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  1. I used to be the go to guy back when I was in high school and college. Everybody expected me to know everything about computers. Once I had an uncle practically demand that I fix his laptop, which had gotten bogged down with spyware and viruses and needed a good, thorough cleaning. Keep in mind that this "request" was made while we were all at a family party at this other uncle's house, so everybody was there to have a good time. I worked on it for a little bit, and set it down while it was running some scans to go play Xbox with my cousins. My uncle gets all indignant and wants to know why I'm not devoting 100% of my time fixing his computer! I pretty much told him that I wasn't his tech support and that I was cleaning his computer as a courtesy and that if he wanted professional level help, then go pay for a professional. That shut him up real good.


    Since then, I've downplayed my technical abilities. I really don't want to help people out with stuff who aren't going to show any gratitude. Whenever a professor has a technical problem, I refuse to volunteer my services, because the first time I do it, I'll be expected to do it from then on. No thanks, that's what the school's IT staff is for, ask them for help.


    You know what's a shady move, but brilliant at the same time?


    Say you're fixing a computer, and one of your policies is, is that if a computer part is bad, you'll upgrade without charging a fee. The customer would just pay the price for the new component, while you get to keep the bad part to "use the good parts leftover to fix bad parts on other components".


    So if they have a GTX 580 that "went bad", they'd buy a new video card while you kept the "bad one". ;)


    However, the only drawback is if they still have a warranty. I guess I fail at shady business tactics. :(


    Yea, that's fraud.

  2. I'm sure in time they will come down significantly in price, like any other technology. Flat panel TVs would cost five figures, now you can get a 46" LCD TV for well under a grand. Everyone expected the iPad to cost $1000 because Windows tablets always held a high premium over regular laptops. Everybody was surprised when it was half the price at just $500, thereby establishing the fact that tablets can indeed be affordable. Now we have Android tablets that cost just $150. It won't be long before we have iPad quality tablets for under $200 and everybody will have at least one tablet in their home, just like how everybody has at least one TV and one computer.

  3. There still pretty limited in what they can do I mean there great for simple things like checking email or web browsing watching a movie or listening to music but if someone want to do anymore it falls short.


    Fortunately for 99% of the population, that's all they want to do. They do serious work/play on their primary machines and then do everything else on the tablet.


    I have three computers in my home. A desktop for heavy duty work, playing games and storing all of my media. Then I have a mini PC that serves HTPC duties and streams from the first computer. Then I have my laptop that I primarily use at school and almost never at home. Then I have my iPad. I can use it to browse the internet, check email, update Twitter, and play games while walking around the apartment or lounging on the couch while watching something on TV. I love having a tablet in bed, where I can do my casual reading, or even stream movies/TV shows from my media collection. It's much more convenient than having a laptop in bed due to its significantly smaller footprint, and not to mention it doesn't give off searing heat.


    If you can't see a use for a tablet, then you either have no use for one, or you're simply lacking in imagination.

  4. What is it with tech nerds and their obsession with specs? It all boils down to usability, if the tablet is easy to use then it will be a success. Android may be a good OS, but it is a bit lacking in the tablet space. Hopefully 3.0 will take care of that.


    It also needs to be priced reasonably. The Samsung Galaxy Tab would have done really well if not for it's ridiculous pricing scheme.

  5. Thanks guys, you've all been very helpful. I'm feeling pretty confident about easily sharing files across the network. However, now I'm confused as to which device I should get.


    The HP Mediasmart has better hardware and more software options plus a vibrant community, so I'll have access to lots of support and software addons. However, the Acer is cheaper and offers more storage to start with, which means I won't have to deal with the hassle of swapping out the primary drive sometime in the future.


    Of course, now I also have the problem of whether a WHS device is what I need or whether a simple NAS will fulfill my needs.


    I have a $600 budget. What's the best option for someone who wants to stream media to Windows, Mac, and iOS; backup files; access all the contents remotely; and allows for plenty of expansion?

  6. I have another question. How hard is it to swap out drives once you're already underway? I'm especially interested in the process of swapping out the primary drive. The EX490 comes with a 1TB drive and the EX495 comes with a 1.5TB drive, if I wanted to swap those out with a 2TB drive, is that easily done?

  7. Hey guys, I need a little help setting up my home network to get optimal performance for media sharing.


    Here is my current setup:


    Router: DLink DIR-655 running the latest firmware. Supports UPnP.

    All media is located on either internal or external drives connected to the PC in my sig. Connected to the network via Ethernet.

    I have a Dell Zino HD serving as an HTPC for my TV (hooked up via HDMI). I am using XBMC as a media front end. Connected to the network via Ethernet.

    Macbook has an external hard drive hooked up to it, used primarily for backup purposes. Connected to the network via Wi-Fi.

    I also have an iPhone and an iPad, obviously hooked up wirelessly.


    What I would ideally like to do is get a Windows Home Server, either the Acer Easystore or the HP MediaSmart EX495, and use it for backing up and storing media on it to stream to all of my computers/devices. I have about 4TB of media and probably 1TB worth of backups (games, documents, pictures, etc.). If possible, I would like to be able to remotely access the server when I'm away from home.


    My question is which WHS I should get and what are the ideal settings for the server, the computers, and the router? Would a WHS even work if I plan on using XBMC? I've heard about something called DLNA but have absolutely no idea what that means for me, if it even applies.


    Thanks guys, I appreciate any help you can provide.

  8. Not entirely true. I've installed a great number of games over onto a secondary drive on my desktop and I've never come across an issue where the games would not run.


    Interesting. It must have been a while since I last tried this. I now install everything on my primary drive mainly because it's faster than installing on a secondary drive.

  9. Unfortunately, you will have to reinstall all your apps. When you wipe your OS drive, you wipe all the supporting files and registry references needed by the installed programs, rendering them useless.


    This is one thing I like about Macs better. The programs are all self-contained and don't tie into the OS, so if you were to wipe OS X clean, the apps will still work without requiring a reinstall (there are a handful of apps that would require a reinstall). I would love if Windows would eventually evolve into something like this. It's my one pet peeve about having to do a fresh install of Windows, it's like a full day's worth of work to get things back to the way you like it.

  10. All I'm reading here is that you're clearly a little girl. Man up! Treat the prostitute situation just like any other sexual encounter, don't give it any extra significance.Men pay for . all the time! Whether it be actual money or through gifts to your girlfriend/wife.


    You need to stop groveling at her feet and tell her to get over it. Constantly dwelling on it and begging for mercy makes you look pathetic in her eyes. You need to take control, tell her that you had . five years ago with some random woman and instead of going through the pretense of buying her dinner you just paid her cash instead, and that none of it has anything to do with your current relationship. You're not planning on visiting prostitutes again and since you're perfectly healthy there are no lingering effects that could potentially affect the relationship. It is only when you act like a man will you be able to get past this.


    Also, next time you think about being "honest" with her about something potentially disturbing from your past, don't do it. That's what your therapist is for.

  11. I got a Samsung ML-2525 laser printer, since most of what I print is black and white text. It's a lot faster than my Canon MP 510 (which you can't buy anymore, by the way); I can print whatever I need to with the laser printer before the Canon would even finish starting up, hence why I bought the laser printer. It also is nice to know that toner doesn't dry out over time, like printer ink does. I got it for $90 or less (can't remember) and am quite pleased with it.




    One of the best printers I have ever owned. I love the network connectivity, makes printing from every computer so much simpler.

  12. Ripping yes, burning no.


    Also, the FBI isn't going to come looking for you as long as you're not selling anything and it's only for personal use. Once you cross the line and start sharing it freely or charging for copies, that's when you can get in trouble. At Microsoft, we could make images of CD's/DVD's, but had to have one hard copy for each image put on a system. So if we had 1 image of a game to put on 20 different computers, we still needed to have 20 hard copies of the game.


    As for recording movies on premium cable channels, I assume it's fine, if again, it's only for personal use. Otherwise it doesn't make sense to have TV Tuners, DVR's, Tivo's, etc. As for ripping BluRay movies, I don't see how that can be illegal. Just like video tapes, CD's, and DVD's, they can get scratched and ruined. Having a backup on a hard drives serves multiple purposes - faster playback, preserves the life of the BluRay drive, serves as a backup in case the BluRay gets lost or damaged (and you have a receipt or a transaction recorded somewhere, like in your e-mail confirmation order or your bank/credit statement), and sometimes bypasses issues with region code issues when using software players.


    Please see my post above to educate yourself on the matter.


    As to why recording TV isn't illegal, there's a time shifting provision under the Fair Use exception in the DMCA which allows for this. Of course, as you noted, there are a plethora of recording devices on the market and those companies have tons of lawyers who have extensively researched this topic and have found that it is indeed perfectly legal to record TV for your own viewing pleasure.

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