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  1. One of my WD 2500KS drives decided to glitch out and caused a flag to get popped on my RAID manager. Windows 7 no longer boots correctly and constantly starts the boot recovery manager. The RAID utility that flashes up every time I boot up says that the status is Normal and that it is bootable, so I'm thinking just one of the windows files got corrupted that's preventing it from booting. I boot up into my Knoppix 6.2 disc but found it doesn't read the RAID. Should I try reinstalling Windows or is there another way I can possibly see if I can still access the RAID to copy my files that I need off of there. I've been procrastinating reformatting one of my external drives to do a proper backup, any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: I guess really what I need is a way to access my array from outside of windows to transfer the files so I can just do a reformat and not have to deal with the corrupted windows files.
  2. I figured airflow would be sufficient but I went ahead and put the little pads back on. I'll probably pick up an aftermarket sink for it once I look around some more.
  3. I saved the pads just in case I would ever need them again and they're all in tact. So is there a way to check the ram temps, I knew the gpu temp was only coming from the core. I'll check and see if the chips are making contact with the cooler.
  4. Alright, I got my EVGA 8800GT (512-P3-N802-A3) yesterday and immediately ripped off the cooler. I cleaned out all the gunk for the GPU and took the white pads off the arc of chips going around the gpu (I left the ones covering the stuff towards the end of the card, didn't think they were too important). I applied AS5 to all, put everything back together, throw it all in my computer, and then got the clock up to SSC speeds (700/2000). The card sits at 46 idle/59 max load (about 30 minutes of gaming) with the fan at 70%. First question, was removing the pads a bad idea? I hear that it might leave a gap between the cooler and the ram, but my temps seem to be fine. Is there a way to check the ram temps? I was looking in everest and it reports 46 for GPU and 38 for GPU Ambient. Second, is AS5 bad for the graphics card? Some other people are telling me it will fry it. I put very minimum amounts of it on each of the chips. I hear ASmx-1 is the stuff to get because it's non conducive, but I don't want to buy more stuff while I have 1/4 of this left. Third, is unlinking the shader good or bad for overclocking the card (using rivatuner)? Right now I have it linked at the speeds I have now. Thanks for any help.
  5. Sorry, I must have copied the wrong one, I had multiple tabs going when I posted this. I may just be holding out for the next generation of cards. Aren't they supposed to be coming pretty soon here?
  6. So there's this great deal on 8800GTS' on ZipZoomFly HERE. I'm really anxious to pick up the card, but I noticed the new versions from EVGA are coming with boosted overclocks. I wanted to ask here to see what kind of overclocks people are getting on the older cards compared to the news ones. I would much rather buy the older card and overclock myself if it will do so, preferably on stock cooling. Oh, and if anyone is wondering, this is the 640-P2-N827-AR model.
  7. I currently have a Optie 165, BFG 7800GT, 2gigs of G.Skill ram, and a DFI mb. I also have a Samsung 204bw widescreen monitor. My question is: If I upgrade to a 8800GTS, will I be getting a large bottleneck on my cpu at a 2.7ghz clock speed? Also, would this card be the most logical graphics card update for this system? How much performance on the graphics card would I be losing compared to a Core 2 system? I plan on buying a new graphics card in about a month or so. New games are eating me at this higher resolution. Thanks in advance.
  8. I read a lot of bandwidth vs. latency arguments and I'm just going to try it for myself. I'll get my max overclock with completely loose timings/better divider and bench it then do the same with relatively tight timings and loose divider. I know the newegg reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, but quite a few people say they've been able to hit 250 with cas2.5 pretty easily. I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
  9. I'm hoping I can get 264 out of it, but that's high hopes.
  10. I'm hoping I can get 264 out of it, but that's high hopes.
  11. Nevermind the whole thing. G.Skill received my RAM today and notified that since it was discontinued, they were just going to send me a brand spankin' new 2GB set. All problems solved :D This is the stuff I'm getting now: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231032
  12. A friend of mine just did a top-of-the-line build and got a the qx6700, EVGA 680i, EVGA 8800GTX, Corsair Dominator 1066..... the works. We really put that thing to the test, we got his quad core to 3.7 on pretty decent air cooling, so I wouldn't say that the quad core lacks potential in overclock ability, it's all about the experience of the overclocker. The x6800 can certainly go futher than that under the right cooling due to 4 cores just heating up too much. The 680i board is awesome for overclocking in my opinion, I would say on par with the BadAxe2 at least. My friend did have the latest bios and we had no problems at all. It certainly is a great build and you get what you pay for with this setup. You can certainly get the same "happy" factor with a much cheaper build and then overclock to some nice standards. I'll admit, the quad core is a bit over the top at this point in time, but if you really want to harness that sort of power, look no where else. My friend and I are still looking for a way to freeze up that system, it multi-tasks like there's no tomorrow.
  13. I know that it is highly recommended to run 1T timings with AMD - meaning 2 DIMMS in dual-channel - whenever possible. But what I want to know is if there is still any overclocking potential while running with 4 DIMMS (4x512). I just don't have the budget right now to go out and buy the $160 2GB dual-channel sets right now and I would like to have that extra gig with all the things I do with my computer. Here is my setup: AMD Opteron 165 w/ Thermaltake BigTyphoon - CCBBE 0615DPMW DFI LanParty SLI-DR G.Skill 4400LE (4x512) - currently being RMA'd BFG 7800GT WD2500KS Silverstone Zeus 650w Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic I know that I could probably hit 2.6 on my optie pretty easily with 2 of the DIMMs in dual channel, and that would make it a pretty decent setup, but I would still be bottlenecked by the ram I think when I play games like Rainbow Six: Vegas, Supreme Commander, Company of Heroes, and BF2 and also when working with Photoshop plus general multitasking. I haven't been able to try this setup yet because I had a dead set of the 4400LE lying around and then recently my other set went out on me so I RMA'd them both and expect them back next week. I just want to see if I can get a heads up from anybody that has tried this.
  14. Heh, I was just freakin' out because I had noticed it out of nowhere and thought it was weird. I'm just paranoid Thanks for the replies
  15. Alright, someone who has an iPod Video 5G can clear something up for me. I need to know if there is supposed to be a "dead" space between the case and the screen. As in, there is some unlit area between the screen area and the black or white case section. I just noticed this little tidbit today and I'm kind of paranoid that it wasn't there before. My iPod is under warranty so I just have to make a call and a new one will be here tomorrow but I want to ask and see if that is an actual problem or not. It doesn't bother me really, I just don't know if it's supposed to be that way or not. I'll take pictures if needed.
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