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  1. Ivy, you once again show your narrow mindedness. Just because YOU don't need those accessories doesn't mean there isn't a market for them. People like having the choice of a variety of accessories and so the iPod/iPhone/iPad is the device to go to if you want lots of third party options.
  2. Most people have speculated that when Apple tested the phone out in the wild, it was always covered in a case so as not to give away its identity, thus masking the antenna issue. It wasn't until it was too late in the production process that the problem was discovered and by then they couldn't change the design if they wanted to make their deadline.
  3. Kash

    Games You'll Miss

    KOTOR doesn't play nice with Windows 7 out of the box either. There are a bunch of workarounds you gotta implement to get it to run properly. KOTOR 2 works just fine, but the first one was so much better.
  4. While we're at it, should we mine for some deuterium?
  5. You're telling me batteries don't use liquid lithium as fuel?
  6. I don't think Iron Man 2 was better than the original
  7. I just did that with my entire collection of Star Wars novels, which are all sitting back at my parent's house. Now I get to enjoy the books I read years ago once again
  8. I remember when I used to use Mapquest and Yahoo Maps way back when. For the past few years it's solely been Google Maps for me, both on the computer and on the iPhone, as Andrew mentioned. However, I got my first car that came built in with navigation about a year ago and I use that system on a regular basis, so now it's a combination of Google Maps and whatever my VW uses.
  9. You're better off going to the OSx86 forums and asking your question there. We don't really deal with Hackintoshes here at OCC
  10. I don't have a case or bumper on mine and I haven't noticed the signal issue on my phone. For the people experiencing the problem, it could just be a combination of signal attenuation from covering the antenna and bad AT&T service in their area. I get fantastic AT&T service where I live. I did some speed tests and it's faster than the 3Mb DSL I was getting at my last apartment.
  11. I think it would be cool for a little while before I changed it back to something a little less obnoxious. Very nice effort though :thumbs-up:
  12. Seriously dude, go back and read this entire thread. You're just rehashing the same arguments that have been proven wrong over and over.
  13. We already have people who do that. It's called the Minuteman Project. If you read through this thread, you'll find your assertion to be patently false, or at the very least horribly misinformed. The American consumer is also to blame. We don't want to spend a lot of money for food and services and so the only way to keep prices low is to keep wages low, and the only people willing to work for such low wages are illegal immigrants. The service sector works on very thin margins, if you increase wages, small businesses won't be able to turn a profit without increasing costs to the consumer. You want to get employers to stop hiring illegals? Then get ready to pony up because when that bill comes, it's going to be much higher than you've been used to.
  14. The bootrom should only matter if you plan on unlocking your phone. If you don't intend to unlock, then most jailbreak tools should work just fine.
  15. Just got mine. This thing is sweet!
  16. They should use some of that revenue to reduce the cost of vehicle registration. I just got my renewal and it's over $300!!
  17. Technically, AT&T's network isn't slower, it's just less reliable
  18. Camaro, may I suggest you go back and read post #20
  19. Courts have interpreted that phrase of the Citizenship Clause to simply mean that people who qualify to become US citizens are under the purview of the federal government. As you said, this was meant to exclude the children of ambassadors and interestingly, Native Americans. However, courts have repeatedly held that other foreigners who come to this country and give birth, their kids are most definitely citizens of the US. The first case was US v. Wong Kim Ark, which stated that the children of illegal Chinese immigrants were automatically granted US citizenship. There are several later cases that have referenced this case, solidifying the fact that it is valid precedence and thereby, the current law. Arizona can try and equate illegal immigrants to ambassadors all they want, but decades of court precedent is going against them and they undoubtedly will fail. No, I want you to show me whether there is a tax drain on the system because of illegal aliens. Surely if this is such a big problem you should be able to find ample evidence of it. However, the fact that you transformed my simple request into an impossible one seems to indicate that you're clearly not capable of this higher level of debate and would much rather ramble on in platitudes. Also, keep in mind that while illegal immigrants get paid under the table, they all have to pay sales tax on everything they purchase. So even if we assume that your assertion that no illegal immigrant pays income tax, they're not a complete burden on society as you claim.
  20. Due process applies when one is going to be deprived of "life, liberty, and property." This mean if you plan on punishing someone by sticking somebody in jail, fining or taking away their possessions, or giving them the death sentence. This does not apply to citizenship, especially since we don't have laws that can strip one of their citizenship as punishment for a crime. Even with treason, as you take your final breath during your capital punishment, you are still a citizen of the United States. Now, the first law Arizona passed is certainly all about due process since it involves getting stopped and being questioned by an officer, and the law may or may not be unconstitutional. However, this new proposal most certainly will be since it blatantly contradicts the language of the Fourteenth Amendment. Also, it has nothing to do wih due process since taking away citizenship is not something you can do. The most Arizona could do is take away state citizenship, but these children will still be US citizens. You cannot merely say that it is illogical just because you cannot comprehend reality. I provided sources that show illegal aliens DO pay taxes. Now you show me sources where they do not. I'm certain you can't since the facts are in my favor, in which case admit that you are wrong and accept the fact that your viewpoint on this subject is flawed.
  21. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just providing proof that the statement "illegals don't pay taxes" is patently false. I don't contend that they pay an amount equal to or greater than the services they consume, simply that they aren't just leeches on the system.
  22. It is indeed unconstitutional. To be more specific, it is a violation of the first section of the Fourteenth Amendment: All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. Regardless of what you think should be the case, as it currently stands, the Constitution does indeed protect illegal immigrants. However, this situation is not concerned with the illegal immigrants, but rather their children. As you can see above, the Fourteenth Amendment specifically states that any person born in this country is automatically a citizen of this country. Therefore, children of illegal immigrants are citizens and thus are awarded every protection under the Constitution. Oh, and your analogy is flawed since non-service members do get tried under the UCMJ (though not for capital offenses). If only that sentiment wasn't patently false. At tax time, illegal immigrants are paying too Illegal Immigrants are Paying a Lot More Taxes Than You Think Many illegal immigrants pay up at tax time Do illegal immigrants receive more government benefits than they pay in taxes?
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