed, anything you could think of that would allow me to run my DAW Software as stable as possible without having Stability issues. Anyways Thanks in advance I can't wait to hear your responses!
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