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    Intel Q9550 2.83 @ 3.4Ghz
    Gigabyte X48-DQ6
    Antec 850
    G.Skill 2x 1GB & 2x 2GB PC6400
    2x Gigabyte HD 6850 CrossFire
  1. Wow, That would be awesome if you could read Budweiser across the tops of them LOL
  2. I just got a fancy fan controller, This one All I needed was the card reader, but I like the cool blue lights.... It has 4 Temp Sensors, and I am trying to decide where to put them. Technically speaking, this is really cosmetic stuff as all we are really able to monitor is air / external temps, but I was wondering how/what folks monitor. Where are your temp probes attached? I was thinking: One in the PSU (not that anyone really cares about this) One behind the front intake fan for Input / room Temp One between the rear output fan and the case for output Temp One in, on, or around, the GPU HS. Since I have cross fire, maybe one on both and skip the PSU Maybe 1 in the CPU HS Fins? (does anyone do that?) (use coretemp when it matters) About to replace my 3x Raptor 36GB Raid 0 with an SSD, so I won't care about HDD Temps. DIMMs, there are 4, so which one? But might be interesting to see if one gets hotter than the other .... Humm... (yea, like I have that much extra time on my hands) Thanks for the feedback.
  3. The MB is a OC'd a little. will try a cmos reset, Monitor is fine on the old computer.
  4. This is what the screen looks like, Thoughts on the likely cause?
  5. Tried both, After looking at the Dell Monitor Support Thread .... Their monitors .... I recommend going with another brand....
  6. Let me know what happens, I just started a new thread with more or less the exact same problem. The rig worked fine here, but there, with his DELL monitor, the monitor won't come out of sleep mode. It works fine with his old DELL computer, with an upgraded AGP, card. I sent him a another card to try. Will also tell him to try it with just one stick of memory ... :thumbs-up: Anyone know of an issue with DELL monitors ?
  7. I built a computer for my brother-in-law ...... Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3R LGA 775 4Gb of Gskill Ram, antec earthwats 500 PSU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813128050 It's a video display problem, the card is a: ASUS EAH3870X2/G/3DHTI/1G Radeon HD 3870 X2 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814121247 I put it together and had it running Bionic for a couple of days of stress testing. Everything was fine. Just an OS Install plus a few monitoring tools. It was plugged into a Chimei 22" 1680x1050 monitor. I shipped it: Atlanta to Chicago He pulls it out of the box, plugs it in, it starts, but his Dell 23-4" monitor (19??x1080) goes into and or won't come out of sleep mode. He has tried it on all the ports. The card's power cables are snug, he removed and re-inserted the card, but still the monitor won't light up. One of the first times, He said he saw the Win XP start in safe mode screen, but it was faint and there were a lot of strange lines and colors on the screen, and it was just that one time. The monitor works fine with his old computer, ATI 1600 (agp) card, using the same DVI cable. He tried a very old VGA Tube monitor, and another LDC monitor, with no success. He said when he took it out of the box he got a big static shock from the computer case .... It is possible that fried the video card? Is there anything anyone can think of? I sent him another PCIe card to try.... Thanks J
  8. To start, Windows XP can't complete a user log on. STOP 8x000000e something like that... XP will start in safe mode, with network support. I have tried different ... everything, including the MB, CPU, PSU, Gfx crd, Here is the bizarre thing. Running Memtest v3.5 with 2 GB of Ram, either pair of slots, FINE Running v3.5 with 4 results in a restart before it finishes the second test. Now running v3.4 test, 4% after 5 min, so I will see if v3.4 runs into the same problem. Since I am getting the re-start with Memtest, I am thinking it is a hard ware problem, but I have changed out all the hardware and still have the same problem with Memtest and with xp logon. Thoughts Thanks
  9. Well, you have probably RMA'ed everything by now, but from my chair, may as well do the whole thing
  10. Well, It is what it is, but seeing the number of No's makes me feel a little less of an idiot for saving the CPU for last. Now what will really be bizarre is if dropping a new CPU in doesn't make the problem go away...... :unsure: Maybe Intel has run out of Q6600's and will send me Q8400 in its place...
  11. Over the past week, I had one rig go off, I changed everything, and the last of everything was the CPU, which resolved the problem. Now, I have a second rig, have swapped out everything, except the CPU, and it is still has problems, New CPU will be here Tomorrow. So, The question is, How often to you see CPUs go bad. I have clocked the dirt out of chips, blasted them with stupid voltage, and the only time I ever had one fail was when I plugged it in without attaching a heat-sink (which is apparently important) Now I have had two Q6600, running at stock speeds (Gigabyte "Turbo" mode) go out on me, one total, couldn't get to the bios, the other, Win xp starts in Safe Mode with network support, but crashes with a regular log in. I know it is hardware because MemTest crashes on the first or second test of pass 1, but only with 4 1BG memory sticks. MemTest runs fine with just two sticks, but still crash when logging on to Windows. One 20-months old, One 14-months old. Guess I am going to find out how good that Intel Warranty is. Too bad one was OEM, guess I will sport the extra $15 for the box and a full warranty from now on.
  12. Well, I don't think it was a very good chip. It was only stable up to about 2.75Ghz, and I saw a lot of folks easily got their Q6600's to 3Ghz, on air. But aside from just after I built the rig, seeing what it could do, it had been at stock speed. The good news, I am upgraded to a Q9550
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I still haven't gotten it working, but it is somewhat comforting to know the smart folks here are in agreement. Picked up New Power Supply, will let you know how it sorts out. If not the PSU, I guess I will have to try a different CPU....
  14. I built the rig, Yesterday, it was running, but the screens would not come back to life. It wouldn't shut down upon hitting the power button, so I held it for 6 seconds and it shut down. On restart, It couldn't get through the Post to the BIOS screen. It identified the processor Q6600, and acknowledged the 4GB of memory, and then hung. Would not start identifying the SATA devices, and I could not get to the BIOS screen. 6 drives, 3 WD 36GB Raptors in RAID_0 2 WD 250's RAID_1 1 WD 1TB Those are on SATA 0 through 5 SATA B has 1 DVD Drive. First thought, Motherboard, ICH9 gone bad, Cleared the CMOS, but same problem, I only saw the Splash screen, would not respond to the Keyboard. NewEgg FedEx New Gigabyte X48-DQ6 to replace the existing one. I have swapped out the MB's, and have the exact same situation. Vid Cards, Saphire ATI HD4850 HIS ATI HD4850 Tried moving the Vid cards around, just one, slot 1, slot 2, other one, slot 1, slot 2 Tried One memory stick, this slot, that slot, other stick, this slot that slot. Tried different keyboard Tried disconnecting the Raptors, tried disconnecting the other 3 drives, Tried disconnecting the DVD, Since I see the splash screen, I assume the CPU is OK, but I am at a loss. The only thing I can think of is maybe the Power Supply has gone bad, but all the drives spin when plugged in, everything lights up, all the fans turn. Tried both PCI power plugs, tried unplugging the case fans, different drives. Any Thoughts, I am stumped, and now have 2 Gigabyte X48-DQ6 that leave me with the same problem, I can't get to the Bios Screen. Help !!!!!
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