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  1. Sounds pretty kickass, from my building experience I recommend... A floppy drive... especially if you're putting your drives in a RAID. I was setting things up and XP told me to insert a floppy disk and wouldn't let me do otherwise. I ended up cannabalizing my friends computer at 3 in the morning... Buy your motherboard first, and make sure any brackets or whatever come off so you can install your fancy heat sink... I bought one, but my mobo had a bracket attached to it that wouldn't allow me to install it... turns out the stock heatsink works great anyway. Like people already said, your burner is a dvd player too... you can just go with a real cheap cd player for your second optical drive. Enjoy!
  2. So i read to take off the stock heatsink, you have to heat it up, and then twist it off. That sounds kinda risky... is it? or is it real easy. and how hot do i need to get the heatsink?
  3. So i get this totally sweet heatsink. I try to mount it on my mobo, and the plate on the underside of the motherboard that im supposed to remove, doesnt remove. It's glued in place. Any tips on this? Im kinda pissed cause i did spend money on this heat sink.
  4. So i guess removing the heat sink would void the warrenty huh? is it very challenging to install?
  5. It looks like the Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 1 (Rev 2) is the one that fits the 9800 pro... so this thing is quiet huh? Is there a dBa rating on it?
  6. I actually found a site (www.frontx.com) to buy header connectors at. So im gonna go ahead and purchase them, cut and rewire the wires that came with the panel, and connect them to my motherboard, and it's going to be totally sweet. lol.
  7. So I'm on the quest to make my new rig super quiet. I just outfitted it completely with vantec stealth fans, and i must say the noise is reduced greatly. So im trying to figure out where some of the other noise is coming from, and son of a gun, it's coming from the heatsink on Radeon 9800! Any good solutions to this? (besides liquid cooling?)
  8. I'm using the Aerocool Coolpanel, and two, maybe 3 vantec stealth fans. The fans say 1.5 watts on them, and it says ( i think ) that the each thing is rated for 10 watts? If that sounds right.
  9. So I've got 4 fans running full tilt, and I got this fan controller that can control two fans. So my proposal is to use a a splitter, so you can plug 2 fans into one 3 pin molex connector, effectively being able to control two fans with each knob. I feel that this should work, will it?
  10. So im interested in the Aerocool Multifunction panel... (http://www.aerocool.us/peripheral/coolpanel/coolpanel.htm) but if i want to hook it up, i need to have wires coming out the back of my computer, and hooking up to the back. Does anyone know where i could get cables to hook the device up directly to my motherboard? Or where to get supplies to do it myself? Thanks.
  11. I got a 20 GB Ipod for free as well! Yeah freeipods.com!
  12. Ok things were going ok. Half of my problem is indeed solved. Doom 3 runs, and very well I must say ). But i was just transferring some data in between my computers and my networking died out again. Any ideas?
  13. Well I have driver version "" if that's what you mean. I did download the latest drivers from ATI... And I'm pretty sure i have directx 9.0 c, how do i check that?
  14. Hi there. So I just finished building my new computer and installing the operating system. I am very excited to get this thing going. What I've been waiting the longest for is to play Doom 3 on my new rig. It should run great. Right? Wrong for now. I start it up, and it goes into the menu fine and everything. But when I start a new game, it loads to 100 percent, then cuts to my desktop and the game is nowhere to be found. So I'm thinking the video card isn't getting enough power... but in the meantime another problem arose... The networking stopped working. I was playing a game of quake 3 with my friends on my new computer, and I lost connection with them, along with the internet. Nothing gets seen. After a few hours of frustration, I decide to go tackle the doom3 problem and buy a 430 watt psu to replace my 350watt one... I replace the power supply. Doom 3, still nothing. But all of the sudden the networking works again??? What's going on? Any help out there? I'm going to try to put the old PSU back in this morning to see if the network continues working. But otherwise I'm very confused. Oh yeah. I have an AMD 64 3400+, with 2 512megs of kingston memory, and a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro video card, and the ASUS K8N-E Deluxe motherboard.
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