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    AMD 64 3500+ Winchester
    Asus A8N NF4 SLI-Deluxe
    1024 DDR400 Dualchannel
    nVidia GeForce 6600 PCI-x 256Mb
    2x Low Noise 12cm Case Fans, 1 Sidepanel Light Fan
    400Watt PSU
    X-gear Alienskin Modded case

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  1. i have no idea O_O where can i see this? can a program like cpu-z trace that ?
  2. X-gear is the brand, it came with my case
  3. im gonna put a mobo asus sli deluxe nf4 with a 3500+ 64 bit amd, i have a audigy 2 a geforcefx 5200 256mb ddr have 2*256 Mb DDR & 1*512 Mb DDR a dvd rom and a dvd rewriter
  4. in belgium those Nforce 4 SLI from asus the A8N-SLI Deluxe only cost 155 $ ^^ imma get one like that+ a 64bit 3500+ processor for about $250 and im set
  5. whats the difference between the asus A8N SLI & the A8N SLI-DELUXE? and is the deluxe worth the extra money?
  6. im not really a gamer, as long as NFSU-2 and doom 3 runs dine im glad i now have a 256 mb ddr geforce FX, but i wan a mobo that is very stable, and compatible with future upgrades. dnt really need the SLI (2 vga support tho) but i want the asus is there a ASUS A8N nforce 4 non sli supportable also tillm 4 Gh and everything else EXEPT for the 2xvga? if so, can you gimme that number of it maybe ill save out even more
  7. i got a few euro's to spend, and i can get a asus A8N nforce-4 SLI for 160
  8. I am a big fan of bands such as Metallica, pantera etc... however i must say damageplan is not really my cup of tea, but i respect Darrel alot musically (also cause i play guitar myself) those security at bars should be increased this is a grea loss... R.I.P. Darrel rock on bro!
  9. my thoughts are the vCore the 1.3V looks like very low ...
  10. welcome abourd! and goodluck with this awesome power machine of yours! looks great
  11. this is going so off topic lol, i think if you want another tip or question you am gonna have to re-phrase again holodream im get'n confuzzeled
  12. lol zigen and its all thanks to you the OC treats me very well, haven't gone over 50
  13. correct me if i'm wrong (*looks at the pro's*) if you do this by windows utils, it automatically changes your bios aswell
  14. wll the best way to OC it is the following... go in bios change memory ratio to 1:1 lock agp/pci to 66/33 raise the FSB 5 Mhz at a time and once it runs unstable raise your core volt (vcore) with 0,05V when it randomy resets or doesn't boot winblows it is unstable my athlon 2800+ is 400 Mhz OC'd i run at 192*12,5 and vcore around 1,75V - 1,80V hope this helps :/
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