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  1. Actually, it was the 3.0 software the bogged things down. Both the first gen iPhone and the 3G did exceptionally well on the 2.0 software but then 3.0 came out, the performance drop was very noticeable. It was clearly evident that 3.0 was designed for the 3GS hardware in mind. So the first iPhone performed well for two years, the second iPhone performed well for one year and was satisfactory for one year. The 3GS did great on 3.0 and from what I've heard has been holding its own rather well on 4.0, which means the 3GS will get at least two well performing years. Looks like the 3G was the bastard stepchild that got screwed I update my phone every 18-24 months, so I don't really need anything to last me much longer than that.
  2. Kash

    Kinect for XBOX 360

    $150 for a gimmicky sensor bar? Pass.
  3. The preoder/reserve is now available. Apple's servers are getting hit hard. I'll wait till morning/afternoon to go through the process.
  4. You don't need to activate iPods. Just plug them into your computer and let iTunes do its thing
  5. My 3G desperately needs to be replaced. 3.0 and now 4.0 software does not work well on the 3G. I'm a bit peeved with the upgrade pushed up six months. I could have totally upgraded to the 3GS last summer and still have qualified for the $199 price for the iPhone 4. This whole time I could have been enjoying a faster phone instead of teetering on the edge of wanting to toss my 3G against the wall.
  6. Easy, more users in big cities saturate the towers. Fewer users in rural and suburban areas means less load on the towers, hence why you get good 3G speeds there.
  7. I thought you were a big mobile phone aficionado? I figured you of all people would know all about emerging cellular technologies
  8. For starters, if AT&T made the claim that they're the fastest 3G network without actual data backing them up, that would be called false advertising and you can bet Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile would be all over them for it. Now, here's the proof from third party sources: PCMag Gizmodo Computerworld These tests were conducted in a total of several hundred locations across the country. Your test is what, a few square miles? So AT&T isn't the fastest in YOUR area, but that doesn't detract from the simple fact that on average, across the country AT&T is THE fastest 3G provider. I'll admit, by BA I thought it was a typo for BS, leading me to believe that you were disparaging the iPhone 4. Now you clearly don't know a thing about LTE either. Fully developed LTE is not 12Mbps. The spec sets out a peak download rate of 325Mbps. Wi-Max's peak download rate is a measly 40Mbps. That's not even faster than the fastest 3G technology, HSPA+, which maxes out at 56Mbps! It's no wonder everybody is disparaging Sprint for using the term 4G to describe its Wi-Max network when in reality, it's more like 3.5G. Also, LTE uses the 700MHz band, which can deeply penetrate buildings. Sprint's Wi-Max travels on the far weaker 2.5GHz, and a common complaint by people is that their 4G cuts out when deep inside a building. You keep riding the CDMA train there buddy while the rest of us are moving forward with the far more versatile GSM. Even Verizon, the nation's largest CDMA provider, has realized this.
  9. You're right, your bias is clearly showing. AT&T currently has a crappy network BECAUSE of the sheer number of iPhone users sucking down all that bandwidth. The same thing would have happened had either Verizon or Sprint gotten the iPhone instead of AT&T. Granted, AT&T has been slow to keep up with the infrastructure needed to support such heavy data usage, especially in large urban areas, and there's no excusing them for that. However, it looks like Apple may have lit a fire under AT&T as they recently announced that they will be investing $2 billion to upgrade their network this year. People have already noticed that AT&T quality has been steadily improving over the last couple of months. I'd even go so far as to say AT&T just might catch up with demand. Yes, 4G is great, which is why both Verizon and AT&T have plans to upgrade to 4G networks, with Verizon planning to roll it out at the end of this year. However, unlike Sprint, AT&T and Verizon are going with LTE, which is the next evolution of GSM. Wi-Max is merely a stopgap, it can never reach the potential speeds of LTE, a fact which Sprint itself has acknowledged, while stating that it too is keeping open the possibility of a shift to LTE someday. Did you miss the iPhone 4 announcement? It is hardly a "BA piece of hardware" as you so eloquently put it. Also, it is a proven fact that GSM networks are faster than CDMA. AT&T isn't making things up by claiming that it has the fastest 3G network. Verizon may be more reliable, but it's not faster, and neither is Sprint (referring only to the 3G network, obviously).
  10. Just finished watching Star Trek Voyager. I would have finished sooner had I not gotten sidetracked by the hilarious Big Bang Theory (which I also finished btw). Now time to watch some Royal Pains and catch up on all my other shows.
  11. Ultimate test? Hardly. The Ten Commandments is a test of whether or not you're a good Christian, not a good person.
  12. Kash

    Online Gamer

    Only somewhat?
  13. It's definitely better on standby, at least compared to before. Since the battery is about two years old, it can barely last all day on standby. It's been 24 hours since I updated and there's still plenty of battery left.
  14. What is it with your obsession of having people ask for this so-called proof of yours? If you have something compelling to provide, then just post it, don't sit there begging people to ask you for what you have to say.
  15. I installed it last night on my 3G. While I don't had access to all of the features, the ones I can use are great. I really like the folders, I really should have installed that back when I was jailbroken. Everything looks crisper, and this is on the older screen, I can't wait to see how good it's gonna look on the higher resolution screen. My favorite feature is the unified inbox. No longer will I have to tap several times just to switch between my accounts. Performance on the 3G is still a bit sluggish, but I've noticed that iOS4 has better battery management, my phone hasn't been draining as quickly as it used to. I definitely believe Apple's claims of 300 hours of standby for the iPhone 4.
  16. Kash


    This certainly sealed the deal for me. After thinking it over, I'm definitely going with the iPhone and not switching to Android.
  17. And how can you trust that your religion is 100% pure? Unless you yourself have been divinely inspired, you rely upon religious texts as the foundation of your belief. All empirical evidence points to the fact that all holy books were written down by men, these same men also being prone to temptation, persuasion, jealousy, envy, greed, and lust. These texts have been warped and twisted over the centuries, so even if they originally were the word of god, they certainly aren't anymore. Pascal's Wager is simple logic, you cannot deny it. Using your line of reasoning, I might as well start worshiping every god out there, you know, just in case
  18. Pascal's Wager That entire post sounded like proselytizing.
  19. I had a nice one back when I was living at home. Cost about $120 or so and held sturdy for years. Current one that just broke was probably $50-$60; the "leather" on the seat was cracked and the right armrest just snapped one day. I was holding it together with duct tape and then tossed it when I moved to my new place about a week ago. I've been using a folding chair since then, haven't really had much time to go shopping for a new chair.
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