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  1. Here's another vote for Windows Media Center. My family and girlfriend have had absolutely zero trouble using it to watch TV shows and movies.
  2. The DMCA's section on backing up movies on optical media is actually a bit of a catch 22. Backing up the movie for your own personal use is definitely legal under the Fair Use exception. However, optical media has CSS encryption and it is breaking the encryption that's illegal. So you can backup the movie, but getting access to the movie is illegal. So you can see the dilemma. The DMCA was recently modified to include an exception to breaking encryption, but it's very limited in its scope. You can only create clips, not entire videos, and those clips are limited to: 1. Documentaries 2. Non-commercial videos 3. Educational use
  3. You've got it the other way around, netbooks are far more of a pain than full blown laptops
  4. I've seen this happen on laser printers. It's the drum. You need to either clean it, if possible, or simply replace it outright. Best way to clean it would be some isopropyl alcohol.
  5. $9000, what is that, half the price of a Mac Pro?
  6. Very impressive hardware...not so impressive price
  7. Technically, it's DTTL: Don't Touch The Llamas
  8. Good to see you safe. Gotta love that German engineering
  9. "Speculations are rife" "People are optimistic" "Apple might unveil" "There are rumors" All of this coming from an authoritative source, the blog of the LA News Monitor. Wow, how did I ever doubt your verified claim?
  10. Omg, if you heard a rumor then it MUST be true!!! GTFO troll
  11. I hear the Incredible is better than the X, despite having a smaller screen. Your best bet will be to go into a Verizon store and give all the phones a whirl then pick the one you like best. Regardless of whether you pick the Droid Incredible, Droid X, or Droid 2, you'll be getting a fantastic phone.
  12. Running Windows on a Mac is just like running Windows on any other machine. You have to take the same precautions you would normally take with Windows.
  13. A few people will get it early, but the vast majority of people will buy it when it comes out. I don't see this as a big deal
  14. Applies to Congress too, seeing as how the Senate is an integral part of Congress
  15. We're going to have a new Senate in 2012 regardless of the outcome of this bill. We will also have a new Senate in 2010, just like how we had a new one every two years before that.
  16. A treaty can NEVER supersede the Constitution. It can, however, supersede local US laws (though it has to be specifically implemented by Congress, in only a few rare circumstances would it happen automatically).
  17. For the games and Blu-Ray movies, is that price for all of them or for each?
  18. I think Thermaltake used to have a bad rap for poor quality of both its products and customer service but the company has very much improved itself over the last few years.
  19. Several of those lines were verbatim in an episode of The West Wing. It's an awesome response to close-minded people.
  20. 4GB and it is not enough. Should have upgraded to 8GB before DDR2 prices spiked
  21. Oh no, three dollars worth of food was allegedly stolen!! Let's waste thousands of dollars of tax money in finding justice for this horrendous crime against society!!!!
  22. Kash

    Games You'll Miss

    I would hardly call forking over a ton of money for a high end gaming system a "cheap advantage"
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