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    PC upgrade question

    You are right. I guess i'll wait for 390x. Any news on release date? I also need a good gaming monitor. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.
  2. EutelsecQ

    PC upgrade question

    Hello everyone! I'm thinking of upgrading my graphics card to TITAN X ( 2x-in SLI mode) but my PSU and CPU are kinda holding me back. Therefore, I need your advice. My Pc specs are: i7 3770k -Stock 7970ghz club3d -stock corsair vengeance 1866mhz 2x8GB-stock Corsair 850w psu Western digital 2tb and seagate 1tb HDD 128gb SSD corsair neutron corsair h100i liquid cpu cooler gigabyte z77xud5h mobo. what would you guys suggest? is my psu powerful enough to power 2x titan x(in sli)? Thanks in advance.
  3. EutelsecQ

    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks guys. On it:)
  4. EutelsecQ

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey guys, newbie here. How's it going? I'm new to this site but I definitely look forward to learning new things. oh and btw, can I ask a question here regarding my pc upgrade or should I make a new thread under appropriate sub forum? thanks and have a great day.