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  1. Well that's what I figured, but I was hearing about people having some issues reformatting laptops back. I checked the ASUS site and found no support for XP for that specific model, so would it be a simple case of hunting down each individual devices' drivers? I know it seems a bit of a dumb question to be asking, but I'd really hate to drop $1k and end up with Vista and find I hate it. /paranoid.
  2. It's been a while since I've posted here, though I'm a long time lurker. I'm looking into buying a new machine, from an old-school, long since been built desktop to a shiny new laptop. [see below] http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16834220393 My only qualm however is that I don't want to run Vista. I love XP, I love how much I can tweak it, and having never used Vista so I worry that I won't be able to play with it as much as I do XP. Would you guys have any idea if I could reformat this back to XP, and where I might obtain the drivers, or am I truly stuck on this one. If I'm stuck, is Vista really as terrible as everyone says it is? I'm a student, and thus short on cash, otherwise I'd go for something a bit more powerful. I also need the mobility, for the reason stated previously, but I'd still like as much performance as possible being a gamer at heart. I have yet to purchase the laptop, so if you guys have any better recommendations, I'd love to hear. Thanks for your help, Veo
  3. So it's my little sisters birthday coming up, and she was going on about how she wanted a game... Well, my mom and I are looking at it and realize that her current machine doesn't meet the requirements. [Poor kid has a 300MHz CPU...] So unfortunately my mom had already spent a fortune on her, so now we're left buying a pc with the little bit left. Approx $200. Well the good news is she has a monitor, case, and psu. But she needs a cpu, mobo, ram and video card. I was thinking, since the most demanding thing she'll be running is roller coaster tycoon and possibly the sims 2, that this would do fine - Processor - AMD 2600+ 64bit Socket 754 with hsf ($64.99) Motherboard - MSI Neo-V K8T AGP ($61.00) Video Card - MSI Radeon 9250 AGP ($42.00) Memory - PQI 512MB [1 stick] PC3200 ($39.99) It goes over by like $16 dollars, but that's not a big deal... The total spending limit would possibly stretch to about $230ish, but less is definitely better... I was thinking atleast with the 754 in a few years she could up to an Athlon 64 if she needed and with AGP she could always go up to 6600GT later as well... She doesn't go near Half Life 2 or anything yet [she's very girly and will be 10], so for now no massive gaming is a concern. [Obviously no ocing] Any opinions are definitely appreciated.
  4. Well when I was planning I didn't even think of insulation between the two, thanks! But size wise I was thinking of going with a micro-ATX, and the computer case itself would only be about 1ft cubed, and then the tank 1ft squared and either a 1 foot tall or perhaps 2. I've already listed out all the wooden pieces I'll need, It's just going and figuring out if I want to make the tank or if I can find one I like enough to buy... I'm not going to do the drive bay door in the front like he did, instead I'll use stealth bays, and my windows won't really be windows, more just a lack of siding... [i plan on cutting the wood in a frame-esque time way, so it allows for a lot of viewing area.] I was also thinking of doing a normal plain goldfish/betta fish bowl, so I won't have to go into a circulation/filtering issue, but I'm really tempted by the piranha thought... Maybe I could find a cool non-goldfish type of fish that doesn't need constant circulation... [i'll definitely put pics, I might put them as I go or I might just do a full writing at the end, not sure yet. But you guys'll definitely get pics, lol.]
  5. I planned on lots of fans from the start, a must. I found a nice little review-type creation I'll probably be keeping very close throughout the whole process. Wooden Case So I'll probably end up with something very near that, but with more fans continue it vertically and insert a little fishy tank. I was thinking of also making the very top wood with hinges so it could be swung open and the fish could be easily fed. Just a thought.
  6. So, it's my senior high school year and since I'm dual enrolled getting my computer engineering degree at the same time I have to do a senior project on something in that general region... Last year the "biggest" project was a kid putting together a machine and showing it off... <_< So, thinking I might do something a little more extravagant I decided I'd try to pull off something I've been wanting to do for a while. I was thinking of making a wooden case from scratch, just putting in a basic non $1k computer, and building an extra area on top and sliding in a fish tank. Kind of like this - Aqua Tank except wooden and with a pre-built fish tank. I was thinking more or less along the theme of making computer more "home-friendly". Any advice and links are beyond appreciated, thanks. Or if you think I should just scrap the idea and go for something else that's great too, any advice is atleast something to build off of...
  7. Well, I was casually monitor shopping, when I came across something that I found slightly odd... I asked my fellow techs and none knew as well, so I came to you guys! I noticed that the 19" [viewable] LCDs have a max resolution of 1280 by 1024 at 75Hz... But, a 18" [viewable] CRT has a max resolution of 1600 by 1200 at 75Hz... Why would a monitor with a lower screen size have a higher resolution? [18" CRT] [19" LCD] Just a curiosity question, but it's bothering me so I'd figure I'd come to the experts.
  8. I love the idea of red but it just doesn't seem like it would go well with yellow [which would be green-ish under UV if I'm thinking correctly]... So I think I'm going to do a UV cathode to green-ify my motherboard, and a blue one or two [if I can fit it] for lighting, then replace my blue cables with green along with new blue fans... It still feels like something's missing, but I think I'm going to just put it all in and see from there...
  9. Firstly, here's my case at the moment - Smaller Image Larger Image Anyways, I'm thinking about putting in a new DVD combo drive [not important], and replacing my two 120mm fans [slightly important]. But here's where I need advice. What color theme? I have no idea, I'd love red, but my power supply green-wires kinda blew that one. I'm thinking replacing the blue IDE cables with green ones, and then putting a green cathode along the bottom and a blue neony-liquid-type one along that strange bar on the mid-right of my case. [under the drives, in the window.] I dunno, it looks so messy but there's not much more in the way of wire management... I also considered going yellow for the main floor cathode and green for the neon-liquid-type cathode. All the same, I'm so indecisive on this, I want my case to look perfect [as everyone does] and it just seems like there's so many good combos I can't choose... Hence coming to you guys! Sooo, it comes down to... Should I - a) Put a green cathode along the bottom, a blue liquid cathode on the right bar and green cables? b) Put a yellow cathode along the bottom, a green liquid cathode on the right and green or yellow cables? [specify which] c) Other Also - the PSU has blue fans which aren't too noticeable and I might mod the PSU wires later, but definitely not yet. Anyways, thanks for any advice!
  10. I recently bought the Thermaltake armor case [steel] and haven't gotten around to upgrading the fans or anything. My processor isn't overclocked, but it's running at around 39
  11. Unfortunately I live way out in the middle of nowhere, where it's either T1 or dial-up [go figure]. I'd be all for T1, but an extra $500 - $800 a month is little pricey... lol So that leave me with plain old dial-up.
  12. Yeah, my dial-up at my house it 24.6k max... It's horrible... But all the same, I'd love to play Star Wars Galaxies, it looks awesome... And since it seems to be fine even for the internet connection impaired I think I'll be having to add that to my connection now... I do have some questions though... I see that there are three different games, will I have to pay seperate monthly fees for each one? And which one would you say is the most fun and longest lasting? [most possibilities]
  13. So, I recently played Knights of the Old Republic, and am completely new to the RPG scene... So, my question comes down to, what would you recommend in the range of g amees to try next to someone who completely loves Knights of the Old Republic [other than the second one]? I'm also big into Half-Life, Doom and anything star wars just to clarify. I'd just look around myself, but as I said I'm new to the world of RPG-ing. [i also have dial-up, so things like WOW are out of the question unfortunately.] Thanks for all the input...
  14. Unfortunately I'm trying to stay within the under $950 region with this computer. If it wasn't for that I'd love to go up on the video card and memory.
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