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  1. I've always wondered, what exactly is considered spam? I can understand straight out advertising but what else would fall into this catagory?
  2. Well, if it's entertainment you want, then here ya go! Hours of mindless entertainment!
  3. Dude! Where did you find that mod!
  4. Ohh that is so cool! (No pun intended!) Legos are sweet to use for cool-a** mods, I'm going to get started on one right away!
  5. Hi everyone, I just needed to vent here, I'm really frustrated with my job. I'm sick of all the dang .-kissing going on, the favortism being played, and just the general lack of professionalism. Here's the deal, I put in for a few days off in June about 3 months ago, I finally get ahold of my "boss" and aske here what the status is, am I approved or not. At first she said no and then I remined her when I submitted it and she decided to "try and work something out" however this trying to work something out falls on me to try and get it covered. what the heck??? She had 3 F'n months to get it covered! I don't know, I'm just so pissed off right now I could quit! Unfortunately I can't because we need the money. AAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH! Sorry guys, I just needed to vent. I've started looking for new jobs now, I'm trying to get into the IT field and have applied for a few jobs here in the Denver area. So hopefully.... ???
  6. Dude, that reminds me, I actually got a moldy raspberry zinger out of a vending machine once! I was totally suprised, moldy! Even the guy who refills it was shocked! He gave me a whole box of em' just for actually finding one.
  7. Even if you didn't like Episode II, it still is a money maker. Box Office Mojo
  8. So what is your favorite late night coding snacks? Mine is 7-11 nachos
  9. I wonder if it's just something funky due to the move to the new server?
  10. Hi all, I'm not sure if there is a problem with my script of the souce in the script but my OCC headlies aren't showing up. Is anyone else having any problems? If not then It's something I've done. Thanks!
  11. Well as for posting this thread, 1. I was bored. 2. I just finished watching the episode of Monty Python where everytime they answer the phone or make a call the operator askes them their shoe size. and 3. I was just feeling kinda goofy.
  12. ??? Ok I was wrong, it's an AT case. So the hunt began for a MB that will somewhat satisfy my computing needs and I found this one, PCChips M755LMRI'm not wanting to do any serious gaming but this will suit my needs I guess. If anyone has had experience with this MB please let me know!
  13. Hi gang, Ok here's the situation, I got a great Micron full tower case from my job whom just threw it away. Now looking at it I notice that the back does not have a MB port backplate. Now my problem here is since almost every MB out there is designed to use this, how can I access my ports on the back of the PC? Is there a way to run them via a cable to the back? In other words, the ports are soldered to the MB but I have the little openings for connectors. There were some connectors that plug into the original MB still there can those be used? I'm sorry that I'm not explaining it very well, I hope there are some suggestions that can be made. I can probably cut a slot for them and put in that backing plate, I'll have to look. Thanks Steve
  14. Well I think I've figured out it's an ATX, went to Micron's site last night and pretty much everything they have is ATX.
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