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  1. I see this as a great thing for Palm. With HP's backing, Palm should be able to get its great webOS on better quality hardware. It should also mean that we'll be seeing webOS on other devices, most especially tablets since lighter OSes are what consumers are asking for in that form factor. Soon we'll have a choice between the Apple iPad, tablets with ChromeOS, and webOS, and we all know choice is great for consumers. Who knows what else HP has in mind for webOS and the plethora of patents Palm owns, but I know that things are getting excited and us consumers are going to benefit in the end
  2. Actually, it was very poorly said. The article states that she didn't lie about her address but rather she gave both an old address and her current one. The article also said that she was brought to the country when she was 11, which means she did not come here voluntarily. Yes, there is an argument to be made that once she turned 18 she could have gone back to Mexico on her own or tried to convince her parents to go back, but come on, how realistic is it to believe that any child who grew up in this country would willingly leave it for a third world country? Any of you who say you would if in her position are liars. Her situation is a perfect example of how we need serious immigration overhaul. These are kids who were brought here by their parents but have integrated well into society and are trying to become productive members, but are barred from doing so because of circumstances that were out of their control. Now if she had been actively engaged in other criminal activity, such as drug trafficking or whatnot, then I can understand getting rid of her, along with her parents. But we shouldn't arbitrarily kick out everybody just because of their immigration status, we need to weed out the bad ones from those whose presence benefits our society and kick out only those who harm us. Let's compare it to cancer, an analogy I believe most of you will appreciate. Think of all illegal immigrants as a vital organ in the body that is America. Now think of the bad illegal immigrants as the cancer. Now you simply can't remove the entire organ without causing serious problems to the rest of the body (for example, if you remove the stomach, while you may be able to continue functioning, it certainly will not be a pleasant existence with all the new restrictions you'll have just to stay alive). So what do you do? You try to surgically remove as much of the cancer cells as possible while preserving as many of the good cells as you can. Keep the good, get rid of the bad. Now the process won't get rid of all the bad cancer cells, and it will inevitably remove some of the good cells. However, this precise action is far more preferable to the blunt process of removing the entire organ without care for the repercussions that it will have on the rest of the body.
  3. I've got an IPS panel on my iPad and the difference is definitely noticeable. I hold it next to my Macbook and my 26" Asus monitor and the IPS panel is just beautiful by comparison. I would love to some day replace my main monitor with an IPS panel. I've got a 1080p monitor and every game supports that resolution just fine
  4. Kash

    Steam on the Mac

    Nobody is saying that this is going to entice people to leave behind gaming machines and adopt Macs only. This is great for people whose primary machine is a Mac but would like to do some light gaming without having to boot into Windows. Plus, it's a great way to sell more games on Steam. Last I checked, more sales were a good thing. You ask why, I say, why not?
  5. Oh right, forgot that the iPod touch has the headphone jack on the bottom, so there was no need to put another liquid submersion indicator in the dock connector. Also, that looks pretty pink, you're SOL.
  6. Illegal immigration is a gray area, you cannot couch it in black and white terms. Doing so is naive at best, reckless at worst. Picking up and shipping out 10-12 million people back to wherever they came from is not a viable option. Let's say we can ship each of them back at even $400 a pop (a very, very conservative number), that's still FOUR BILLION dollars to simply get rid of them. That may seem fine and dandy to you, but then it doesn't go to the root of the problem. People will continue immigrating into this country in huge numbers, and who's to say the people we deported won't come right back? What are you going to do next, erect a fifty foot wall across our entire southern border? I remember that working great for the Chinese against the Mongolians, oh no wait, it didn't. The problem is that illegal immigrants are integral to our economy in many ways. Yes, they really do take the jobs that average Americans don't want, at least not at the wages that those jobs need to be at so that it doesn't cause massive repercussions across the entire economy. Small businesses are the primary employers of illegal immigrants, if they have to pay the significantly higher wages needed to hire competent Americans (note the word competent, illegal immigrants tend to be hard workers, not easy to find Americans willing to work as hard for minimum wage), then they either have to cut their already tiny profit margins even further, or raise prices for consumers. So don't be surprised to see your favorite restaurants increase its prices by 50% or more to make up for the increased labor costs it had to incur to replace all of its illegal employees with legal Americans. The same goes for small construction companies and any other business that counts on illegal immigrants to continue operating. Small businesses form the backbone of our economy, you cripple their ability to be profitable and you'll see a far worse recession than the one we just had. Yes, illegal immigration is against the law, I'm not debating that. However, the proposals made here in this thread are mere fantasy. You're deluding yourself if you think the solution is as simple as just kicking them all out or rounding them up and tossing them in prison. Where are you going to find the space to lock up 10 million+ people? Our prisons are already over capacity because of the spectacular failure that is the War on Drugs, which incarcerates non-violent drug offenders in droves, resulting in the majority of our prison population consisting of people who only had a few ounces of marijuana on them (topic for another time). We need a viable approach, this is where the gray area comes into play. If you have an illegal immigrant who is working hard and contributing to society, and wishes to continue to work and provide for his family, then we need to provide him with a means to do that without fear of retribution. Yes, the guy came here illegally. But he's here now, so the question is what do we do with him? We can either continue our blunt force method of curbing immigration through border patrols and deportation, or we can try a more delicate and effective solution. Institute a guest worker program where illegal immigrants slowly work their way toward naturalization. This will mean that these people will continue working at jobs that ordinary Americans won't want, but will also have the added benefit of them paying more than just sales tax, thus alleviating the burden on our social services. This idea may sound abhorrent to some of you as it sounds like rewarding illegal activity, but these people have not committed any violent crimes, they're just desperate because their own countries are in such an economic mess that they couldn't find work if they looked for their entire lives (this is an endemic problem in the Middle East; boys are bored out of their minds because they can't find work and there isn't access to higher education, so they get sucked into madrasas and get brainwashed into becoming terrorists, but that's another topic for discussion). There's no need to get emotional over this issue. We need to be level headed and think logically to find a fair and equitable solution to the problem.
  7. There's another indicator inside the dock connector area. Check to see if that one has been triggered as well.
  8. Prestige doesn't really have much to do with the level of reading you will be doing. I went to a top 50 school and I don't think I did an exorbitant amount of reading, even though I was an English and Political Science double major. I'm currently in law school and as you can imagine, there is a ton of reading to be done. I have been using my iPad to study for finals and it actually is very useful in reading various documents and memorizing outlines. I find it easier to concentrate when you have just a single task in front of you.
  9. Kash

    OCC CSS Server Poll

    Waste? I remember those days fondly, it was a ton of fun playing that game with fellow OCCers. I especially liked the McDonald's map
  10. You can say that the Constitution doesn't apply to non-citizens all you want, but the Supreme Court has disagreed with you time and time again. Yick Wo v. Hopkins (1886) stated that the Fourteenth Amendment provision "Nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law..." applied to all people, regardless of race, color or nationality. The case was specifically referring to illegal Chinese immigrants: "an alien, who has entered the country, and has become subject in all respects to its jurisdiction, and a part of its population, although alleged to be illegally here." In Pylar v. Doe (1982), the Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that prohibited illegal aliens from enrolling in public school. The court specifically stated that an alien is a person, regardless of their immigration status; just because they may be illegal immigrants does not mean you can deny them benefits afforded to citizens. The court has continuously used the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to show that everyone within our borders shall enjoy constitutional rights, regardless of whether or not they are actually citizens. If that isn't enough for you, then simply look at the language used by the Congressional Committee when they were drafting the Fourteenth Amendment: "The last two clauses of the first section of the amendment disable a State from depriving not merely a citizen of the United States, but any person, whoever he may be, of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, or from denying to him the equal protection of the laws of the State. This abolishes all class legislation in the States and does away with the injustice of subjecting one caste of persons to a code not applicable to another. . . . It [the 14th Amendment] will, if adopted by the States, forever disable every one of them from passing laws trenching upon those fundamental rights and privileges which pertain to citizens of the United States, and to all persons who may happen to be within their jurisdiction." So while illegal aliens do not enjoy every right, such as the right to vote, they certainly do enjoy the rights that would cover this Arizona legislation. They have a right against an unlawful search and arrest. Listen, I'm a second year law student, I've taken multiple classes on this subject so I know what I'm talking about. You can interpret the text of the Constitution however you want, but the fact of the matter is that illegal aliens DO have rights under the Constitution.
  11. If you go for the Kindle or the nook, then you're limited to each of their catalogs. With the iPad, you have access to not only both the Kindle and B&N catalogs, but you also get access to the iBooks catalog. The iPad can also read PDF files and any e-book that's in ePub format. So like you said, to get access to the largest number of books, then the iPad is your choice. I've read books on my iPad and it's actually a very comfortable experience. Lots of people complain that backlit books are hard on the eyes compared to e-ink, but it's actually not that straining, especially since you can increase the size of the text and easily lower the brightness. Only real benefit of the e-ink readers is that their battery life is astounding compared to the iPad. However, 10-12 hours on the iPad is still pretty good as it'll last you an entire day before you need to recharge. Plus, you get access to the plethora of other features.
  12. False, many of the rights in the Constitution apply to everybody, not just US citizens. Look at the language: First Amendment: "right of the people" Second Amendment: "right of the people" Fourth Amendment: "right of the people" Fifth Amendment: "no person...nor shall any person" Fourteenth Amendment: "deprive any person..." The language of the Constitution is very specific when it is referring only to US citizens: Eleventh Amendment: "by citizens..." Fourteenth Amendment: "all persons born or naturalized in the US are citizens...abridge privileges or immunities of citizens" Fifteenth Amendment: "right of citizens..." Nineteenth Amendment: "right of citizens..." Twenty-Fourth Amendment: "right of citizens..." Twenty-Sixth Amendment: "right of citizens..." So while they are here illegally, they still enjoy certain rights enumerated in the Constitution. We're a civilized country and should strive to treat all human beings equally, regardless of race or origin. You would want the same treatment if you were to ever find yourself in another country.
  13. Kash

    Steam on the Mac

    Would have been funnier had they showed a Macbook trackpad
  14. You guys live in one of the coldest and darkest places on earth voluntarily. I'd be afraid of you too, you're all clearly insane, who knows what might set you off
  15. Just got an iPad 3G, so no new tablets or e-readers for me. I'm definitely getting a new phone this summer, my iPhone 3G is coming up on 2 years old now and it's really not enough for me. If the fourth gen iPhone isn't exciting then I'm considering the HTC Desire. I would like to get a new laptop since mine is three and a half years old now, but it's still going strong so I might not get a new one until after I take the bar exam.
  16. Haha, well then, I stand corrected. I agree that Belkin products have longevity issues, they'll die on you for no reason. I personally don't like Netgear, I don't like their interfaces and sometimes they force you to install unnecessary software. Linksys and D-Link are my top two companies.
  17. We're all "techie dudes" here, so unless your buddy is some network specialist, I think we're all on the same level here. You keep going back to those Linksys and Netgear models, do you specifically want a router from only those companies?
  18. Not all routers by the same company are made equally. I had an older D-Link G router that couldn't hold its own against the Linksys WRT-54GL that replaced it, but we all know that not every Linksys router is amazing. Then both of those were far surpassed by the DIR-655 in speed, range, and functionality. Interestingly, the DIR-655's successor hasn't been getting the same praise that it got, more proof that not every company puts out stellar products time after time.
  19. Here's a far better option D-Link DIR-655 Consistently rated as one of the best 802.11n routers. I've bought two already, one for my personal use and one for back home. The one back home has all of the ethernet ports used up and has about a dozen wireless devices hooked up to it and it works beautifully. It also comes with a USB port, so you can add a printer or external hard drive and be able to access it from any computer connected to the network.
  20. Well isn't that a kick in the nuts
  21. Kash

    Far Cry Movie

    Backing up DVDs is an interesting conundrum. On the one hand, you have fair use that allows you to make backups of the movie for personal use. On the other hand, the DMCA makes breaking the DVD's CSS encryption illegal. So essentially, you have to commit an illegal act in order to exercise your legal rights. Deliciously evil, if I may say so myself.
  22. Don't you have drop off boxes or a UPS store nearby?
  23. I've never been charged for a pickup from either UPS or FedEx. Just leave the box outside and they'll stop by and pick it up.
  24. Kash

    Far Cry Movie

    You clearly do not understand the law. It is irrelevant if he owns a copy of the movie, he uploaded it to others and that is infringement.
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