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  1. Thanks guys for your advices and your interesting discussion. I'm thinking that a used GTX 970 maybe it's a bargain for me because in Italy ( my Country) I can find it at
  2. Hi, thanks for your quick replies. I'm playing at 1920x1080. I prefer Nvidia cards Thanks
  3. Hi all, I have a MSI GTX 960 2GB that I use to play at FPS and flight simulation games with a 27" monitor. Which video card I should buy to improve my FPS in new games like Sniper Elite 4? I should buy a card like GTX 1060/1070 or a GTX 970/980 are enough to play in FULL HD? Thanks Bye This is my PC config: CM690 MSI 970 Game AMD FX 8320BE HDWD CAVIAR BLUE 640GB SAMSUNG SSD 850 EVO 8GB DD3 PATRIOT Win10 MSI GTX 960 IIYAMA ProLite B2712HDS Razer DeathAdder
  4. Thank you guys. I'll try to stay my power supply and if won't enough I'll buy another one following your advices. Bye all
  5. Hi guys, I'm an unlucky man! I discovered that my MB and my new gtx 760 were faulty! So I decided to change my pc and my new configuration is: - MB = Msi 970 game - CPU = AMD FX 8320 - RAM = 8 Gb DDR3 1866 MHz Patriot Viper Which card do you suggest just to play at max resolution 1920x1080? GTX 960 or R9 280X?
  6. Hi all, with my new pc I would like to change the power supply Which one? My vga will be a GTX 960 or R9 280X ( my new GTX760 was faulty!) The shop attendant suggest me to buy an 850W power supply Coolermaster, is it too powerful for me or not? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, thanks all for your advices. At the end I found that the MB was faulty. So I had to change MB+CPU+RAM. My new configuration will be: - MB = Msi 970 game - CPU = AMD FX 8320 - RAM = 8 Gb DDR3 1866 MHz Patriot Viper What do you think about it? Is it ok for a medium gamer like me? Thanks all
  8. Hi, I tested another VGA without extra power connection and pc started normally. Thanks
  9. Hi, one time my pc started normally and this is the screen: and an error code 43 showed on my graphics card in device manager.
  10. Hi, one time my pc started normally and this is the screen:
  11. Thanks for your reply. My pc: Case CM690 Asus M4A78 AMD Phenom II X4 940BE HDWD CAVIAR BLUE 640GB SAMSUNG SSD 850 EVO with OS Win 7 Ultimate 64bit Gigabyte GV-R7870 OC 2GD 4GB ram PC8500 1066- IIYAMA ProLite B2712HDS Razer DeathAdder Recently I added the SSD 850 and the problems arrived. Maybe is a conflict between SSD and other hardware, like MB? Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, I write from Italy, so I'm sorry for my English. My PC has a strange behavior: it starts only in safe mode and when I connect the VGA with separate power supply, the screen goes black. I changed the VGA was thinking that, but nothing happens, even with the new board all the same! So I'm thinking that maybe the problem might be the power supply, it can be? In fact, putting a VGA without power, everything works fine, just attack the most powerful VGA: black screen. Thanks all
  13. I'm happy because I took it! I'll post you my impression about this my new VGa card. This is the model: http://www.asus.com/it/Graphics_Cards/GTX760DC2OC2GD5/
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