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  1. Downloading this game now to try out!
  2. I have been researching monitors tremendously over the couple months.. I decided to pick up the ASUS VG248QE for multiple reasons. 144hz, future G-Sync compatibility, and zero motion blur. The Korean overclockable monitors will get 120+hz, but still will have a slight motion blur due to the nature of the IPS panel. I have been gaming for 2 years on a very nice LG IPS236V monitor, which looks brilliant, but suffers from blur in FPS gamses. The new EIZO Foris FG2421 is "240hz" (but honestly 120hz just double frame), and is a VA panel, which will have close to IPS colors, with TN speed. It, however, is ~$600 and is the future of monitors. The VG248QE will have a slight color degradation, but it's not as important as the reduced motion blur, to me, at least. You can find good deals on the VG248QE right now. With the Lightboost hack, there is virtually zero motion blur. BenQ just announced a new monitor that is still a TN, but advertises good color and a Lightboost style motion blur reduction, but has not been released, nor has a price been announced.
  3. I've been researching high speed monitors for quite some time, as I have increasingly become displeased with the motion blur on my IPS monitor. The IPS looks amazing, but the FPS games I play have too much blur. The new EIZO "240hz" doesn't quite justify the price just yet, so I jumped on a Open Box deal for the VG248QE on Newegg and got a great deal. Just curious what is everyone's favorite speed settings, with or without lightboost, and what your color calibration is.. Thanks
  4. It's under NDA, so we can't post screenshots, but there are plenty to look at if you do a little Googling. I played it for a little...and have uninstalled it. The character creation was awesome and the graphics are decent (at least for characters and creatures...not so much the bland environment), but the gameplay was tiresome. I don't know if it's an exact copy of the first game, just with a graphics update, as I didn't play the original, but the first couple quests just had me running around doing errands in a city that was way too big - it was a city that was big for the sake of being big. Compared to more recent MMOs like Neverwinter or RIFT, it was just boring. Maybe if it was F2P, I would have stuck with it a little longer, but no way is it worth a monthly fee....not unless you're playing it on PS3/PS4, desperate for a console MMO. There's definitely plenty of screenshots out there to check out. In my opinion, it's very difficult to throw FFXI/FFXIV in a category comparing the more popular MMOs out there. It in itself is its own genre, and you have to enjoy the FF lore to really get the most of the game. The first couple quests were just getting around. So far from what I've seen out of my two characters, the world is MASSIVE. Gameplay is fun solo and grouped, once you get past those small city quests.
  5. Anyone on this? I've been playing the beta and enjoying it. Excited to see it released in a few weeks. Next open beta is Aug 8.
  6. I'm currently running a Phenom II X6 1055T overclocked to 3.9ghz (I just can't get 4.0 stable!! ) and thinking about upgrading to the FX 8350. I see these pretty commonly get over 5.0ghz on air on all 8 cores. That's pretty sweet. I am currently running the ASUS M4A89GTD PRO USB/3 890GX motherboard, that will need a BIOS flash to accept the AM3+ CPU first off. I mostly use my computer for gaming, I play RIFT and Natural Selection 2 mostly right now. I'm running a GTX 680 2GB video card, and 8GB DDR3 (which is underclocked from stock speeds for my CPU overclock), and I know RIFT is not a very optimized game, but in the cities and big events I get relatively low FPS. Thinking a faster CPU would help out for sure. Has anyone made the jump from a similar level Phenom to the 8350 and noticed a good performance increase? $199 is a good price to me.
  7. It's definitely a fun game. I never played the original, but I did play a Quake 2 mod called Gloom that came around right around the NS1 time. It was about the same, aliens versus marines, except no commander.
  8. Any NS2 players here? I picked up this game from Steam when they ran a sale of $9.99. It normally runs about $25. If you haven't heard of it, it's an aliens versus marines multiplayer only game, with an RTS twist. Each team has a Commander that plays in a RTS view that builds the bases, supports, and upgrades for their team. That little twist makes it especially fun. It has a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it's awesome.. Each team has multiple upgrades, for humans you have weapons, jetpacks, and mech suits, for aliens you have variations of more powerful, or support role aliens. All earned by gathering resources on the map. The Commander builds resource gatherers while the other team is constantly attacking them. If you play, add me on Steam. My username is Holodream
  9. HoLoDreaM

    TERA Online

    The dungeons are fun, combat is fun, pvp is fun, but my only complaint with the game was once you get higher up, it was very repetitive. While the combat is still extremely fun, there's not much content. The lack of content on launch broke the game and now it's F2P, so I'm not expecting anything extreme to be added to the game now.
  10. I got here a little late. But Tribes:Ascend has been my only addiction since it came out. I have loved all the previous Tribes games. This one continues the platform well! Feel free to add me up on friends list and play Arena's or whatnot. My name is HoLLo. And if Tribes is sold on Steam, how come it doesn't support ingame yet?
  11. Another great contest. Can't complain about more! CPU: AMD Phenom II 1055T @ 3.8ghz w/ Prolimatech Armageddon CPU Cooler Motherboard: ASUS M4A89GTD PRO USB3/PRO 890GX Chipset RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) G-Skill Ripjaw DDR3 9-9-9-24 GPU: PNY Geforce GTX 560 Ti Storage: 120GB Kingston HyperX SSD. 500GB SATA (Need more storage!) Chassis: Cooler Master HAF922 Cooling: Prolimatech Armageddon CPU cooler w/ dual 140mm fans, Case fans: 3x200mm. +2x120mm fans. PSU: Antec Earthwatts 650Watt Display: LG IPS Panel 23" 1080P + 20" Dell DVI monitor Audio: Onboard sound card, Logitech X-540 speakers Keyboard: Razer Tarantula Mouse: Razer Diamondback Country: United States
  12. 2001 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 in a pretty rare combo 1 of 32
  13. I came home from Christmas break leave today and surprised my SSD was here. I already have Windows 7 installed on it and man this thing is fast! Thanks again!
  14. I just bought a PNY GTX 560 Ti using some gift cards I got for xmas! I'm currently running dual 9800GTs in SLI so I figured I'd use one as a PhysX card along with my new 560. I'm using an Antec Earthwatts 650w PSU and I'm wondering if that would be enough to power the 2 cards? Would there be any real benefit with that 9800 at all? And do you need to hook up an SLI bridge for the "PhysX" card to work? System specs are currently in my sig. I also just won a Kingston SSD in the Christmas Contest here, so add that to the list.
  15. OCC rocks! Thanks for the 120GB SSD! I've been wanting to toss in an SSD in my rig for a long time. I just got a new GTX 560Ti for Xmas, so this year has been good for upgrades! Curious the prize was a "bundle", what all was in it? And what model# was it? Been on OCC since 2004, you guys continue to deliver a great forum. Thanks again
  16. You think ASUS sucks, try a DFI board. I went from a DFI board to an ASUS M4A89GTD PRO, and find it way easier
  17. Apparently Intel thought we would have 10ghz processors by now. Predicted back in 2000 http://www.geek.com/articles/chips/intel-predicts-10ghz-chips-by-2011-20000726/
  18. Would be perfect to fully complete my setup. I plan to own a pair of GTX 560's or 570s in SLI over my current 9800GT's in SLI. They are quite dated. It would be able to make my rig complete: ASUS M4A89GTD PRO USB3 PHENOM II X6 1055 @ 4GHZ 2x4GB DDR3 GSKILL RIPJAWS 1600MHZ RAM DUAL GTX 560'S IN SLI 2 1TB HDDs IN RAID I don't think my current 650w would power the GTXs!!
  19. I play RIFT on my rig in my sig. It plays wonderfully on near max settings. I can't seem to run Supersampling antialiasing smooth. I think it's my GPU. I'm running dual 9800GTs in SLI. That 460 will stomp them!
  20. It all depends on your overclocking goals. My 1055T is running stable at 4.0ghz. It's more than enough for me. But the 1090s and 1100s can reach a little higher due to their unlocked multipler.. I highly recommend the ASUS 890GX or 890FX motherboards. I'm running the 890GX and love it.. Also I'm currently running a single 4GB DDR3 Gskill Ripjaws 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 stick, and plan to add another for 8GB total. I don't plan to upgrade my components except my video cards anytime soon
  21. Where exactly do you see the 'hard faults per second'. I'm not seeing it.. I have tried Auto and locked 9-9-9-24. Same thing both times. Well, I'm not actually running that right now, it's right about 2800mhz.. I'm just saying if I was to boot to 4.2 it will give me 3000mhz, 300mhz fsb, 1600mhz ram.. I'd like to have those nice round numbers.. Soo, that doesn't apply to my Prime95 problem.. EDIT: I upped my RAM volts from 1.55 to 1.65 and CPU/NB from 1.325 to 1.35.. It's actually running Prime95 blend more than a few minutes, without crashing.. So that's good news, not sure which volt increase really helped it.. But about 10 minutes into it I get Core#6 "hardware failure detected" at CPU temp 45ÂșC.. So that will be another issue.. Still OCCT stable though!... Maybe a little bit more CPU voltage? I'm running 1.475 in the BIOS, but under load CPU-Z shows 1.512v
  22. Even if the RAM is certified to run 1600mhz and I'm even running lower than 1600, like 1535 or something? It already has .05v extra on the RAM
  23. I just got my new Prolimatech Armageddon CPU cooler from the contest.. (Thanks OCC).. And I've been holding off doing a lot of stress tests so I don't overheat my CPU. It's been overclocked since day 1, but I just never ran many stress tests. Now I have the cooler on and my CPU at 4ghz. I can run OCCT for 1 full hour with great temps, and get no error reports. But if Prime95 runs for not even 5 minutes, the program stops responding. I don't get any hardware errors or failures or warning... Just the program stops responding. I reinstalled Prime95 and everything.. My computer runs perfect in any game I play, and anything I do.. I'm just wondering how safe/stable is that knowing that OCCT is 1hr stable, but Prime95 stops responding? Thanks. Plus, can anyone advise me getting to 4.2ghz? I would love to have everything nice an even.. 300 FSB, 1600mhz RAM, and 3000mhz CPU/NB. I can boot to it, but can't keep it stress stable. I'm running 1.475 CPU volts (Cpu-z shows 1.488 - 1.500). 1.325 CPU/NB volts, 1.55 DRAM volts, and auto DRAM timing. CPU, CPU/NB LLC is turned on, CnQ and Turbo Core is disabled, etc. Any advice? 4.2 is the highest I want to go, if I can keep 4.2 stable. I'd be happy. The computer runs on a 300FSB stable, I know that from trying a multipler..
  24. My CPU cooler got me 1hr OCCT stable at 4ghz!
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