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  1. Uh oh, did somebody have a bad experience? Get Dynamic's mommy!
  2. I too broke my chair and am in the market for a new one. I would prefer one with metal armrests since my last one had plastic ones and split after 2 years. Suffice it to say, I shall be following this thread.
  3. Keep in mind that I wasn't doing a direct comparison between the Evo and its competitors in general, I was going a comparison for ME. So writing off a feature because I personally will never use it is perfectly valid By wet dream I mean they designed a phone with every conceivable feature (everything but the kitchen sink, if you will).
  4. I would hardly say Flash is reason enough to get a phone. I rarely come across websites that absolutely require it, and most video sites work just fine, especially if they embed Youtube videos. The App Store has tons of free games available, so I don't need Flash to play games (plus, judging by some demo videos I've seen, they don't work as great as dedicated apps anyway). Videos and games are the two big reasons to have Flash, and since there are alternatives available on both the iPhone and Android platforms, Flash isn't really a major selling point for mobile phones. It's merely a novelty. This is the main thing I like about the Evo. Having a larger screen would be fantastic for browsing the web and watching videos. However, now that I have an iPad, my iPhone rarely gets used for anything besides calling/texting and the occasional web browsing (usually just to look up something quick). So I'm not sure whether it would be worth the hassle of switching from the iPhone OS to Android if I'm rarely going to use the thing. Now if I didn't have an iPad, then I would definitely get myself an Android phone with a larger screen than the iPhone. This seems like another novelty feature; adding it in just for the sake of being able to say that they did (the specs on the Evo really give the phone the feeling of it being an engineer's wet dream haha). I could see myself using it just to try it out and then never use it ever again. Yea, I really like the Android platform. I've played around with several of them, including my mom's Hero and even though it was 1.5/1.6 (I forget exactly) I really liked it (enough to the point where I skinned my iPhone with SenseUI ). This is why I'm on the edge between an Android phone and the iPhone. AT&T is announcing some new Android phones on Monday, though nobody knows for sure what. Let's see what Apple has to offer on Monday and then I'll figure out which direction I'm going to go.
  5. Ok, so I did some research on upcoming AT&T announcements and looks like they're going to announce some stuff on June 7. Most notably, AT&T will be announcing something called the HTC Aria, and apparently nobody knows what the thing looks like; could be a form factor similar to the Desire or it could have a physical keyboard. I guess we'll find out in a couple of days.
  6. I did more research and there has been no update since the original announcement. Let's hope it gets announced next week.
  7. I would be more willing to listen to what you have to say if you provided an actual argument instead of your typical nonsense.
  8. Gonna wait to see what Apple has to offer on Monday before deciding what my next purchase is going to be. I would be more motivated to get the EVO if I had 4G speeds in my area, but it may be a while before it comes, if ever (Los Angeles is planned for later this year but I'm in Orange County and there's no indication that it will be coming here anytime soon). Right now it's a toss up between the EVO, the HTC Incredible on Verizon, and either the fourth gen iPhone or the HTC Desire on AT&T.
  9. The HTC Desire was supposed to come out for AT&T in May/June. Not sure what happened with that as the announcement was back in late February.
  10. Make sure you update to the latest firmware. Not sure what firmware yours shipped with, but they added several new features to the router since its release, not to mention performance improvements.
  11. They went from unlimited to a 2GB cap, they should have lowered the price significantly more than just $5. If it were set at $15-$20, then people wouldn't be so up in arms about it since then we'd actually be seeing significant savings ($240 to $360 over two years). But nope, greedy executives are going to make every effort to bleed their customers dry.
  12. This is essentially bait and switch. Lure in a bunch of people on the promise of unlimited data and then spring this crippled plan on them. Majority of users may currently be using less than 2GB, but once more bandwidth hungry apps are released (ex. Hulu and video calling on the next iPhone), then that 2GB is going to look like a pittance. I'm not too worked up over it in regard to my iPad, but I really don't want to upgrade to the next iPhone if it has this limitation. :starts to look at Android offerings on Verizon/Sprint:
  13. Nothing wrong with talking about torrents since there are many legal uses for it, just so long as you don't specifically mention that you're engaging in illegal activity.
  14. Don't get the 825. All reviews indicate that it doesn't perform nearly as well as its predecessor, the 655. Also, if you do a little shopping around, you can easily get the 655 for under $100.
  15. Some of them look like they're straight out of the Midwestern US
  16. Here's another vote for the DIR-655. I recommend it to everyone looking to buy a new router and they have all been pleased with their purchase. I bought two myself, one for me and one for my family. My family practically abuse that router and it holds up great.
  17. Having attended both CES and Computex, I would have to say coverage of the latter is more interesting solely because of the sheer size of the show and the plethora of companies that exhibit their products there.
  18. Well at least I'm not worried about him trying to break into my car
  19. Thug put the skater in fear of his life by pulling a gun. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to beat him to a bloody pulp and claim self-defense. It would hold up quite well in court.
  20. Kash

    Fable 3

    I heard the same thing from a friend about Fable 2, he did not like it in the least bit because it was so dull. I personally love the first Fable.
  21. Have a Bachelors degree in Political Science/English and am currently working toward my Juris Doctorate. One more year and you may all refer to me as Dr. Kash
  22. I wonder who her replacement is going to be. Also, I wonder if they're simply going to change the actress and keep the character (big slap in the face to Fox) or have an entirely new character.
  23. Slippery slope argument. Has been used to deny everything from women the ability to vote to giving non white people equal rights. I remember not long ago the lie of marijuana being a gateway drug being perpetuated as though it were fact when it was anything but. Your argument is nothing more than a fear tactic. Please provide hard data that shows light drug use inevitably leads to hard drug use. The Arizona law is a good start, but it's too small to have any measurable effect, even if you apply it nationwide. Plus, a single solution isn't going to cut it, we need multiple efforts, such as the Arizona law, a guest worker/amnesty program, improved border control, and deportation/jail for serious offenders. By mass deportation I was referring to rounding up all the illegal immigrants, putting them on planes, and flying them back to wherever they came from. This is not viable as it does not solve the overall problem as people will still be coming into this country illegally, some of whom had been deported. Plus there is the massive expense of finding all the immigrants, finding a place to detain them while they are processed (this is the government we're talking about, you know it's gonna be a big bureaucracy), and then covering the cost of all this, which is easily going to go into the billions since we're dealing with at least 10 million people. Then there are the repercussions to the economy that will result, also costing billions in lost revenues and productivity. It's easy to say that they're a bunch of illegals and to kick them all out. Not quite so easy to actually implement.
  24. To everybody who keeps going on and on about how these people are breaking the law, please suggest a viable solution to solve this problem. And no, mass deportation is not a viable solution. I'm not saying the Arizona law is bad, especially in its altered state. It's a small step in curbing illegal immigration, but we need more overhauling measures, especially by the federal government (you know, since it's their job and all). Ending the war on drugs is another step in the right direction. It'll curtail a good portion of the transportation of drugs into this country by dangerous criminals. In addition to weakening the hold of drug cartels so that their countries can try and improve their social and working situations, it will also increase tax revenues since drugs will be regulated and taxed.
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